Baby Number Three Wishlist & Must Haves

Let’s be honest, noise cancelling headphones & a huge bottle of wine is probably what I’ll really want about a month from now. Lack of sleep + a newborn + the little crazy train of toddlers is sounding more terrifying by the day. But ready or not, here she comes, and while we don’t need much at all, every new baby needs a few new pretty little things!
Pilots Cap // Grey Shortie Romper // Hedgehog & Goose Burp Cloths // Pretzel Rattle // Natural Rubber Pacifier // Zip-Front One Piece Sleeper

I am loving all of these colors for our soon to be Summer baby. Peach & lilac are such a perfect pair! Lightweight zip pajamas, itty-bitty-rompers & a few fun printed burp cloths are always staples, but something tells me I just need that pretzel rattle! 😉

I recapped a few of our baby number two must-haves shortly after Eloise was born, wasn’t that just a few weeks ago?!  I plan to use my baby wrap as much as possible since I know I will need all hands on deck for the other two girls, but other than that, I’m convinced it will be a total circus & there may be no way to prepare for what’s to come. Advice is welcome & as always, any of your must-haves that you’d like to share as well!



  1. I'm having my third boy July 4th 🙂 I love the baby pilot caps def need one of those and I want a new baby monitor and that's all, I use my ring sling and Tula a ton, with 3 kids babywearing is a life saver!!

  2. Sorry I only have the one (she's a month younger than Eloise) so no advice except do what works for you. It's always a pleasure to read your blog. Reading about your experiences and how you handled things has saved my sanity more than once. So thank you! Take care of yourself, you'll be great! Sometimes you just have to put these things in Gods hands.


  3. As a mom to 3, about the same age differences as yours (my oldest is almost 4, middle guy will be 2 and the baby is now 8 months), all I can say is take a deep breath, drink lots of coffee and wine and know you are doing the best you can. Some days will make you want to pull your hair out and other days will be a breeze. A little extra Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or pancakes for 3 meals will not make you a bad mom!

  4. I have no advice as I only have one and kind of can't imagine doing it all over again while wrangling him! I just wanted to say good luck and you'll do great! I love following your adventures and you're a great mom! You do so much fun stuff with the girls. Bring on the crazy, we'll love watching it so if nothing else it will be great blog fodder, right? 🙂

  5. Going from 2-3 is so much easier than 1-2! You'll do great!! My advice is to stay in the hospital as long as they will let you! My recovery after c section #3 was great and I think that's partly why. It gave me a chance to enjoy the new baby and for us to bond before we entered the chaos of home (I have two boys 5 and 2 and. 1 year old girl).

  6. I had my three boys four and under. I just wanted to send you some encouragement. I'm two years in and it gets so much easier and so well worth it. They are literally best friends and it's getting to the point were they run off and play together and don't need my full attention all of the time. The first year is the hardest. You'll mainly need patients, help from friends and family, naps at the same time, date nights, and yes wine. To me adding a third was easier than adding the second. You've got this mama!!

  7. I think it is so neat you have a winter, spring, and summer baby. If you have a baby number 4 maybe it will be a fall/ autumn baby?! Your maternity photos are gorgeous and your creativity is a huge inspiration for me as a mom. Have a happy weekend and Father's Day Garvin family!
    -Lara Novosad

  8. So exciting your little one coming soon. I know you loved your baby wrap for Miss E. You should totally look into a few other options that will make having 3 littles just a bit easier. Look into Woven wraps, soft scructured carriers, ring slings, and mei tais (not the drink lol) They make it sooooo much easier. Some are basically like your Solly wrap but not stretchy.i really hope this helps and ill be praying everything goes smoothly for you!!! Look me up on fb or instgram

  9. As a fellow mama of 3 under 3, the only thing I suggest if you can swing it would be a set day once a week where you can dip out for a couple of hours to regroup. When Hattie was a baby, I would pump and go to target and get a snack, then just walk around and clear my head. It totally helped settle down from all the little kid crazy!

  10. I only have one, so although I can't offer any advice, I *can* say "You got this, Mama!" And hey, I'm sure you could find a wine company more than willing to sponsor your blog (haha).

    Love those burp cloths, such a great print! If I have a little girl someday, I'm planning on splurging on some handmade dresses featuring Liberty of London fabric.

  11. The wrap will be used for sure! I had number 3 in December I wouldn't have survived the first 3 months without it.
    Also..some new special movies and books or activities to keep the other Littles occupied while feeding baby or just holding baby or to keep them quiet while baby is sleeping.
    Make sure you give each of the girls a task they are in charge of to "help" baby or mommy with. That way they feel included and important in this big transition.
    You will get the hang of having 3. It's hard work but so worth all that baby love!

  12. The wrap will be used for sure! I had number 3 in December I wouldn't have survived the first 3 months without it.
    Also..some new special movies and books or activities to keep the other Littles occupied while feeding baby or just holding baby or to keep them quiet while baby is sleeping.
    Make sure you give each of the girls a task they are in charge of to "help" baby or mommy with. That way they feel included and important in this big transition.
    You will get the hang of having 3. It's hard work but so worth all that baby love!

