The Great Van Debate & the Wreck That Followed

With our third baby girl on the way, we knew we needed to make a change to our car situation sooner than later. I posted a few months ago about trying to find three carseats that could fit across the backseat of our Toyota 4runner, the car that I currently drive (and LOVE), but have come to terms with the fact that it still isn’t practical. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but with my kids ages, I think I am setting myself up for failure trying to squeeze them in a less than toddler-friendly car. We have a third row, but it does not have easy access & when in use, we can’t put the double stroller in behind it. Harper can climb up into the 4runner, get into her own carseat & buckle herself, but never without struggle. It is hard for her to get up into the 4runner as it is really high off the ground, and even harder for her to get out of, plus she has to squeeze past the other rear facing convertible seat, to get there (as I load them in on the same side). So with a newborn & a one year old to still load into the car, we needed something different. The ideal situation would be something with two captains chairs in the middle so Harper is able to walk through to access the third row, but also still have enough trunk space for the double stroller & maybe not make me want to pull my hair out loading in the other two as well.
So, yesterday afternoon we test drove a GMC Acadia (expensive, too wide to fit in our garage, still not a ton of space for the kids to move around & overall not in love with the style), a Toyota Highlander (essentially a smaller version of our 4runner, but on a car frame, and didn’t even end up fitting the double stroller in the back while the third row seat is up) and a Toyota Sienna. The original Swagger Wagon. And you guys, I loved it. I never ever ever (ever to infinity) thought I would say that but it surprised me. It is on the same frame as the 4runner, so it felt very similar to drive, unlike the school-bus-ice-cream-truck feel that I was sure it would have. I will admit, I go from zero to sixty frustrated & losing my patience, in just a few minutes of loading the girls into the car when we are in parking lots. Whether the dipshit next to me parked so close that I can’t get one of my doors open, trying to lift the double stroller up into the back or tending to Harper’s meltdowns as she slips or gets stuck trying to climb in, it’s never pretty. The automatic sliding doors that are controlled from the key fob & the fact that there is enough space to comfortably sit inside on the floor to change a baby’s diaper? I was sold.
So, we have not made a purchase yet, but I think we have made a decision. We are still keeping the 4runner though, but will now be on the hunt for the perfect Sienna to buy sometime in the next month or so. After we left the dealership yesterday, we celebrated, and maybe sulked a bit, over sushi, then headed home in our separate cars. And that’s when I got in a wreck in the 4runner.
As I was going through an intersection with a green light, going maybe 45mph, a car in the oncoming traffic attempted to quickly make a left turn in front of me. I saw her as she was attempting to turn, so I hit my breaks & horn, but she continued to pass in front of me & I hit her right in the intersection. I was able to slow down to maybe 25-30 before I hit her, and by the grace of God, the airbag did not go off on impact. I was mostly just shaken up, I felt fine , although tense & in shock, but I wasn’t hurt & neither was the woman in the other vehicle. I was just thanking God that the kids weren’t with me & that the airbag or seatbelt did not do any damage, I could feel the baby moving like normal shortly after the accident. All I could do was cry thinking about how the accident could have been so much worse, and here we are making such a big deal about getting a van. A van with the highest safety ratings, and 12 air bags, and a safe third row. A van that we need to have because of the precious cargo that we are blessed with.
 All that matters is the safety of my babies, even if that means losing a little bit of dignity & a few rap cds.

We were supposed to take off for North Carolina this morning to spend the weekend visiting my brother & his family, but we are going to reschedule so we can take care of insurance stuff & make a quick visit to the doctor for an ultrasound just in case. And just maybe not drive anywhere else for a day or so. πŸ˜‰ Happy Weekend, friends!! XO


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  1. Glad your ok! Make sure to replace the car seats if there were any in the car because they would have been in a crash…I think insurance should pay for them, but I would double check! Glad the girls weren't with you and baby seems to be doing good!! We will say a little prayer!

