Mini Style: Newborn Hats

I have such vivid memories of the hats my girls wore in the hospital, and along with the hats that the hospital first puts on them, I will treasure them all forever. We have them all saved with their hospital bracelets & footprints, they are the tiniest little keepsakes. I get asked a lot where I have found their hats, and although a few of them are no longer available, there are still so many cute options. Here are a few of my favorites, I have a lot of these & just love the way they fit a teeny tiny newborn head!

Purple Stripe // Stripe Pilot Cap // Black & White Dot // Watercolor Ikat // Teal Stripe // Purple Heart  // Blue XO // Charcoal Linen Bonnet // Orange Stripe

Knot hats look so adorable on babies, but there is something so classic about a little bonnet.

And just for the fun of it! A little side by side of all three girls the day they were born, all wearing the same hat. Can you tell them apart? πŸ˜‰


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  1. Adore baby hats! They are one of my go to baby showe gifts. That is so precious all three girls wore the same hat! My guess is Harper on the far right, Eloise on the left and Claire in the middle πŸ˜‰ they all look so much alike!!

  2. left =Ellie
    center = Harper
    Right = Claire

    I know we shouldn't have favorites but I could just swallow Eloise whole

  3. Eloise, Harper, Claire (am I close at all?) I love brand new babies and little hats, those bonnets are so sweet. Now I NEED another baby! (my husband is already informed this daily and my youngest in Eloise's age and my oldest Harper's age). I am hoping when Haddie-hoo is about 2 we will to try for a third!

  4. I'm going to guess Eloise, Harper, then Claire. I love little newborn hats. I was so bummed – we brought all my favorite hats to the hospital and they were all huge on my 99th head percentile newborn ?? She quickly grew into them all but had to stay in the hospital hats for awhile. Love that these fit newborns.

  5. Hi Jess,
    Big fan over here in cairns Australia. I have been following along since early days Harper pregnancy. Since then I have had 2 boys Jenson & Carter. Love your blog, makes me be a better mummy on those not so great days, so thank you for that. My guess is also Eloise, Harper & Claire. Hope your first week flying solo wasn't too hectic or full of tears (yours or the girls) check us out on Instagram @raisingboysx2
    Lacey xo

  6. I was like Claire, Eloise, Harper, then I saw the comments and I'm waay off, haha! I guess I don't need to tell you that I labeled all the twins' newborn hats with "A" and "B" because I clearly can't tell newborn siblings apart, much less when lacking that much sleep, lol.

  7. Just like most of the commenters already, I'm going to have to go with Eloise, Harper, and Claire. I love their names!

  8. From the left, Miss Eloise! I feel like the pursed lip was her signature look ; ) Big sister Harper is in the middle and baby Claire is on the right. I could be completely off the Harper and Claire since these beauties are pretty much twinning. These Garvin girls are going to break some hearts!

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