Farewell, Summer!

It’s hard to believe that summer has come to an end, and although I am not sad to see it go (farewell, scorching temps & mosquitos!) it is a Summer that I will always remember & miss. I will miss the laid back summer schedules, seeing little water droplets from the pool on my babies’ skin & the sound of the ice cream truck rolling through our neighborhood every Friday at dusk. I will miss patio popsicles, watching the girls spray each other with the hose & seeing their flushed pink cheeks after playing soccer at the park all morning. We will always remember this summer as the season that we brought Claire into this world, and watched Harper & Eloise grow up faster than we ever thought possible. While blogging has been a bit slower than usual, life has been just as busy & fast paced, and I am thankful as always for all of the memories made.

Hey Fall, we are ready for you!!


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  1. I'm sure you're kiddos will miss playing outside in the sunshine too! We can't wait for summer to be over here in Phoenix. Then we can finally start venturing outside. It's just too dang hot right now. Halloween usually marks the first cool day so I can't wait to see my 5 month old son in the grass with his Halloween outfits on :). Looking forward to your fun fall ideas. Love the blog!


  2. I'll miss summer too, but I am excited for the holidays!!

    I came across a post of yours from when Harper was just a baby. I took one look at Baby Harper and immediately thought she looked like Claire. And then I saw another picture of her and she looked so much like Eloise. Then I went to look at Baby Eloise, and she looked a whole lot like Claire, too. Your girls all look so similar as babies! Harper & Eloise were such cute babies, which is understandable as they are now cute toddlers. Claire is also very adorable, and I know she will be just as adorable when she is older. πŸ™‚

  3. "While blogging has been a bit slower than usual…" Um you have been rocking it in my book! I've been following you since Harper was being documented via chalkboard and I've never ever thought you need to post more. I'm in fact amazed that you post as much as you do with the wild and hectic life you lead. Rock on Momma, you are doing fabulous!

  4. Great pictures! Living north of Chicago I felt like summer was never going to get here, it was cool for so long! And now I can't believe it's "over". I say over in quotes because of course it's hanging on now and in the 80's for what seems like forever. Sadly the pool and splash pad are closed now so it needs to cool down, there's no reason for all that nonsense without ways to cool off! I'm ready for crisp temps and layers and boots and PSL's and I'm so over summer clothes for both me and my little guy. I also hate this in between what do you dress your little one in when it's hot then gets cool in the same day, lol! We're ready for fall over here too!!!!!

  5. As the mama to a 16 month old baby girl who is growing way too fast, this really does bring tears to my eyes! You have such beautiful girls and family. I always look forward to reading your next post but know you must have packed schedules and hearts! <3 Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. Your pictures are amazing! Been a reader since Harper was first born, and I really enjoy watching the girls grow up.I have two girls—my oldest is nine months younger than Harper, and my youngest is nine months younger than Eloise, so watching your girls kinda feels like a glimpse into my life nine months from now πŸ˜‰

  7. I can totally relate to this summer being a special one! my first baby, my little dude, arrived in July πŸ™‚ your girls are gorgeous and you're a fantastic mama! here's to all the fun this fall has to bring! XO

  8. Happy Fall Y'all!! πŸ™‚ Great photos and a great recap. Can't wait to see you share your favorite time of year (well…one of) with 3 little princesses now! -NG

  9. Is that a hawkey tattoo? We may have an ISU one in our family πŸ˜‰ Loving this journey you're on and you definitely inspire me to be a better, more interactive momma! Thank you for that!

  10. That last picture, I can't even! I started reading when you were pregnant! And Harper is so grown now, its unbelievable! Look at all of the beauty you have created in such a short amount of time!

  11. Love all of these pictures and all of your posts Jessica!!!!! The girls are so adorable and Claire is just the cutest little thing ever!!!!! I am so excited for you guys to be building a new home!!! In 20 years we have been in three different homes and we built all three of them! It's so fun being involved in the building process and getting to choose your colors, paint, flooring, fixtures all of that fun stuff!!!! I absolutely love where you live currently with all the forest trees in your backyard I just love it!!! Building can be stressful so try not to pull your hair out at times! οΏ½οΏ½ lol I can't wait to see how your new home progresses I'm sure you will share it all with us!!!!
    Happy Fall!!!!!! ☺️����

  12. I have a canon rebel as well, but with just the standard lens that came on it. Trying to decide if I should invest in the 50 mm lens. What setting do you leave your camera on for photographing on the go toddlers? I struggle with that the most!

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