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  2. I am so glad you and your little ladies were not hurt. How terrifying! I would have lost my ish on that lady who tried to turn in front of you.

  3. oh my god I am so glad you are ok!! and baby #3 too!! Geez, I can't believe how bad drivers have gotten–it's honestly a miracle more people aren't killed. That makes me so so mad that she still turned in front of you–I'm just thankful you guys are all alright. And I'm SURE you'll rock the van like none other! πŸ™‚

  4. Omg girl!!! Sooo happy you are ok, accidents are scary even minor ones! I'm a mini van mommy now too…never thought it would ever happen to me either!

  5. Omg so glad you are ok!!!
    The fact that you are getting a van reminds me of the "we are never moving into the suburbs, we are never getting one of those, we are never having another kid…I'm pregnant" commercial lolol
    Also it came on just as I was typing this

  6. Oh my goodness, that was always my biggest fear when I was pregnant – getting into an accident and having the airbags deploy into my big ol' belly. I'm so glad to hear that you are all ok!!

    We have two kids now, and my hubs has been driving his same Honda Element for the last bazillion years… it was so old he got it before we ever even started dating or got married or anything. So anyway, we recently test drove a LOT of mid-size SUVs and there were two that we absolutely LOVED! The Honda Pilot and the Dodge Durango. Both have a very spacious third row, we can still fit the stroller in the back, and they each fit in our garage with my Honda CRV in there as well. I fell COMPLETELY in love with the Honda Pilot (it would have been my choice), but since Hubs was going to ultimately be driving the car he chose, and he wanted the Durango. So, if you DO decide that you're not quite ready for a Mommy-mobile, I highly recommend either of those. AND they are both super safe! Good luck, Momma!

  7. I forgot to mention, have you tested the Dodge Durango? I see it as as the SUV version of the mini van. It has a third row and some space after the third row. Some also come with captain seats on the second row.

  8. Hi Jessica! I just got a Sienna about 6 months ago and absolutely LOVE it!! Like I am so happy every time I get in it! We have 4 young kiddos and we love how spacious it feels…even with 4 car seats all loaded up in it! So thankful you and your precious baby are okay…car wrecks are SO scary!!

  9. So so glad you are okay!! Accidents are so very scary and when they happen to you, you think about all the other small shit you were thinking and worrying about that day. And crazy to think that God was looking out for your little ones since they weren't in the car with you! You're right it could've been much worse and thank God it wasn't! Have a great weekend. πŸ™‚

  10. Oh goodness I'm so glad you & little babe are OK! Car accidents are scary and way more intense with little ones in the car.

    I made the switch after our third baby from a Saturn Vue SUV to a Chrysler Town & Country. I NEVER EVER wanted to be in a van, but let me tell you, best material purchase I've ever made! I no longer have to do the tango in the garage to get all three kiddos loaded. Such a breeze and my double stroller fits amazingly! Both captains chairs fold into the ground if I ever need more space and don't have the kids.

    Happy weekend Garvin fam!

  11. I've been following you, silently in the background since you were pregnant with Harper. I'm so glad you and baby girl weren't hurt!!! You are truly blessed with precious cargo indeed! I'll be praying that the ultrasound checks out normal and that your mama worry can subside. Rest up and hug your precious littles!!

  12. Oh my how scary! So glad you and baby girl okay πŸ™‚ I was just like you about getting a van before we had #3, but we ended up with the Sienna and I LOVE it. It's so convenient and do much space.

  13. I am SOOO glad you and baby are ok! I literally teared up reading this. I know that had to be so scary. I've actually been debating on getting a van, so this post has really inspired me. If you have any good recommendations for a toddler seat please share. Love to you Jessica and know that y'all are in my prayers. Have a happy weekend Garvin Family.
    -Lara Novosad

  14. Whoah. SO GLAD you are okay, and it wasn't worse!!! Yikes!!! Well. On the van note, I have soo been there with this exact thinking!! Luckily I have TWO that can climb in and buckle themselves, or I think I'd cave. Katie FREAKS OUT when I even joke about it. hahahahaha. But man, those automatic sliding doors……… mark my words, I'll be jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again, so happy you're ok!!

