Summer Days

The days are long, but the summer days are longer. I think that’s how the saying goes, right? 😉 We are just a few short weeks into our summer break over here, where the sun is up longer, and so are our kids. The weather is already hot & humid enough to feel like there is a wool blanket over your head. Summer schedules aren’t really a thing over here, we usually have one or two big outings per week, like to the zoo or the splash pad. And you know, I do feel guilty sometimes when all my mom friends are taking their kids to music class and mommy & me yoga and all sorts of African safaris every single day of the week, but I just can’t do it. Keeping three kids happy, cool & slathered in sunscreen every 30 minutes isn’t an easy feat. It always ends in meltdowns & extreme exhaustion.

All three kids are usually awake these days before seven. On days that Claire slept all night, I feel like I can really get a head start if I wake up before them, shower & maybe drink a cup of coffee. Occasionally I have been able to sneak out for barre class before Brandon takes off for work, and on those days, I feel like superwoman. Other days, running on very little sleep, we frump around in our pajamas all day & might make it out the door for a Target run if we’re lucky. I used to think it had to be one way or another, we are either schedule people or we are pajama all day people, but I’ve learned that it’s a balance that works best for us. My kids love being at home, they want to jump on the trampoline while I spray them with the hose & have peanut butter sandwiches for lunch, and that’s okay with me.

When the babies are napping, Harper likes to do “gardening” with me, where she checks on our snake plants, helps me water the lemon trees (we are attempting to grow them, but they are still a little sad looking) & see if we have new mint leaves we can bring inside for our waters. It’s been such a fun way to spend time together, and she totally holds me accountable for not killing all of our plants.

A few things I am currently loving about summer:
1. my kids can be found barefoot & shirtless most days, and nobody gives an eff

2. watermelon

3. late afternoon water table play on the porch means cooking dinner in silence, which always makes me want to try new recipes

4. sprinklers
5. the unwritten rule that says it’s okay to stay up past our bedtime for wine on the porch, even on weeknights
And on that note, to the porch we go! Hope you all are having a happy week so far! XO

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  1. Thank you for writing this! I love it! I get asked "what camps are the kids in?" "Are they in swim lessons?" "Soccer?" "Dance class?"… I'm all like my kids are 5 and 3, we go swimming and to parks a few times a week, otherwise they love playing at home and I'm okay with that! We do t-ball and gymnastics and that's enough for us! Love your blog, Jessica… Thank you for always keeping it fun and simple!

  2. Oh how I adore the balance of PJ days and schedules. We had that when I was home on maternity leave but now I am back in the office (early) we have no choice but to stay on schedule with early morning wake-ups and places we have to be. I envy those days of barefeet and watermelon on the lawn!

  3. Love this! I needed to hear this tonight! As being a new mom of three, I felt like I could do it all every day of the week but our new addition makes me wonder if I'll ever leave the house again. Thank for reminding me that I don't have to be one way or the other.

  4. You should try Jobes Organic fertilizer spikes for your lemon trees. Its for co trainer grown fruit and citrus trees. I found them at Walmart. Lowe's or Home Depot never had it. I have a orange tree that looked awful once I got it home. I started using the spikes and it looks awesome. I have been using them since May.

  5. I would love to read a post about your daily routine with the three girls! I have a toddler and in expecting baby #2 and I'm a bit scared about how I'm going to keep them entertained all day.

  6. I so appreciate how real you are. I read so many blogs about motherhood that make me feel totally inadequate. I love that you inspire and keep it real too!

  7. Don't you just love summer! Just last night my 2.5 year old was running around in the back yard in just a diaper, I was drinking wine and it was past her bedtime. And we all loved every second of it! Here's to summer!

  8. Thank you for writing this. It's nice to read that it's okay if kids hang out at home. I'm with my daughter everyday until 4pm and some days I got this, some days I don't. Am I to blame that my 2 year old would rather stay home most days? It hasn't been that hot yet here in NY but after painting, bubbles, play-doh, water table, pool etc etc my daughter would rather stay indoors. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

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