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There is something about the sound of football on tv that feels like home. Maybe because it was always on while I was growing up, or maybe because it’s only on in the Fall which is of course my favorite time of year. With boxes everywhere, an unfinished kitchen & a brand new routine with school, things have been sorta frantic since we have moved in. But waking up Saturday here, with college gameday on & yellow leaves raining down from the trees in our back yard, things finally felt like home.

We got almost all the rest of the boxes in the house unpacked & made lots of progress around the house. We finished the rest of the painting in the kitchen & drawing out where all of our floating shelves will go. Our tile will go up this coming weekend, then comes shelves & range hood, I am honestly so excited to see this wall come together!! If you follow me on Instagram (@jlgarvin) you may have seen the great mirror debate, we finally decided on the gold one & I love love love how it looks! I am excited to accessorize the mantle & hang curtains in this room!! There is still so much to do but we are finally getting to the fun part, I am dying to put up Fall decorations. Just as soon as I find them. 😉

We are starting back up our tradition of Sunday Dinners (what we used to call Soup Sunday because, well, we always made soup). But every Fall, we love to cook up big dinners and invite friends & family over on Sunday afternoons. It’s such a fun way to end the weekend! Hoping to share a few of them with recipes we are trying, I have been in such a meal rut since we’ve moved, but I’m going to blame it on a partially unfinished kitchen. Long live pasta & homemade garlic bread.
Hope you all had an amazing weekend!! XO

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  1. I love the gold one too! You could always switch them out from time to time! (but seriously, gold for fall- new years is PERFECT!) I have lived in my house for a solid 9 years and you have done more than I have in the past month!

  2. Love seeing updates on your new home! It always takes forever to fully unpack and get settled! Looking forward to you sharing show recipes! I have tried a lot you have shared in the past and always love them!

  3. The Slay bodysuit, so cute. We move in exactly 1 wk and the first time on my to do list at the new house is to grab some pumpkins and mums, and hopefully find the halloween stuff before halloween!

  4. Love all the pictures of the house updates!! I anxiously wait each week for news ones… It's such a beautiful home. I need to know where you got those glass cars to the right of your fire place???? I'm obsessed an definitely need some!!!

  5. We are die-hard college football lovers as well! GO DAWGS!

    And we go to my parents' house every Sunday evening for a big family dinner… we open a bottle of wine, my momma cooks something delicious, and we have the best time just being together. It really is the best way to end the weekend!

  6. Yessss girl!
    Every year, the first Saturday of College Gameday is like a holiday in our house. We spend all day on the patio watching games, playing and swinging while hubby cooks something on the big green egg. And maybe mama is having a Bloody Mary or Mimosa ?.
    Those babes are SLAYING in their matching Iowa colors. So cute!

  7. Go Bison! I'd say I'm sorry your Hawkeyes lost but then I'd be lying. Just love your passion for college football though. Thathe really is one of my favorite things about fall, too.
    Also can't wait to hear more about your Sunday dinners. I've wanted to do something like that worth or friends as well … just have to put the ball in motion, I guess. Thanks for all your inspiration over the years 🙂

  8. Fall and football make me feel all sentimental and cozy at home too! Have you seen the HomeGoods commercial with the song "Feels like home"? Love it so much! We do Soup Sundays too but mostly in the winter when it's freezing cold. I'm glad you all are getting settled in. There's nothing like home 🙂

  9. so exciting! we've been in our place 2 years now and these same things are what made it feel like home to me too! 🙂

    also, I can't stop seeing Jack Nicholson from The Shining when I look at Eloise in the first picture…lol

  10. You've mentioned it before but I cannot remember…where do you get your leggings? Last fall/winter, I was wearing maternity leggings so it's time to stock up on regular leggings!
    I'm just loving your house and how it's all coming together! I can't wait for fall to hit here in Texas…which may not be for another month or two 🙁

  11. your posts make me so excited to [hopefully, evennnnttuaaalllly] find our home! also, as much as i sometimes hate how much football we watch [damn you fantasy!], i do love it as background noise. i've been in such a good mood since the minnesota weather has finally taken a turn for fall

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