  15. So glad you and the girls and everyone are ok. Thank God you were alone and thanks for inspiring us all that vans can be cool. Hope this weekend is safe for you all and be sure to watch if your back or anything hurts a few days later

  16. Oh my god honey, so glad you are okay! My husband was in the same type of accident…and totaled the other car. Neither airbag deployed either! When life send you a blaring signal, you just have to go for it! We were debating buying the home we are in now because it was "so much more money"…but then our dogs were attacked IN OUR OWN YARD by a neighbor dog the day before we accepted the offer and we never looked back. Buy the minivan, lady. Do you, boo! Have a relaxed weekend!

  17. So sorry about your accident! Thank God you and baby are ok! And I am totally in the same boat about the car situation. It's between the sienna and the Ford Flex for us, three car seats is definitely difficult when looking for a car that will stay within our budget. But Car Max is a constant go to , we check everyday to find the best price so we too can make the purchase before number three comes. Hope you have a relaxing weekend Garvins! xo

  18. So glad you and the baby are okay! Car accident are always scary – I can't imagine being pregnant on top of it. Sounds like it's a good time for a van though. Kids love vans!
    Have a great weekend!

  19. OMG! I'm in tears for you!!! I'm so relieved that you are safe and sound and that the girls + hubby weren't in the car with you. Ever since I had my son I now drive 100% in fear of someone hitting me. I even (involuntarily) envision getting t-boned when I pass a freeway exit light. Issues. Thank God you are all alright. I can't imagine how scary that had to have been for you! XO

  20. Oh my gosh, I am so glad you are okay!!! What a scary thing to happen! My best friend drives a Sienna and LOVES IT. (And, she's totally not a van-mom, but she rocks it.) If we ever get a van, that's what we will get. I hope you have a relaxing weekend and get everything figured out!

  21. Yikes!! So glad you all are okay! It's amazing how experiences like that can put it all into perspective. I bought a Toyota sienna when we had two kids and now we're pregnant with our fourth. I STILL think on a weekly basis how much I love it. Safety and convenience when you have little kids is ALWAYS worth it. I've always loved that I can load them all into the van, and they can run around in there while I'm buckling them up, instead of around the parking lot which is what they used to do when I had a car before. Anyway, good luck finding one for your family.

  22. I feel like this should be a Toyota commercial! Glad everyone is safe! I love the new car feeling, and shopping for it can be fun too. We are in the same boat of needing to look for a new one!

  23. I feel like this should be a Toyota commercial! Glad everyone is safe! I love the new car feeling, and shopping for it can be fun too. We are in the same boat of needing to look for a new one!

  24. So terrifying!!!!!!!! I am right with you on slowly coming over to the dreaded van team…Never thought I'd see the day. But safety first is all I can hear in my head these days with one 19 month old and another due in July!

  25. I never thought I'd like a van either but we LOVE our Chrysler town and country. All the back seats fold down into the floor of the van so you fit a ton of stuff in it. The fold down and setting them back up is super easy to do. I'd definitely look into them as well before you make your purchase.

  26. So glad you are ok! And I totally feel ya on the whole van situation…..I have twin girls and told myself I would never do it….but yet there I was at only 28 years old…..buying a Sienna!!! The automatic sliding doors are what sealed the deal for me!!!!!! Enjoy your weekend in and relax!!!!

  27. I'm so thankful that you and that precious little peanut are okay!

    We just switched from a Hyundai Santa Fe to a Dodge Grand Caravan in preparation for baby girl #2 coming this month for the exact same reasons you have listed. Seriously, I love it. It's so much easier and user friendly than the SUV and the remote control door openers?! OMG life changing.

