Pumpkin Painting

I have been looking forward to having a little pumpkin painting party for Harper & some of her friends all season, so Monday morning we finally made it happen. It was beautiful weather so we were able to do it all outside. I wrapped our table in newspaper so we wouldn’t have to worry too much about a mess, put down a piece of cardboard to set everything on & put a little painting station at each place setting. I just used some Crayola Washable Paint, which works perfectly on pumpkins & made for easy clean up.

We had a few easy snacks, donut holes, apple slices & some of our favorite festive popcorn. It’s so easy & makes a ton. Combine two cups of chex rice cereal, mini pretzel sticks & popcorn on a large sheet of aluminum foil on the counter top. Drizzle almond bark or melted candy coating, then toss around with a spoon to mix it well. Then add sprinkles, m&m, candy corn, etc. I’ve posted this recipe tons of times for all different holidays, so you’ve likely seen it before, always a favorite for us!!

Harper always starts with the stems of her pumpkins when she paints, it cracks me up because then she gets frustrated when she can’t hold it to turn her pumpkin. After we put her name on it with stickers, she told me to take them back off because she wanted to give it to Eloise instead.

We still hope to carve one big pumpkin together before Halloween night, but surely we will run out of time. I have to get to work finishing our Halloween costumes & have never been so excited for Trick or Treating! Harper as well, since she cried the entire way home from the fabric store after I told her we could not actually Trick or Treat until Friday. I know, can’t a girl just get a little candy?  She must get her patience & excitement from her mama.

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