Fall Playlist

I love, love, love a good playlist. I have them saved in my phone for everything, for holidays, showering, cleaning, drinking on the patio, dance parties for the kids, everything! And one of my favorites, is always my Fall playlist. I know things are super slow around here lately, and I so hope to be posting more frequently again one of these days. But for now, I’m sharing a few of my favorite jams of the season & hope these songs give you lots of cozy Fall vibes like they do for me.

Have a favorite? Be sure to share!
Happy Tuesday loves! XO


  1. If you're into The Lumineers, you should look into The Head and the Heart. "Rivers and Roads" or "Lost In My Mind" would go nicely with your playlist. I also like Ray LaMontagne's "Devil's In the Jukebox" for a little Halloween vibe. If you need Halloween playlist recommendations, I have several I'd be willing to share. =) Enjoy the music!

  2. Super slow?? Between your blog, and Instagram, I'd say you're doing just fine!! Love this simple post, always looking for new songs to add to my playlists as well! However, I think you meant stupid mouth by John Mayer rather than Jack Johnson! Right now, I'm obsessed with the duo You + Me, check them out!!

  3. Yes, you are right! I realized that when I came back to proofread! 😉 Thank you. And my brother just sent me a song by you + me the other day and said I would love it! XO

  4. I love this playlist! Thank you for sharing! I don't know how you feel about Taylor Swift but her song 'All Too Well' would go perfectly with this mix. Your blog never gets old. You're definitely my favorite. Here's to beautiful October day! Peace & love 🙂

  5. May I say that your music taste is en pointe! Love when I find others who have an eclectic and off the beaten path taste in music like myself. Stubborn Love is one of my all time favorite songs ever! Shoot, that entire album is one of my favorites ever! And GIRL, gimme aaaall the Ed Sheeran. He can do no wrong!

  6. I'm giving you a virtual fist bump for including John Denver in your playlist! A little James Taylor is always good for cozy vibes in my book – "Something in the Way She Moves" is my fave.

  7. One of my favorite Fall-themed kind of song is September When it Comes by Roseanne Cash and Johnny Cash. It's not a new song, so I don't know if it applies to this playlist – but it's a song that I always think of when I think of Fall.

  8. Love your blog and I'm on pins and needles with knowing your housing ideas! I am getting ready to build soon and can't wait to follow along in your process as well ?

  9. Love this playlist and the comments for music ideas 🙂 Just follow the Parenthood Soundtrack by Brandon Bullock on Spotify – Parenthood has THE BEST music!

  10. You Got What I Need – Joshua Radin
    Billion – Mat Kearney
    City of Black and White – Mat Kearney
    Where I Stood – Missy Higgins
    Hardliners – Holcombe Waller
    Higher Love – James Vincent McMorrow
    Out Loud -Mindy Smith
    All You Had To Do Was Stay – Ryan Adams
    Bad Blood – Ryan Adams
    Fast Car – Tracy Chapman
    Twice As Good – Sara Groves

    (IG: meg_tini)

  11. I think you are doing amazing and have read your blog when I was Preggo with my first (who's now 2 1/2). I love your ideas for creating wonderful memories for your girls–and inspiring your readers with them. Ignore the haters • never letter anyone dull your sparkle!

  12. You are doing just fine! With three tiny sweet girls your obviously savoring them WHILE growing and writing about the thing you find relevant now that you think will be beneficial to your readers. Ignore the haters. You do you girl. Never let anyone dull your sparkle.

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