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I am so excited to be bringing something totally new to the blog today, my love for essential oils & all of the amazing ways that we use them!! I know many of you, maybe even most of you, already use oils because there are so many benefits for us and for our kids. I have been using oils for over two years, and after mentioning them a few times here & on snapchat, I have been able to connect with so many of you to talk about them and answer questions you have had. There are so many unanswered emails and messages, so I finally thought that I would introduce them here & share with you all of the ways that we use them and LOVE them.

Let me just say why I finally decided to jump into using oils. When I was pregnant with Eloise, I became so frustrated with not being able to sleep, lots of stress, constantly feeling run down & feeling like there was nothing that could help me. I knew about oils, but never felt like I knew enough to start using them. But then I realized after talking to so many friends who kept mentioning them, that you basically just have to dive right in & find out what works for you along the way.
I decided to order my starter kit (all of the most commonly used oils + a diffuser) and start navigating my way through using them. I was cautious at first, and felt like I spent quite a bit of time researching & asking questions, but now, we can’t live without them!! I still very much believe in modern medicine, and this is not a substitute for that, I don’t make my own deodorant or anything 😉 and we have plenty of products in our home that aren’t necessarily all natural. But oils felt like the right step towards a healthier lifestyle for us and our kids. For example, supporting our immune systems with Thieves oil, or encouraging relaxation & a good night’s sleep using Lavender oil. I love a good homemade grapefruit scrub for the shower (which supports healthy skin & smells like a dream!!) or a homemade oil rollerball for teething discomfort. I should also mention that I followed along with the book, Gentle Babies, which is a great reference for using oils while pregnant, nursing or around babies, since there are a lot of oils that you can’t use or must dilute.
So, I want to hear your feedback! Do you use oils? If so, what are your favorite ways to use them? A drop of lavender in your wild kids bath water at night? Me too. 😉

If you don’t already use oils, but have considered it & want to know more, all you’ll need is your essential oils starter kit which comes with ten of the most popular oils + a diffuser (we love the dew drop). Be sure to check Young Living wholesale member so you can save 24% on any oils you place after that, it is not a subscription though so you only order what you want, when you want! 😉 Then come join us over at my oils instagram @grapefruitandgold where I have covered our favorite ways to use each of the oils in the starter kit, and plan to share all of our favorite diffuser blends, what I use on the girls, recipes for lip scrubs, sugar scrubs & so many other amazing things that you didn’t even know you could make!!!

I hope you’ll join me & I know you’ll love it as much as we do!

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  1. We love our oils! I like to add lavender to my shampoo and mascara to promote healthy hair growth! And I use peppermint, lemon & digize for the mornings after drinking too much… 🙂

  2. So excited to learn how you use oils! Most accounts about oils overwhelm me but I can already tell this is exactly what I need to follow along! You are a great mama!

  3. I am so flipping excited about this! As if I don't love you tons already, now you're posting about oils! I just ordered my started kit on Monday and I'm so eager to get it here and start using them. I can't wait to see what people suggest and what you post on your new oil account!

  4. We love our oils! We are constantly using a Thieves roller to keep the sickies away. I use the household cleaner for pretty much everything. I made a "nursery" sanitizer with thieves and purification. The toddler tantrum buster recipe is our new fave!

  5. I got the starter kit a while back and have used them a little – still have lots to learn! I am always looking for new ways to use them & tips especially since I am expecting my first baby! I am very excited to see what you use them for!

  6. LOVE essential oils! Used them every day! I don't make my own deodorant either 😉 But, I love being able to use modern meds & oils to keep the family healthy! I loved using them while we were trying to get pregnant with Kess, during the pregnancy, labor and we used them on her as soon as we could! Even the hubs is on board! 😉

  7. Yes! YL essential oils have been such a blessing to our family. Our girls sleep has never been better and I love supporting our immunities, keeping our emotions balanced and our house clean with these oil powerhouses!

  8. I just want to add some caveats. Everyone should please, please, PLEASE read up a little on oils before using them in the home as some aren't safe and many should NEVER be used topically on young children. You also should often be using a fraction of a drop around kids, instead of 1 – 2 drops.

    Same with reading up on which ones are pregnancy safe – lavender, for example, should be avoided in early pregnancy.

    Sites like this are very helpful:

  9. This makes me so happy for you! I too love oils and have been using them for years, and all your little hints of oils here and there has made me curious if you'd start talking about them more and sharing them with others. I imagine adding a new component to your blog can be scary, but as someone who's been following along since you were pregnant with Harper, I'm glad to see you openly sharing what works so well for your family!

  10. I just got my kit in that I ordered from a friend! I'm looking forward to learning more and experimenting with it. I like to use more natural products whenever I can and there seems to be a lot of great things you can use these oils for. I'm excited about it 🙂 Right now I think my favorites are the Lemon, Peppermint and Lavender….I can see those being used up quickly.

  11. We've been using oils for about a year and a half now, and I still have so much to learn as well. I think its one of those things that you never know it all. One of our favorite combos for wound up or melting down toddlers is Peace and Calming and Orange. I swear after 20 minute of diffusing this combo he is a different child! Looking forward to following you new insta account : )

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