  28. So glad you and baby girl are ok. I must say we owned a Toyota Sienna at the time of my accident 4 years ago and if it wasn't for that vehicle I might have died. The automatic side doors and trunk are a blessing especially in the rain or meltdown situation. We immediately purchased another Sienna after my accident. I recently traded it for a Highlander as my kids are now a bit older (10/8) and are independent and no longer need the sliding doors or big car seats. You will love the Sienna not only just around town, but it is great on room for long road trips.

  29. Good heavens! God was definitely looking out for you. People can be so reckless. I'm so happy you were alright and little baby was ok too. Everything happens for a reason, this was just a scary way for it to happen.

  30. Gosh, tall about putting things in perspective. Thank God you and your little one are okay and that the girls weren't with you. I barely drove while pregnant because I was scared of an accident. You can be the safest driver in the world,but you can't count on anyone else.

  31. Hi there,
    Glad you made it through your ordeal. Hopefully you didn't buy too many pairs of shoes.
    Happy belated birthday! You don't look a day over 22!!!
    I love our etsy store. Here is a new etsy store that will have things you can definately use. It has stuff all mothers with little kids can use.

    Let me know what you think!

  32. We have a Chevrolet Traverse with captain's chairs and LOVE it! We are having our second baby, and will be able to have my 2 year old's front facing carseat and then a newborn carseat. It has an option for a 3rd row and still a ton of space for our stroller (uppababy vista). Hands down, the best car I've ever owned and something we would DEFINITELY buy again! πŸ™‚

  33. GIRL!!! So glad you are ok. We switched in October to Odyssey from Pilot with only 2 kids and a Granny who often tags along and …BEST. DECISION. EVER Nothing safer than a van, so practical and easy and what is more important than that with kids!

  34. So glad you are okay after your accident!
    The best thing about a minivivan with kids by far is that you don't have to worry about the kids slamming the car doors into other behicles or objects! Sliding doors are awesome!

  35. So glad you are all safe! As for the van, at 27 with 2 kids we made the switch to the Honda Odyssey and are in heaven! It is amazing- especially when we go out alone; it is so helpful to open all doors and have my 3 year old hop into his own seat and hit the button to close the door all while I am able to watch and then take baby around to the other side. Everything has a function and purpose and makes the drive so much easier!

  36. Oh my goodness!!! So glad you are ok and that the girls weren't with you! I was absolutely terrified of getting in a wreck while pregnant. Driving is a whole new ballgame once you become a mommy. We have discussed the van issue for our next car purchase (probably next year) and I was so against a van. This post has completely changed my mind. What an amazing perspective, you're so right, I just want my precious cargo safe. I hope you all can relax this weekend!

  37. Do glad you are okay! We've recently decided to go for a mini-van too! So many years of "I'll never drive one"…but I need those sliding doors and DVD! We're doing the Odessey πŸ™‚

  38. When I found out I was pg with Nora, the very first thing we did (like within the hr) was try to fit all three carseats in the back. The door wouldn't even shut. So we traded it in and got a van. I love, love, LOVE it. Now that I have it, I could never go back to a tiny car. My heart sank, when I saw the title. I'm glad everyone is okay! I hope you have a better weekend.

  39. Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! Glad that everyone is safe and baby#3 seems to be fine. I'm sure that insurance stuff can't be fun- fixing a car and replacing the girls seats has to be the pits. πŸ™ You might want to check out the Car Seat Lady's website too for your sweet new ride. She has the lowdown on latch connectors and car seat instal for different van models. Maybe that can help with your decision. πŸ™‚ I have just one for now in a crazy-safe Outback that I love… but what I wouldn't give for sliding doors!

  40. So scary but glad you are alright. We have a Sienna and LOVE IT. There is no shame in our game while cruising in the mini van listening to a little Uptown Funk!

  41. I'm so glad to hear that you're all ok! (And great decision about the Sienna. I swore I would NEVER drive a minivan, but here I am listening to toddler music, driving around in my minivan with a 1 and 3 year old and I love it. High safety ratings and the doors that open automatically… yes please!)

