The never ending laundry pile meets the LG SideKick

Laundry. It’s never ending in our house, and it’s usually one of the most dreaded items on my to-do list. But today we have partnered with LG Electronics to introduce you to the coolest thing to happen to laundry since… well, ever. The LG SideKickβ„’ pedestal washer replaces your storage pedestal that sits underneath your front load washer and acts as a second washing machine for those smaller & specialty loads of laundry, allowing you to wash two loads at once. Like those yoga pants that you wear every other day that wouldn’t warrant a full load of laundry in the regular washer. Or your kids favorite lovies that got gross all of a sudden and need to be washed & returned in less than thirty minutes. In our house, there is almost always a precious princess tutu with guacamole spilled on it just minutes after the rest of the laundry gets finished. Here is where all of these problems can be solved!!

The LG SideKick offers six different wash cycles, and can run independently or simultaneously with a load in the main washer. Throw in one or two items, some delicates or things you just need to wash often in between laundry days. We have had our LG SideKick for only a few days & have used it already more times than I can count, it is so handy & truly makes laundry so much easier. And much more fun for the little ones & their helping hands!

Now through October 19th, LG is having a promotion: buy a four- piece laundry bundle (LG front-load washer, companion dryer, LG SideKick pedestal washer & dryer storage pedestal), and LG will cover the cost of the SideKick upgrade. Click here to learn more! 

And even better, you can enter today to WIN an LG SideKick by simply entering through the Rafflecopter widget below! The LG SideKick is compatible with every LG front load washer made since 2009.

Best of luck friends, and may we all eventually find our way to the bottom of that laundry pile! πŸ˜‰

This post was sponsored by LG, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support us! You can find the Terms and Conditions for the LG SideKick Giveaway here

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  1. Oh my gosh, this is the COOLEST thing I've ever seen! I'm married to a mechanic and have 2 boys who love to get dirty – I might actually make a dent in my laundry pile(s) with this sidekick!

  2. Oh my goodness how awesome! My husband and I don't have kids yet, but for his load of white shirts and socks that I always always always put off, this would be perfect! Or for those times when it's 9:30 and I forgot to wash something one of us needs the next day… how awesome!

  3. Wow!! This thing looks so cool. I hate washing those little tiny loads or having to wait for more dirty laundry. it's a weird feeling. Like, why do I want more laundry to do? But I need to wash my yoga pants so I can wear them again lol

  4. I have two little girls and there are so many times leggings get dirty, shirts get spills or honestly pee escapes a diaper during nap time, but doing a whole load for one item or just a few is frustrating! This would be a Mama's dream!

  5. Why would I love one? Three girls- ages 6-2!! All of them have some kind of blankie/lovey that they are attached to that get so gross. They freak out waiting for the laundry to finish. Also, our washing machine has had to be repaired more times than I can count, so to win one this amazing would be a HUGE blessing! haha!

  6. I have two LG units in my laundry room – not sure if they are compatible with the LG sidekick, but here's hoping I have a winning entry so I can try and find out πŸ™‚

  7. I would love the LG Sidekick, because the idea of washing a regular load and a smaller load at the same time makes me happy! Less time washing and more time spending with my babes.

  8. I died laughing as somehow the only thin my little girl eats in her Tutu is guac and it's always spilled on it. This would be a huge lifesaver for all of us especially my son who wants to wear his Rizzo baseball shirt everyday…so much laundry so little time

  9. This is amazing! We love our LG front loaders, however anything that makes laundry easier (AKA worst chore in the entire world) makes me so happy! I haven't heard of this until now but we would love a SideKick in our house!

  10. This is awesome! Anything that makes doing laundry easier, sounds good to me! With active kids and husband, the laundry pile is never ending! This would make life a little easier. Now LG just needs to add a clothes folding option πŸ™‚

  11. This is BRILLIANT & I would totally gift this to my Mom – she does way more laundry than I do & this would really save her a bunch of time! Then, in a few years, when her laundry load is down, I'd steal it back for myself LOL

  12. Great giveaway! This would be amazing for those clothing items you need washed last minute like a sports uniform that got forgotton in the bottom of the laundry basket?

