DIY Valentines

It’s feeling Valentines-y up in here! As if our house doesn’t have enough pink, we have hung a few  decorations over the last few days & we are loving it. Fresh flowers & a bunch of little heart shaped things all over the house. These woolie ball garlands from Hooray Everyday are my very favorite! Side note, after I told Harper we were decorating for Valentine’s day, she snuck into one of our cabinets with the magnetic locks while I was rocking Claire & pulled out 40 heart shaped paper plates and lined them up all over the kitchen. Go big or go home! 😉
I’m sharing some super easy, extra festive Valentines that we made, we took them to a friend’s house for a play date this morning & plan to deliver a few more {with love} over the next few days.

I picked up a few kraft paper bags & glitter heart stickers from the dollar spot at Target, and we are filling them up with some fun treats. Heart balloons, some dipped pretzels made with white almond bark & festive sprinkles (almost all of these got eaten the first day, so we had to make a second batch), lollipops & bunny fruit snacks. And yes, I really wanted a good excuse to pull out the girls’ envelope chair backers from a few years ago, I still need to find a coordinating one for Claire since they stopped making this exact style. Third child probs! 😉

We added some treats for the moms too, a little sparkling wine & homemade grapefruit mint sugar scrub (recipe in this post). Hopefully these treats will help them survive the Valentine’s Day sugar high that all of our kids will be enjoying. 

Sealed with a kiss… or… toddler sucker slobber.

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  1. Ahhh I so know about third child probs! Being the 3rd has always been a little interesting, but the most hilarious situation that comes to mind is that my brother and sister both sat for portraits from a local painter when they were 3 or 4 years old, but by the time I came along we had moved to another state so I never got one!

  2. Love love love your blog and instagram such a cute family! You should do a post about what you're getting Brandon for Valentine's Day or if you guys have any valentines traditions with each other 🙂

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