  42. We recently got the new Kia sedona and absolutely leaders love it!!! I just walk up tithe car with keys in purse and can open a locked car without the keys!!!! Best thing ever when carrying a toddler and grocery bags!!!

  43. Yikes! So glad you and the babe are ok! We just sold our well-loved car and bought a (new to us) '11 Honda Pilot touring so we can fit all three little ones when our youngest arrives in August. I didn't think I would, but I freaking LOVE our new "mom-mobile". Being able to open the back door with the push of a button is a freaking miracle. And seat warmers? Unf.

    Enjoy your weekend in and hope you can relax!

  44. I never, EVER thought I'd get a minivan but we caved a few months ago (I have two girls almost the same age as yours) and I don't regret it for a second. Road trips are so much easier, potty training on the go is so much easier. The thing is amazing.

  45. I'm so grateful you and baby are OK! I think my computer ate my first response, so sorry if I post twice. We LOVE our mini-van. We went with the Honda Odyssey because it had an 8 seater upgrade option, but I know the Sienna does too. It's great because we don't even use the third row unless we have the 15 year old with us too or guests. I have three car seats across no problem and it gives us the entire back for the big city select stroller and a box of blankets and clothes and diapers and wipes and all the extras you can think of. My kids are 3.5 (forward-facing in the middle seat in a Graco Argos), 1.5 (rear-facing behind the passenger seat in a Britax Marathon), and the newborn (soon, but I already have the seat in the car – a Graco Snugride 35) . none of those seats are small seats by any means but they fit GREAT. I love the mini-van. it was the best idea ever. Check with your insurance company on the replacement of the car seats that were in your car at the time. I don't know for sure, but I know other friends were paid to to replace car seats even if there were no kids in the car at the time of an accident.

  46. My parents recently got a Ford Flex and LOVE IT! It drives so smoothly! Sounds like you cant really go wrong with whichever you choose. Best of luck with baby number 3!

  47. I'm so glad you guys are all ok! I think my next car will the the Acadia BUT I only have one little one and no plans to add a second at least in the next few years if at all. I think if I had three I'd totally go for the van though even though I said never πŸ™‚ Maybe even with two. The fact you can sit inside and change a diaper would almost make me do it now all on it's own. I will do anything not to have to use changing stations aka stations of disgustingness!!!!! I use the back of my SUV but in Chicago winters it's too cold!

  48. I am so glad that you and baby girl are ok! Even accidents where everyone is ok are scary.

    One a lighter note, we got a Sienna 5 days after our twins were born. Our concern was two babies, two big, dogs, stroller, and luggage. You get the idea, a lot to fit in there. As much as I didn't want to get it at the time, I LOVE it, and I have every day since we got it. Now that we are potentially adding another baby to the mix, I know I won't have to go through the "does this vehicle work for our needs," debate. We bought a year old model with higher miles, 40,000, and we haven't had any issues with it.

    Our Little Miracles

  49. I'm so sorry about your accident but so glad you're ok! That must've been terrifying. I know exactly what you're going through with the "van debate." We have a 3 yr old little girl and I'm now 26wks pregnant with our 2nd. We were the SUV people that SWORE we'd never get a mini van. But after testing every SUV out there, we finally realized the van would be WAY more functional, and you're totally right, it will make my daily life just less stressful with the kids. So we finally decided on the new Kia Sedona… It helped us get over our "van fear" because of it's new sporty design. The front grill almost looks like an SUV, plus it has all the amazing functional and safety features of a van. You'll be so much happier and less stressed once you get your van, congrats on the tough decision!

  50. So glad you're unharmed, Jessica! And glad the girls weren't with you (except the one in your belly). God bless! Xoxo -NG

  51. I am so glad you're okay! I'm 13 weeks along with my first and although I drive a beefed up Jeep Wrangler I still have a moment of panic every time I see someone cut it a little too close to me. I never used to be so afraid – and actually used to laugh at the idea of another car hitting mine because mine would be fine, but since getting pregnant it's a constant fear.