  13. I would love this so much! My husband is an HVAC tech & he washes the clothes he wore that day every night… not big enough for a regular load, but the perfect size for this thing!

  14. Oh my gosh. I never knrw this existed! Perfect for all the dance tutus and leotards that my daughter wants to wear nonstop and then I can never find the day before dance class!

  15. Oh my, how have you done more loads than you can count already. I can count on two hands the number of times I've done it in the past month, and yes I have a baby and a toddler. Must mean we have too much clothes. But genius idea for those small loads.

  16. I would love to win this for my sister… She has FIVE kids and now that I have two myself I honestly can't imagine how on earth she gets through the constant laundry!!
    -Karianne Jaeger

  17. This washer would be so perfect for us. We are getting ready to close on our dream home with a pool. with our two littles, 5 and a half and two and a half, I can already see us throwing the towels and bathing suites in there for a quick wash instead of a whole load. Not to mention our family will be growing by one more in December and the sidekick washer would be great for blow outs that get all over cloths, sheets and lovies and need a quick wash. Help us please. πŸ™‚

  18. Oh my, the new sidekick washer would be amazing for our family right now. We just purchased a new home and with two little ones, 5 and a hal and two and a half, and with a new little due in December I know we would use the sidekick washer so much. I am already imagining washing the sacred piggy lovie in it every mother day that is oh so hard to pry from my youngests hands. It would make it so much easier.

  19. I'd love to own a sidekick for those smaller loads of whites or for my Optometrist boyfriend's more formal clothes that always seem to need to be washed RIGHT NOW. The best giveaway!

  20. You hit the nail on the head with the "gross lovie" comment! My youngest has a "bampeen" (his word for blankie) that must be washed about every other day based on getting dropped in the dog's water bowl! This side kick washer would be a lifesaver!

  21. This is genius! Considering we just had a potty training disaster on a bathroom rug and a favorite stuffed animal. Which I washed together to conserve my mental and physical energy, only to result in a ruined stuffed animal from the rug. This washer is awesome!

  22. This would be so perfect for all the little loads! We are getting ready to adopt a little boy and I'm sure many messes are in our future! It would also be great for my husband and my gym clothes for the day before they get gross!

  23. This would help so much with getting the piles and piles of laundry that accumulate with having 3 little boys under the age of 4. Fingers crossed!!!! Would love to win!

  24. Buying a house for the first time at the end of October!! We will need to replace the washer and dryer and this giveaway would really be a HUGE help! Crossing my fingers

  25. This would be absolutely dreamy!!! I swim in laundry…well technically drown bc I can't keep afloat! We have the lg front load already and love it!

  26. I love these! My parents recently purchased them and my mom was showing off all the awesome features. I have washer envy! Mine are hand-me-downs but would love this set. I, unlike most, love doing laundry & these would only make it an even better chore!!

  27. I'd love to win this because with two messy little girls, a stinky steel industry working husband, and a senior dog who has accidents, my laundry machine is always working. It would be nice to be able to knock out two loads at once or even just do small ones alone. Great giveaway!

  28. That's pretty neat – sometimes I only have a few things to wash or have to wash something of my husband's last minute before our dinner reservations πŸ™‚

  29. THIS IS Awesome. How do I live without one is the better question?! I can't imagine how many times with a toddler at home and a babe on the way this would get used. My washer/dryer runs nearly nonstop! I would love to have a second washing option!

  30. We were given a washer and dryer when we bought our first house, but it constantly leaves degergent stains in my clothes… I would love to win a new one that will get the job done right!!

  31. Love this so much! I'm always washing Boston's favorite blankets because they go everywhere with us! And since we've for a new baby on the way, these would be so handy for those little loads of soiled clothes.

