Easter 2016

Happy Monday, friends! Back to reality after a long holiday weekend is always a hard one, thankful for lots of leftover Easter candy, which tastes especially good with iced coffee! 😉
The girls all slept in past 8am, which never happens. We never set alarms because typically someone is sure to wake us before the sun comes up, so it was a nice treat sleeping in, but then we felt rushed to get everything going in the morning since we were trying to get to church on time. The girls tore right into their baskets, and immediately wanted to run outside to collect eggs. We had a late brunch with my parents, then spent most of the afternoon hiding & finding eggs. Plastic eggs tend to stick around forever in our house, the girls ate snacks out of them today & played with them in the bathtub, endless entertainment!
Love them all in motion taking off to follow the jelly bean trail! 😉

We had confetti poppers in their Easter baskets, which turned out to be the most fun thing ever. I hope that I can find them every year from now on, it was definitely one of their favorites!
So thankful for these girls & for the incredible gift we were given by our Savior. Hope you all had an amazing Easter with your families! XO

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  1. That sounds like a lovely Easter! Per the confetti poppers, Thimblepress has some awesome push pop confetti and it seems like they're always coming out with new colors and types. Just thought that would be helpful in case you are looking for more 🙂

  2. This is one of the cutest posts! On a semi-related note (you may not have time to reply which is totally fine but I just figured I'd try) with the Gap PJs, do you think they ran TTS or on the smaller size? I wanted to grab a pair for next year since they are currently on sale with an extra 40% off and the reviews just aren't helping (of course).

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