    Sending warm wishes for a happy and healthy little babe of yours!

  52. I'm so sorry that happened to you! Hopefully you will keep Harper harnessed and Eloise rear facing until they outgrow the height/weight limit for their seats. Thankfully they weren't in the car with you, but if they ever are, they'll be safest that way. I swore I would never be the crazy car seat lady, but after getting hit by a drunk driver I researched everything I could do to keep my babies safe. I hope you will too!

  53. Glad you are ok, We love our Chevy Traverse (same as Acadia, cheaper) City Select fits perfectly in the trunk with room to spare. We got the captains chairs, would never get a car without them!

  54. So glad you are ok! I got rear ended at 7 months along with my first. The guy was literally going like 5mph when he bumped me but I started cramping and panicked….so I got an ultrasound just as reassurance…just put me at ease! Also, we have been rocking the Toyota sienna for two years…love it! I don't even have to fold up my double stroller I just plop it in the trunk as is. The dealerships all looked at us like we were crazy and said we were too young for a van, but it's so nice and we can still rock out!

  55. So glad that you are ok and baby 3 is too. You should explore AMERICAN AUTO MAKER cars. Let's build America…. not Mexico.

  56. Very glad to hear you are ok! I drive a Toyota Sienna and have for almost two years and I absolutely love it!

  57. So glad everything is ok. That is so scary, I get the mini van struggle… I still say I will never get one, but the older I get and as we add to our family I'm starting to get it… I get the convenience and why people love them πŸ™‚ I don't think it'll make you any less cool!

  58. You are not going to lose a shred of dignity driving a Swagger Wagon. We just bought the 2015 and I LOVE IT!! I don't think I could ever drive anything without automatic doors again. And best of all…. my husband loves to drive it! Ha! He would have died if I'd told him he would love driving a van back before we had kids 2.5 years ago!! πŸ™‚

  59. Oh my gosh!!! So scary! So glad you and baby girl are ok!
    You know, I've felt the same way as you. There is NO WAY I'm ever going to have a mini van. NO WAY. That's so not cool. I can be a soccer mom in my SUV. BUT that being said, all of your reasons make so much sense and the more cool stuff I hear about mini vans, the more I think I might change my mind should the occasion arise for me to need one. I bet you are going to rock that mini van!

  60. I actually teared up reading this because I get so anxious about car accidents and little kids. So glad the airbags didn't go off! So glad you are safe and little baby #3 is ok. πŸ™‚

  61. Oh my goodness, so glad you are ok. I was the same as you, thought I would be the cool mom in an SUV – until I had my third. Then I had to get a Honda Odyssey, and I LOVE it! Sliding doors! Heated seats! Backseat DVD! Keyless entry! It makes my life soooo much easier, and I know you will love it. Besides, the car you drive doesn't change you. You are still a fun and super cool mom!

  62. So glad you and little blip are okay! Seriously the scariest thing, and you're right, as a mama all that matters is that your little ducklings are safe! Try to relax and thank God that He was watching over you guys πŸ™‚

  63. God was for sure with you! So happy that you (and your cargo) are ok! If you are thinking about possible options just to be 100000% positive on a van – I have friends that drive Chevy Traverse's with the captains seat in the middle row and love them! and they have 3 gals about the same age and distance in age as yours — you can get some pretty pimped out vans — I swear to never drive one.. but if I did the Toyota Sienna with certain add ons like the tinted tail lights, in the stealthy colored gray with black rims is where I'd be at —

  64. So happy to hear that you are all okay. I can only imagine how shaken up you must have been and still are. Praying for peace of mind and the finding of the perfect mom-mobile for ya. Hugs!

