We were so excited to have SNOW this weekend! Harper has been wishing for it since last year’s snowstorm & we were so glad it finally came! Friday night after the girls were in bed, we sat down for a movie & I noticed out the window that the snow was starting to fall. I snapped a quick picture to show the kids in the morning because I wasn’t sure it would still be there when we woke up! But we were pleasantly surprised with a light dusting of snow on the ground, and the girls couldn’t get their little snow suits on fast enough after getting out of bed.
The highlight of the morning was pulling out the swan (who so gracefully hangs upside down from the ceiling in the garage) to use as a sled in the front yard.

Obsessed with this picture of Eloise sitting in the chair watching the snow fall!
We ventured back outside a few times throughout the day, since it was so cold the girls could hardly stand it for too long, but they kept wanting to go back for more. Saturday afternoon, we got ambitious and made homemade chicken noodle soup, Harper loves making homemade “doodles” and laying them all out to dry.

I’m just going to go ahead and say it, this was one of the best weekends ever. No plans, no obligations, just a lazy weekend spent in our pajamas eating lots of good food & enjoying time with each other. Can we have one snowy Saturday every month? 🙂 
Did you get snow as well?! Hope you all had a fun weekend !!! XO


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  1. What a perfect weekend, sounds absolutely delightful! I had a similar (ish) experience with my dog this weekend, too! His first time in snow and we made the rookie mistake of not getting him booties so he tore up his paws a bit, and I had to drag him back inside – he really wanted to stay out there! I have a random question for you… I know that earlier on as a mom, you were working and then scaled back to part time. Maybe I missed it but are you still working from home, or have you transitioned to something else? So curious!

  2. It looks like the perfect weekend! We've had snow for a while in Indiana so I think I've just gotten used to it. We still have our Christmas lights up because we haven't had a non-snowy weekend that makes it safe to take them down. We might be that family with lights up on Valentine's Day — oops!

  3. We got 26 inches!!! It wasn't good because it was too much for mine to play in an effort they couldn't walk through it, not to mention the whole DC area is still jammed up.

    I love the picture of Eloise watching the snow fall, definitely needs to be framed.

  4. Love your chix noodle soup! I made a huge batch in October & froze it. We have been pulling it out all winter and it's delicious (even the noodles froze well). Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  5. We got the brunt of the blizzard and had 3 awesome days cooped up in the house, playing in the snow, digging out the cars and eating everything in the pantry. It was pretty great!

  6. The snow missed us in Ohio! We have only had one good snowfall this year and it was only good for sledding, my daughter is dying to make a snowman!! Glad your girls got to experience it!!!

  7. We had snow–about 14 inches in NC! My toddler loved it! Though it did mess with trying to get my 2 1/2 mo to take a bottle…when you had your hubby try, were you out of the house?

    Love spending time with kiddos, but would love a "safe" hour or two away! Or a trip to Target solo 🙂

  8. Representing Shepherdstown, WV… We got just over 40" and I was oh so happy to venture out of the house for the first time today since Friday. Talk about stir crazy. My kids were not a fan of that much snow, really too much for them to play in without falling or getting stuck. However the family time and excessive use of hot chocolate (mine may have been spiked), were long overdue. Your girls are the cutest!

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