For the Easter Basket

You know I love playing Easter bunny, filling pretty baskets with a bunch of little color coordinated goodies is one of my favorite things! 😉 So I am back at it this year sharing a round up of some of my current favorite finds for your little bunnies.

I always love to pick out a good book, a pair of pajamas (I picked up these princess bunny ones a few weeks ago) and something like a doll or stuffed animal. It’s safe to say we are all in love with these floral bonnets, they’re the perfect spring accessory to add to an Easter basket. Other options like small bows & headbands are my favorite way to fill the girls plastic eggs.

Floral Bonnet // Sequin Bunny Pillow // Golden Egg Book // Ballerina Doll // Bunny Ears (similar here) // Zip-Front Pajamas // Mini Colored Pencils // Bashful Bunny Grabber // Little Lamb Sippy

How great are those plastic eggs, they have come a long way over the years! 😉

  These really are the bigger more expensive things that I normally put in their baskets, a few more ideas for fillers are play-doh, fun shoes for Spring, nailpolish, stickers & of course, chalk!
Hope this has given you a little inspiration, and be sure to share with us any additional festive ideas that you may have! XO

PS. Updated to add, we decided to buy three new Easter baskets last year since the wicker type ones we had were already falling apart after only two years. I got three copper wire baskets from Terrain, I thought they were really simple & timeless. Although they’re no longer available, I found these similar large baskets from h&m, as well as these on Amazon. 🙂


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  1. Love all of these ideas!!

    I have a question, How do you and Brandon remain so close and such good friends through the crazy hectic lives you lead? I LOVE hearing all the funny things Harper says or the crazy shenanigans Eloise finds herself in, but I'm so very curious about how you keep your marital sanity among it all. My hubby and I are seriously struggling right now and we only have one little. I guess what I'm asking is what do you guys do throughout the day or week (dates, texts, etc) to stay sane.

  2. Love all of your ideas!!! We will be getting new umbrellas from our bunny and using that as our basket to fitt with goodies! Opened and upside down of course to use the umbrella to hold everything!

  3. I love your basket ideas! Always so creative and out of the ordinary. Target also has different wire baskets to choose from & they are slightly cheaper 🙂

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