  65. So glad you're okay! So scary.
    I recently read a report that almost all minivans, including the Sienna did not have good safety ratings during a recent crash test. The only mini van that passed the test was the Honda Odyssey. Just some food for thought, since you're biggest concern is safety!

  66. I got into an accident when I was pregnant with Claire but I was only 14 weeks so not showing yet, and I cried like a baby. Natalie was with me and it was so so scary worrying about whether she was OK even though she seemed fine, and also imagining what could have been (and maybe some pregnancy hormones were the cause for some of those years) . I'm so glad you are OK! Such a scary thing to have happen.

  67. this is so crazy and scary, especially when you're expecting! so glad you & baby are okay and that the girls weren't in the car with you! one of my biggest nightmares is getting into an accident with my boys in the car with me!

  68. SO SO glad you all are ok. That is such a scary feeling!! Life can truly change in an instant, and makes you realize what really matters!! Besides, mom vans are cool now (at least I think so) and TOTALLY worth it if you're safe and it helps to decrease stress ?

  69. I'm so glad you guys are okay! And that the girls weren't in the car. My MIL has a mini van and my husband is obsessed – it is the nicest. Plus sliding doors are huge with toddlers. So many things. We only have one kid now, and a dog, so the next kid, we can't road trip with the dog too without a third row. My husband was driving (we were in the car) he totaled his Avalon that he loved with 200K miles on it (everyone was okay, and we only wrecked because kids ran into the middle of a hwy – the kids are okay too thank God) – we almost went mini van until his dad offered us his old car for the insurance money – a great deal for us, and only 150K miles πŸ˜‰ — so, next time, its a mini van. But a couple of my friends recently played the mini van game and they liked the Honda Odyssey over the Sienna? We're big Toyota fans – and we're surprised. I'd be interested if you test drove the Honda to see the differences. Anyway – you'll look great rocking the swagger wagon with 3 beautiful baby girls in tow!

  70. So glad you are okay!!! I'd be blubbering like a big baby even if I wasn't pregnant! We hopped on the van train shortly after we got pregnant with our second babe. And I honestly LOVE it. We call it our party spaceship. We got the Honda Odyssey and it drives like a dream. There's even a cooler in the front for "milk". It sounds like you guys are Toyota fans but I think any upgrade to a van will help with the baby loading shitshow. Hope you're feeling good today and baby girl checked out alright πŸ™‚

  71. Glad you and baby girl are ok! Just wanted to say that we had the "great van debate" in our house too. I REALLY didn't want one. In the end I caved and we bought a Honda odyssey. Its not the coolest thing on the block but its THE BEST vehicle for our family. Check out the odyssey because the newer ones now have push button start along with the built in vacuum- not to mention the DVD player (could not live without on long trips), the cooler box and one of the best things for babies – the middle seat in the second row can be moved forward on its own and basically sit right behind the front seat so its easier to get to the baby from the front and they are safely tucked into the center of the vehicle. Guess we have to all accept that we are just in the soccer-mom-van-stage of our lives! Love our van though and I bet you will too!

  72. I'm so glad you're OK! I'm 21 weeks pregnant with my second daughter and was rear-ended at a stop light light week. It's absolutely terrifying but like you, all I could think was thank God my daughter wasn't with me, and how it could have been so much worse. On a lighter note, there is a minivan in my neighborhood that I've always had my eye on. It's black with cool wheels (rims?) and racks on top for some kind of athletic equipment. (Surfboards?) No idea, but seeing that van always made me feel reassured that I could still be my normal self no matter what shaggin wagon I was driving.

  73. So glad you're ok! Once you go VAN you never go back:) We got an Odyssey after our second and I love it! I don't care who knows it! I love love love driving a VAN:)

  74. OMG so glad you're ok! I was shaken up just reading this. I've used the "I'm too young for a mini van" excuse for three years, but now that I'm 30 with two kids, it's hard to argue it. I'm sure my next vehicle will be a van. All my friends that have one love it.
    Hope you're feeling ok, take care!