  13. My 3rd daughter is 6 months old, and I know the big lifesaver for me was Frozen and any other Disney movie. I would bribe my older two(5 & 3) with candy ? I also made "quiet time" boxes. It had crayons, coloring books, cute pop up books and I would give them a juice and snack with it. Perfect if baby was napping or if I needed a shower. Also! I did not let Emma sleep in silence all the time. I mean we have 2 preschoolers, there's not much quiet time around here. But it helps to get them use to the noise so they can sleep through sisters fighting lol

  14. We have 3 girls as well – spread out a little more than yours (8,5,1) – each also born in a different season except fall (July, January, April) 🙂 Our youngest is a week older than Eloise. I swear the third child gets used to hearing all the chaos while in utero that it just makes them used to it and also makes them so laid back. Seriously, our third has been such an easy baby and I truly believe she just sits back and watches our 8 & 4 year old run circles around her and the house and it's no big deal because it's no different than what she heard in my belly! My only piece of advice is remember each day gets a little easier – i feel like every day i would learn how to deal with a littler quirk with the baby or family routine that while difficult maybe in the moment, made the next day easier because I knew NOT to do whatever 🙂 Very excited for your family and can't wait to hear her name. Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us!

  15. I've been loving lilac for my little girl lately too. It's such a pretty color! I actually bought a solly wrap when my daughter was 4 weeks old last summer after seeing you had purchased one to use with Eloise and I freakin love that thing. Still use it sometimes now (but for shorter periods of time) and she's turning 1 next week. I can't wait to have #2 just to use that wrap again!

  16. Have you planned a c-section like with Harper and Eloise? I am about to have my first (due October 9th) and am leaning towards planning a c-section on my due date. Would you recommend?

  17. I don't (and God willing won't- because I don't think I could handle it) have 3 babes- BUT, I have LOTS of family/friends with 3 and they ALL say that adding the 3rd was easier than the 1-2 transition. That being said, my friends with 3+ say that after that third one, adding to their family was pretty easy (pretty sure they all have stock in wine co's though lol). So, since my advice is pretty null and void, I CAN offer lots and lots of prayers though :).

  18. My kids just started reading and one of their new favorite things to do is to read little brother's books to him. I know Harper's a little younger but it might be something to try with Eloise during quiet time, if you haven't already. Hope your having a great day!

  19. I am SOOO excited for you and this new adventure!!!! You are my super hero! Some days I wish I would have gone and had 4 kids all back to back! (because once they are older like mine, there is NO desire to start over on my end!)

  20. I have no personal experience with 3, but I did read something in a "toddler busy book" the other day that I wish I would have know about when I had my second. The advice was to create a "nursing basket" for your older child(ren) with special toys, books, etc. that they can only get out while you're nursing (or bottle feeding) your newborn so that they stay entertained. Once you're done feeding the baby (or whenever you can sneak the toys away), the toys go back in the basket so that they stay "special." (I'll be honest… my strategy was to find a good new show on Netflix the 4 year old liked, but a nursing basket is another good tool to have in your arsenal.) Good luck to you, Mama! You're going to do great!

  21. Everyone's advice here is great. One other mantra I try to remember on tough days is that with littles, everything is temporary (this too shall pass). The tough nights and crazy days won't last forever. Best of luck in the coming weeks!

  22. Love everything for BabyG3. I have been eying that Childhoods romper-they literally have the cutest baby & kids clothing! I saw Milkbarn's stuff in a little boutique and have been obsessed with their prints too! Love the soft girly colors you have going on 🙂
    I can't imagine how crazy it will be with all the babes, but I KNOW it will be totally worth it! Years from now you'll look back and wonder, how on earth did I do it?? But you'll do it–you got this mama 😉

  23. This is true! My boys are 17 months apart and when I had my 2nd the first was hard to entertain while I was nursing, shows never did the trick because he was so young they just didn't keep his attention long enough. And nursing is difficult in itself, so trying to do that while trying to entertain my 1st, I was about ready to throw in the towel. BUT I finally broke down to my MIL the troubles I was having so she created a special basket for him while I nursed and it worked! And after every session I would put it in the closet and bring it out and every week I would switch out toys so there was something different. 🙂

  24. I don't have 3 babies, but I do have two very close in age (17 months) as baby 3 and Eloise will be. And it will probably be harder with those two than the 3 combined. BUT once a routine is established it will be easy! Work the baby into the girls schedule and it will help a ton. 🙂 And the plus side, 1. I have heard from MANY, adding a second is way worse than adding a third to the mix. Not sure why, but many have said this! And 2. Eloise has Harper to keep her busy, and Harper will be a huge help I bet! You will do great!

    Amanda @

  25. I am so excited for you and your sweet family. You are going to do amazing with 3, I just know it. You're the best mama, and those girls are going to love being close in age and have each other to play with. Soon your work will be just watching them play house and entertaining themselves for hours 😉

  26. Recovery time is different for every woman. Both my sisters had c-section and regular birth. Both loved their c-sections and recovered much quicker than natural.

  27. I'm having my second in the fall & set up a doll crib, diapers, fake ointments & a brand new baby alive doll in the corner of the new baby's room. So my 3yr old will have her own baby to play with that can go for naps ect. While our baby is sleeping.

  28. Agreed! I had a natural birth with #1 and c section with #2…if you have a choice dont have a c section…recovery is longer and harder. But…my opinion and we all have one, but wanted to share mine.

  29. I'm in love with that rattle, I can't believe its anthropologie, wish I would have spent my giftcard on that recently. Oh well my swimsuit is cute too.

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  30. Just wanted to chime in and say a c-section is a medical emergency/necessary situation. You should never just have one to have one. Recovery sucks and there is no reason to put your body through a major surgery without needing it.

  31. If possible, try to find a local babywearing group. A woven wrap would be nice because you can learn how to wrap your baby on your back so that you can have your arms free to take care of your toddler. Didymos is a good brand. Youtube has lots of video tutorials.

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