  32. This is awesome. End of story. I must get one! This would make those in between wash needs so much easier to deal with. You hit the nail on the head with the whole post! Toddlers = messy = more laundry.

  33. I could use this! I'm a working momma and I never get caught up on laundry on the weekends! We have 2 baby girls and a teenage boy! It's a constant struggle with laundry!

  34. That little blanket that is always dirty (and deserves a hot water bath), but it must be quick – – yep, seems like a perfect job for this washer! Thanks LG!

  35. With a newborn baby and a toddler I am doing laundry multiple times a day. The sidekick would be a great solution for all those messy mishaps throughout the day. I could get it done so much faster!

  36. This would be amazing for our family! We are ready to welcome a new little girl in 5 weeks, and the SideKick would be a lifesaver for the endless laundry in our house. It would be especially nice for baby items that require a gentle soap!

  37. I have twins and woof. This morning I would have done anything to run a quick load (each of them messed on their jams, the outfit I was going to change them into, my shirt AND two changing pad covers… happy monday!)

  38. This would be the perfect addition to our family! Between work clothes, house clothes, gym clothes, and kid clothes, we have a LOT of laundry to do!!!

  39. As a 26 year old that uses any occasion for an outfit change, this is amazing and so convenient. Now when I wear my favorite running leggings to a quick shopping trip and Trader Joe's and accidentally spill free-sample apple cider on me (this has happened before,) I can wash my pants before my workout!

  40. As a single mom, laundry day is my own special kind of hell. "Big girl panties" and "cinderella dresses" just can't get washed fast enough because I am also trying to get my work clothes for the week clean in the process. This would be such a neat addition that would allow my tiny princess the freedom to spill on her dresses without worrying that they would be out of commission for an extended period of time!

  41. i need a nice washer to do as i would like to do but well im a saving is all im saying and its a quailty brand you know it is good well i know cause ive owned lg before and this would help our family do laundry in a simple way

  42. This is amazing on so many levels! Being able to wash a small load of delicates while your regular cycle is going would be a dream come true for this mama! I usually have to wait and do the delicates which takes time out of the day. Being able to kill 2 birds with one stone is what every mama dreams of. -Lara Novosad

  43. Would love to win one! We have been using the one that came with the house and just had another baby so need something to keep up with all of the extra loads of laundry!

  44. Oh my gosh I would love this. We are already looking to buy a new washer and dryer. I have one toddler and sometimes I have a small load of her clothes to wash and this would be perfect instead of waiting till I have enough to make a full load!

  45. We would totally LOVE the sidekick. Our 1 year old frequently loses her shit eating and is covered in food or finds her way into the toilet bowl (eye roll). It would go perfectly in our new house that we close on this week! No more $3 apartment laundry loads πŸ™‚

  46. This is awesome! I would love to win one for all those time I need to give my daughter's favorite stuffed animal a quick wash. And my random white tee that always seems to be dirty when I want to wear it!

  47. This is beyond genius! And now I totally want one!! Haha! Our little guy is now obsessed with a lovey finally but he drags it around everywhere! I love the idea of washing his (& his sister's!) loveys while doing another load at the same time! Great idea!

  48. Genius!! I cloth diaper so the washer is NEVER empty. Being able to do a small load of clothes for "need the next morning" and not having the dreaded, oh no, diapers are taking up the wash tonight again scenario would be amazing!!

  49. Winning a new washer and dryer would be so amazing right now! We have three kids, one who we are in the middle of potty training and one who will be potty training in the future. Three kids also means three loveys/blankies, which means lots of laundry. Being able to have it ready in half the time would be so incredible and would mean fewer meltdowns.

  50. Oh gosh, I would love this for all of our delicates (tutus, my clothes, Christmas dresses that all get worn and thrown to the side until I have a full load ?).

  51. How awesome! My mom would love this. They adopted my cousin a few years back and started all over! My sister keeps having accidents at night and they are constantly having to wash her bedding. What a great idea!

  52. I have been wanting one of these for a while! Our son naps with the same three Aden and Anais blankets at both nap and bedtime so there is a very small window for washing them, doing a little load of just the blankets would be perfect:)!