  75. Oh my gosh! This made me cry! I'm so glad that you and the baby are okay. That is so scary. I too balked at the idea of a mini van after my 3rd. It seemed like such a "soccer mom" vehicle. But, I love my van, it makes life SO much easier! You'll love yours too πŸ™‚

  76. I've just transitioned out of a van into a Highlander. I was sixteen years in two different vans. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED my vans for when my kiddos were young. They are absolutely the best. I used to laugh silently to myself about how I could be so happy driving an ice cream truck! Now my "babies" are 13 and 16, and my oldest drives both of them to school. Sorry about your accident; glad you and baby girl are okay. My sixteen-year-old was rear-ended two weeks ago with her brother in the car; two vehicles were totaled, but all okay there too. Oh, and if you want to talk about scary, just wait til the day you get the call, "Mom, we've been in an accident." Thanks for all your posts. I read regularly, as it brings back really fond memories of when my babes were little and with me all day long!

  77. Glad you are ok and the girls were not with you. I say embrace the van they make 'big' family (more than two kids) so much easier…and roomy.
    We have had a few Caravan's. They have lasted years and never given us any trouble. We were even rear ended and had one totaled, my daughter was three at the time and in the car. She was perfectly fine, didn't even really notice we were hit.

  78. Oh my goodness I am so glad you are okay and baby girl is too! That is so scary!

    Just the description of the van you gave and the reasons for buying it makes me want one and I only have one baby! πŸ™‚

  79. Firstly: "whether the dipshit next to me parked so close that I can't get one of my doors open…" << UM, TRULY, what is with those dipshits??

    Secondly: so glad you are alright and the kids were not in the car…sometimes I'm so grateful my kids aren't in the car – I just feel like the way people drive these days, it's practically a death trap. Van with LOTS OF SAFETY IS THE WAY TO GO!

  80. Wow! I could have written a similar post last year! I have 4 month old twins and a 2 year old so I had to trade in my Altima πŸ™ We ended up getting the Acadia and I love it. It's designed inside like a mini-van which works great for having two bucket seats for our twins. I can also fit (barely) my City Select Baby Jogger in the back! Good luck in your search!

  81. My husband and I have been looking at the Kia Sedona. Loving everything about it. Its sad… we only have 1 kid right now, but our dog counts as a second. My sportage just doesnt fit everyone comfortably anymore. I am a little on the rocks about purchasing one. I test drove 4 different Sedonas and each of them shook really bad when I would brake at higher speeds. So not sure what we're going to do, but glad someone else loves them!

  82. I'm glad you and baby girl are okay! My son and I were run over by a hummer who ran a red light when my boy was only 2 months old. We were also blessed that neither one of us had injuries and that we only lost our family car… But it still scared the hell out of me. I had nightmares for weeks!

  83. What a terrifying ordeal! My cousin-in-law was recently in a similar accident (in her new Honda Odyssey purchased for baby #3 as well) and was also SO thankful none of her babes were in the car. It really puts "value" in a car in total perspective. SO glad you and baby are safe and the little ones were not in the car! On another note, how damaged was your car? I'm just curious because we just bought the 4Runner before I found out I was pregnant with #2. I feel like it's so much safer than my old sedan, but of course, any accident is scary!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  84. OMG! Im so glad you and that sweet baby are ok!! So scary! And Gurl you get that mini van and drive it with pride!! My friends swear by their vans with the kiddos, and if with have another baby you better believe I'll be looking into them:)

  85. I am so glad you are ok! I was just like you, i did not ever want a mini-van but with the deabte of if we get blessed with more babies it would be nice to have the room, i had a Rav-4 and loved it, so i traded it against my will haha and my hubby bought me a 2014 Sienna SE last year! I loved it at first drive! The doors are amazing, the extra room is nice and it does not feel like you are driving a bus πŸ™‚ Hope you find one that you love as much as i love mine πŸ™‚ Go Hawks!

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