Scarecrows in the Garden

This weekend, we took the girls to see the Scarecrows in the Garden exhibit at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. We woke up to super chilly weather, but the sun was shining so we knew it would be the perfect day to go. The girls were super excited, mostly Harper, as you might guess she loves all things Halloween related! 😉 We loved seeing all of the creative scarecrows, lots of them were Disney themed so Harper & Eloise had fun pointing them out.
Not only is the garden beautiful, but it is packed full of fun things for kids. The park in the middle has pumpkin bowling, bubble stations, kickballs & all sorts of little hands on activities for toddlers. There is also the cutest little cafe tucked back behind the trees as well that serves food & drinks, and a fountain around every corner for little wish makers!

After getting tangled up in the mess that is downtown Atlanta traffic, we were finally on our way home. The weather was just too nice, so stopped to grab lunch outside at Bocado Burger, seriously the best burger & fries around. The kids ran off every last ounce of energy playing on the bocce ball court on their patio & then crashed hard for afternoon naps while we kicked back for some football. There are not many things better in life than Sunday afternoons in the Fall!!
Hope you all had a great weekend!! XO

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  1. Awesome little adventure. We have a similar place around here, they don't do this type of stuff for Halloween, but their Christmas exhibit is amazing. We went when Ashlynn was a baby, but it might be fun to go again.. thanks for idea 😉

  2. Hi there! My daughter is a couple months younger than Eloise and her hair always looks so scraggly and uneven. How do you get Eloise's to be so neat? Has she had her first hair cut?

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