The Wild Wild Weekend

I realize I am not the first person to ever have three kids, and I am really not one to complain, but damn. Three kids is tough. We have spent the weekend playing referee, tagging one another in & out as we attempted to play with the kids, do housework, cook meals & still have fun. It was a whole lot of “you got the kids? I am switching the laundry.” “you got the kids? I am putting the food on the grill.” “Ellie needs her diaper changed! Claire is hungry! Harper needs help building a boat to go to Peter Pan’s house! Have you seen a pacifier? Have you seen my sanity?! Are we eating lunch today!?!!”

We totally got this, right? 😉

Friday night Brandon & I went to the Braves vs. Cubs game in the city as part of his 30th BIRTHDAY festivities! We had such a fun time going out without the kiddos, and indulging in big beers & hot dogs. I have something extra special up my sleeve for his birthday this year though, a baseball game simply will not do it when celebrating the big dirty thirty around here. More to come on that! 😉 We also took Harper to her dance class open house, she starts ballet & tap this fall so she got to pick up her outfit and shoes. She was too excited for words, and so are we, we can’t wait to watch her do her thing! We also made these blackberry margaritas & got reacquainted with our back patio after the kids were all asleep. A wild weekend indeed!
Hope you all had an amazing weekend! And as always, thank you again for all of the kind words & encouragement about being back at it today on my own, I can’t tell you all how much I appreciate you! XO

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  1. Having three really is a 3-ring circus but I can promise you after a couple months it will become easier. Settling into a routine is always the hardest. Some day I'm sure we will look back on these wild, out of control days and actually miss them, er right?! Haha 😉

  2. Glad you guys got to get out for a night alone… date night is good for the soul!! And I hope you're hanging in there on your first day alone with THREE kids!! Seriously, that just sounds crazy. Just remember, it's perfectly acceptable to start drinking at 5 o'clock… and mimosas with breakfast are always a good idea, too! ;o)

  3. You guys will get there! Heck a baseball game and a few margaritas, sounds like you're on the right track. 😉 but seriously, the day will come when you look up from the kitchen stove (Idk, that's where I was) and realize that you been juggling this three kid thing, and you haven't dropped a single one. Then u might top of ur glass of Moscato and say cheers to that!

  4. I don't have kiddos (yet) but I can't even imagine what life with three baby girls would be like. You're doing amazing! Can't wait to hear more about Brandon's dirty thirty festivities! My fiancee turns 30 in February and I have some ideas up my sleeve but the more ideas I have, the more fun he'll have 😉

    xo Marie

  5. You are my hero. I almost have a breakdown every morning when getting ready and getting out of the house, and I only have 2 of those little girls!

  6. get. it. girl.. I'd probably be a crazy person with three. Two is tough somedays.. but you seem like you're totally handling it well! YAY for date night also, we don't get those often here.

  7. The beginning of this blog post was hilarious. Three is tough but it gets easier- promise. The key to my sanity was them all napping at the same time when they were younger, now 2/3 don't nap but can easily entertain themselves. Awesome you snagged a date night in too because those were a saver for us as well. You've got this mama!

  8. I am so impressed that you are already out and about, as well as right back to blogging! It hasn't even been a month since Claire's birth, has it?! You're amazing!
    I have been following your blog since you were pregnant with Harper (and have two little ones of my own the same ages as Harper and Ellie). I imagine you might be doing a FAQ post soon enough, as you have in the past. How is breastfeeding going? When we have our third, I am considering formula feeding this time around for my own sanity. I had a very hard time of it this past time around, especially with chasing an older toddler around. Curious what route you went with #3 and what tips you have!

  9. Mad props! I can't even imagine; I'm exhausted with one!! Thanks for continuing to share your pics and stories. Your little family is truly the cutest:)

  10. I have 3 kids but we spaced them out for this reason. We have a 3-4 year old gap between kids, and thoroughly enjoyed welcoming each new baby. There was no hectic parts during the transition and the older girls were always helpful. They understood what was happening both times and did try to accommodate the whole new baby, as they were fairly independent at 4, then 3 & 7. I myself couldn't have kids closer together because I enjoying getting to know them and giving that one on one. Not to mention, I'd go nuts. But I'd do admire you ladies who do. My sister and I are 11 months apart, and then my younger sisters are twins. My mom said straight off the bat, twins are easier than taking care of closely aged kids. So she encouraged all of us to wait, wait, wait.

  11. I was wondering what you do about newborn sleeping? Is Claire in your room? What does she sleep in? I am pregnant with my first due in December and finding there are a lot of options. I have been following your blog since Harper was young and excited to see you with a new little girl as I begin my journey.

  12. We went from one to three…that shit is insane! My twin girls are Ellie's age so I feel for you having a newborn on top of that!
    Tap is the devil. Thank goodness my 7 yet old was tired of it after a year.

  13. This is a pretty snarky comment. Obviously she said Claire wasn't planned, but you do what you have to do! So great that you spaced them all out, but some of us don't. She's not asking your opinion on the spacing of her children. How rude.

  14. I'd love to hear about this too as my husband and I have both said formula feeding may be a must for us if we go for three.

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