  53. This sounds so helpful! I have a little rugrat that somehow doubled our laundry when he entered the world this year. I can't imagine what laundry/life will be like when he's crawling and walking!

  54. Genius! I had no idea this existed. I would love to win one for our laundry room we are working on finishing. This would be great to do kiddos swimsuits and play clothes.

  55. I have 2 little girls so this would be perfect! We are moving into a new house in February and this would be a wonderful moving in surprise!!

  56. My washer recently ate about eight of my work blouses and a few of my husband's work undershirts. We've tried everything to see what's going on but nothing has solved the mystery as to why. I would love to see how the LG Sidekick would take such great care of our special/delicate items.

  57. Being a new mom and now back to work, the Sidekick would make my life so much easier! Not to mention it would allow me to spend a lot more time with my little lady πŸ™‚ There is no laundry that can compare to new baby laundry…

  58. this would be great for all the little sleepers we are going through with baby #2 – we only have so many (cause they grow like weeds) so i feel like i'm washing them constantly. Go LG!

  59. This would be so helpful since I have limited time to do loads of laundry when there isn't a kid sleeping or napping! It would be so nice to do an extra small load or some delicates while a load is already going πŸ™‚

  60. I would love the LG Sidekick for the same reason Jessica loves it – never ending laundry! Whether I forget something small after starting a load, or my my baby girl's blanket or teddy bear needs washing and returned ASAP – this is perfect for any mother!

  61. I would love the LG Sidekick for the same reason Jessica loves it – never ending laundry! Whether I forget something small after starting a load, or my my baby girl's blanket or teddy bear needs washing and returned ASAP – this is perfect for any mother!

  62. I would love to win an LG Sidekick for the same reason Jessica loves it – never ending laundry! Forgetting something small after starting a load or my baby girl's blanket or teddy bear needing washed and returned ASAP! This would be so helpful to any mother!

  63. We are currently borrowing a friend's USED washer and dryer because our new military housing doesn't come with them. Why can't all Army posts be on the same page?! #firstworldproblems

  64. I'd love an LG sidekick because my current laundry piles (yes, there's more than one…) is embarrassing. Plus, it'll be another place to hide dirty clothes when my MIL comes over. πŸ˜‰

  65. We're about to be first time homeowners and I would absolutely LOVE this! I can't even imagine how helpful it must be to be able to toss a few items in without running a full load! I'm all about the Eco-friendliness of that.

  66. I'm so excited you decided to do a post on the LG sidekick. I just saw these in the store and thought how much I'd love to have one for the small loads of laundry that I'm now constantly doing since we are in full mode of potty training our little one. All those extra loads of laundry that just aren't big enough to fill my regular washing machine – this would be perfect!! I'd love to win one – thank you for the opportunity!

  67. I see this being especially smart for intimates or when one of the kiddo's is sick and you only need to wash a small load of sheets of clothes that maybe have been thrown up on- or during potty training and haven't had the best day of it.

  68. This is so cool! I don't have kiddos yet, but this would be awesome for when the time comes. Also, even though it's just the two of us, my husband and I produce ridiculous amounts of laundry, it would be so nice to have the sidekick to wash just a couple things if we are in a pinch!

  69. It NEVER fails in this house that as soon as I finish washing 5 million tons of laundry and everything has been folded and put away…something gets spilled. This would be an amazing solution!

  70. This would be amazing to win! We just moved to our first home with a washer/dryer that's 40 yrs old and I even found a surprise rodent guest living in the washing machine! Don't think I can stomach washing 2 little boys' clothes in there.

  71. This would be a huge help in our house hold. With 3 little girls who like to make a mess, I could easily do a quick load and clean up rather then running through the house trying to make a big enough load for our washer!

  72. This is genius. I don't know how many times something has been forgotten while soaking in shout while it waits to be added to a load of laundry. I'm sure I could use a SideKick almost daily.