Five Reasons to be Excited for Fall

 It is very unlike me to not be back flipping across a yard full of leaves on the first day of Fall, yet instead, I am over here feeling a little less than enthusiastic. I guess that’s what three kids will do to ya! 😉 Claire got sick over the weekend, she came down with an ear infection & when I took her to the doctor we found out she has an ulcer in her throat. She has been fighting nursing, not sleeping for more than an hour or two at a time & for the most part, cries anytime she is put down. And the doctor says this can last for five to seven more days. Poor Harper & Eloise have been good sports, despite being told nine thousand times a day not to kiss Claire on the mouth & having to wait patiently while I take care of her. Harper has become a ‘Go Fish’ enthusiast, so every time I turn around she has cards set out and wants to play. And Eloise has picked up a new party trick, which is climbing onto the dining room chairs & up on to the table. I guess you could say I am a bit overwhelmed.

Right now, I am feeling like I need a little reminder of all the things there are to be happy about. A little “this too shall pass” so get your head back in the game! So, five things to be happy about as we roll into my very favorite season…

1. Crisp, cool Fall air. Nothing changes a mood like stepping outside into some seriously fresh air. A morning coffee run, with the windows down (Harper acts like she is on a rollercoaster & it helps keep Claire from crying!) & the girls’ favorite playlist has done wonders for starting our day off right.

2. Football season. Aka. Day drinking. And if you’re an fan, you might love the shirts at Garage Cotton, we just ordered a few Iowa tees & love how soft they are!

3. Fall Festivals! There are so many fun festivals & family activities over the next few months, and I hope to add a few to our calendar. A few local ones that have caught my eye are the Owl-O-Ween Hot Air Balloon festival & Pumpkin Festival at Stone Mountain Park.

4. Sweater weather. Which goes hand in hand with sweatpants weather, and let’s be honest, I’ve been living that life since Claire was born.

5. Boom Chicka Pop Candy Corn Kettle Corn. Spotted at Target (among a million other Fall favorites), can’t wait to try it!

I know, Ells, I want all the pumpkins too!

Hope you all have had a great start to your Fall season, so many exciting things to come! Starting with Friday…!

PS. We are bringing back “I put a spell on you” pullovers & onesies (holla!) you can score 15% off now with coupon code andnowyouremine good through Monday! 😉 XO


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  1. Ah, I hope she feels better soon! I have a 3 year old who has been SO PATIENT since Louise was born in May…I am so glad that your girls are, too!! It makes (a little) easier. PS I am grabbing our onesie now!!

  2. Wait. Jessica. The Boom Chicka Pop kettlecorn is ACTUALLY life-changing. You're going to love it. It's quite rare that I can put the bag down without finishing… whoops. Enjoy!! (Also, you're doing a great job. Hope littlest feels better soon.)

  3. I hear you girlfriend! I am pregnant with my surprise third and our age ranges are close (my oldest turns three and middle turns one in a week!) I also added working part time in my husbands off hours and we are redoing our house! I feel myself snapping at the oldest the most and it makes me so sad sometimes so yes, I hear you!!! Sometimes it takes wallowing and sometimes it just takes a "put a damn smile on your face" card- happy (almost) Friday girlfriend! Hope Claire feels better soon!!!

  4. Hey – I feel bad you are in such an overwhelming place. I have been following you since before Harper was born and you always give me a laugh and a bright spot in my day. We all have those overwhelming seasons for sure. I am trying to keep my head up (didn't do a great job of it today), as I am almost 8 weeks pregnant and WAY nauseous, fatigued and trying to keep up with my sweet 20 month old baby girl. I find it hard to put one foot in front of the other at times. I do truly hope you can ease into the next season and get some relief from the craziness. You are doing great! I promise!

  5. It's crazy that the most amazing time of life can also be the most stressful and draining, but God only gives you what you can handle mama. Just remember that. I hope little Claire feels better- there are few things worse than a sick infant 🙁 hang on to all that is good and exciting ♡


  6. You are doing an amazing job, mama! This WILL pass, even though it doesn't feel like it. A lot of times my intention for the day (or week, or month, or season… whatever it may be) is just "Survive." These things ebb and flow! Thank goodness for short-term memory in times of pain and long-term memory in times of joy. Get yo'self a big-ass iced salted caramel mocha and maybe take a couple more circles around the block to keep your sanity. Praying Claire gets to feeling better ASAP and the rest of your family stays in good health!!!!

  7. We are going to be hitting up the Owl-O-Ween Hot Air Balloon Festival as well! Looks super fun and family friendly. And those Garage Cotton tees are precious. Too bad I'm not from the Mid West or I would snag a few of those as well!

  8. What size of the I Put a Spell on You shirt do you wear? I want to pre-order one but I'm having a hard time figuring out which size is best. Thank you!

    By the way, I've been following your blog for almost 4 years now and you are such an inspiration. I always look forward to new posts 🙂

  9. Let us know if you attend the Pumpkin Festival at Stone Mountain! We've been wanting to go to that sometime, too!

    I hope things get better for you guys this weekend. Sick babies are by far one of the saddest things ever. I hope Claire gets to feeling better soon.

  10. Ear infections are the worst 🙁 Especially when they don't show signs of anything being wrong. At least there is still nice enough weather to play outside for the older kids! I'm not looking forward to the cold and being stuck inside all winter.

  11. So sorry Claire is sick! My 20 month old daughter had herpangina (ulcers on the throat from the coxsackie virus) a few weeks ago and it was literally the worst 7 days of her little life. She spiked a 105.5 fever at one point so we took her into the er where they finally got it down. To top it off I'm 24 weeks pregnant with another little girl, so my emotions were running high. Let a grandma take the girls for an hour or two, get a pumpkin spice latte and a pedicure… You'll feel much better in no time! Good luck with a sick baby plus two very hyper/ active (I imagine) little girls!!

  12. Poor Claire! That must be so painful for her – so much harder when it's a baby and they can't express their discomfort other than through crying. Sending you good vibes and hope that she is feeling better very soon 🙂

  13. Aww. Your first paragraph gave me serious sympathy pains for you… haha, I got all hot and sweaty and looked around for my kids to be sure they weren't climbing on tables or attempting to choke each other or something. I feel you, girl – and you have an extra kid!

    There is nothing worse than having sick babies, though… even something like a "simple" cold or the flu sets me into panic mode, which I hate. I hope Claire feels better soon and you can relax and "find your center" again! You're doing such a good job… and I loved your fall reminders! The best time of year.

  14. So sorry momma! hope Claire gets better soon! My son got ulcers in his throat a couple months ago, his doctor gave us some tetracaine lollipops. They would numb his throat for 10-15 minutes so that he could nurse. They were a life saver!

  15. Sorry to hear Claire is unwell. Nothing sadder than a sick baby x
    My youngest (same age as Eloise) has just learnt that same party trick – kill me now!
    As I repeat 'the days are long but the years are short'.
    You're doing a great job! x

  16. Jessica- I just love looking at all your Friday Favorites! When you posted the Little Unicorn Poppy Swaddle, I bought it right away! I also follow you on Etsy and was wondering if there is a reason your favorites there are private? Any chance you can make your favorites public so that I can continue to get ideas of fun small etsy companies to purchase from- like Hen & Co. Thanks! 🙂

  17. I would love to hear what's on your girl's playlist for ideas! My daughter is at that in between phase of wanting some kids music, but listens to mine too. I love fall!

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