Bravery & Bedtime

Everyone is in bed here, early bedtimes were in order & I am sitting back thinking about how this ones one of those days where we did not thrive, but merely survived.
This morning, I took all three girls to the doctor for their flu shots, as well as Claire’s fifteen month well visit. I promised the older girls a piece of gum when we were finished if they would cooperate and not try to crawl on the floor while I was talking to the doctor. Brandon made these appointments a few weeks ago for 8:00 am, assuming he could go with me and then head into work after, but as calendars tend to fill up, he was scheduled to be somewhere else this morning which left me solo for the dreaded task. I really don’t mind taking the kids places by myself, in fact I would rather do it than stay home, but I really dread large parks, the post office & the doctors office most. 
I really hoped they could get the flu-mist, but turns out that isn’t actually effective, so a round of shots for all the kids, and two extra for poor Claire as part of her immunizations. I made the mistake of letting Harper go first, bless her for wanting to be brave, but she might also be the most dramatic little thing on the planet. It was tears, and wailing, and every emotion of pain and sadness you could ever imagine, all while screaming “Don’t do it to Ellie!” I mean, it was heartbreaking. I was holding Claire, while also trying to help keep Harper still, and Eloise was literally trying to climb me in fear of the nurse grabbing her next. As I laid Claire down on the table, all three kids are screaming bloody murder at this point, and a nurse opens the door and asks me if I can come sign paperwork real quick before they can administer my flu shot. No, no I cannot. 
Claire got her three shots quickly, and knowing it was going to take both of my arms and at least one of my legs to help hold Eloise down, I put Claire back in the stroller so she & Harper cried in sync in the corner. Eloise screamed and screamed, until they actually pricked her with the needle & she realized it was over. The sweet nurse handed out stickers, and then tucked out the door quickly (probably to go get her hearing checked after my kids made her ears bleed). 
I walked out of the office carrying both a sobbing four year old & two year old, while pushing a screaming one year old in a stroller, and feeling like maybe I should have also gotten a sticker for bravery.
Everyone was pretty darn grumpy the rest of the day, I had a babysitter for a bit to run some errands and decided to immediately skip errands and get a coffee and a pedicure instead. I got a little ambitious during naptime & decided to start painting the nightstands in our bedroom, immediately regretted it & double regretted it when I came in tonight and saw that the kids set their empty milk cups on one that was freshly painted. Yet somehow, everyone went to bed giggling and talking about what flavors they wished their toothpaste was, pancakes won of course.
All of this to say, motherhood is quite a gig. And I am so thankful for the reset button that comes with each new day.

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  1. I didn't mean to laugh, by my goodness if I didn't giggle throughout this whole post. I feel your pain and I am dreading the flu shot appt. My 1 year old was supposed to get his first round yesterday at a follow up appt for an ear check (double ear infection 2 weeks ago)but I ran out of work, picked him up from daycare, and got to the doctors office to find that I was there a whole day early- this is after I had to request I move my lunch from 12-1 to 10-11 to get the appt done because my director called an impromptu meeting 11-1. Anyways, throughout the chaos of being there on the wrong day, in the midst of lots of other appts our pediatrician checked his ears and sent us on our way. It wasn't until I was in the parking lot I realized "flu shot!". So, Nov 10th I will tote him along with our 2 yr old (who will be 3 Nov 2nd) back in for their shots, her 3 yr and his 15 month wellness appts. I might sneak wine in my coffee mug that day (joking of course… but it sounds like a good idea). Good call swapping errands for coffee & a pedicure! And cheers to the reset button.

  2. Ugh, the doctor is hard. I told my doc that just once I wanted my husband to take all the kids to an appt and she said yup, for you it is just another thing on the calendar and for him it would be the event of the day. So true!

  3. Wow! You are a rock star! I took my 2 month in for her first round of shots and I ended up crying right along side her because of the awful cry she let out when they gave her the shots! I'm already having trouble working myself up to go back for her 4 month round of shots. I can't imagine what it was like with three of them trying to get shots! Again you are a rock star!

  4. I took Max to get his flu shot a couple weeks ago, and he cried like his leg was cut off. When I told him that Emma was going to have to get her flu shot this week, he laughed. I really think doctor offices should hand out cake pops, because stickers don't always do the trick. 🙂

  5. Oh these days sure make it tough. Bringing one kid for shots is hard and I get anxiety bringing my two, I can't even IMAGINE 3! Of course tomorrow will be better, now that you have a pedicure, it cures all : )

  6. This sounds like our recent trip to the doctors for a four/five month well check and SURPRISE flu shots! My four year old heard this and hid under the counter! After bribery and thinking I was going to have to pin her down, not one single tear! My heart swelled with pride and I was so relieved to only have two make my hears bleed – and boy did they!

  7. As I read this aloud to my husband I giggled my way through it with the gut feeling this will be me in four to five years. Thank you for your insight into the gig that motherhood is and how you keeping mostly sane with badass style and mad amounts of coffee. Love from Washington state. Stay strong momma!

  8. Oh, Mama!! I've got 3 little all about the same age as yours and I've been THAT Mom walking out of somewhere with all my children screaming wondering what the F and then 3 hours later laughing our heads off. Thank goodness for the highs because those lows can get to ya!

  9. I'm a mama of three littles about the same age as yours & life is cray!!! Just curious, would you ever do a post about how you stay so organized, have time to do so much creative baking and home stuff while still managing quality time for your hubby and babes? I know life isn't perfect but I love to try!

  10. Can I just ask, how have you become so comfortable taking all 3 kids out? I have 2 boys and holy crap is it hard. My 2 year old is constantly running from me as he feels hiding in clothing racks or running down another aisle is hysterical all while my heart has sunk to the pit of my stomach! Is it just boys or do your girls do this?? I'm thankful I can still strap my 8 month old son to me as 2 running will just kill me! Any advice would be amazing…

  11. Oh I feel you. I brought my twins to their 15 month checkup along with my 3 year old so he could get his flu shot along with them. I also let my oldest go first and had a similar experience. All 4 of us left in tears. When does this shit get easier? Sounds like you earned that pedicure. Thanks for being so honest.

  12. I loved this post. I indeed had a similar day that included kindergarten shots for my 4 year old daughter with big brother along (home from school day #2 with pneumonia no wait strep as the doctor called back again!) ugh. What a mess. My 19 month was with a friend during the dreaded appointment and sharing her germs with them since she is now is hysterics and must be getting sick. And I'm on a Zpack for my week long sore throat. Between sickness shots and my sanity we are all going under. But then you pointed out reset does start in the morning and maybe we will have a better day. How can I sneak in coffee and a pedicure tomorrow…is the question 😉

  13. I love it when you write these type of posts. You seriously have me laughing out loud and wanting to cry with you! No doubt it's a tough gig and you are so right about the restart button! Xoxo

  14. Oh man, doctor visits are the worst. My little guy runs straight towards the bio hazard box every two seconds and flips out of my arms in between. You are amazing!

  15. Oh my goodness… I took my 2.5 year old and 8 month old daughters to get their shots a few weeks ago. Let me just say I will NEVER take them for vaccines at the same time again!! You're just plain brave taking three, especially alone!

  16. You do deserve a sticker for bravery taking 3 small children for shots! I am dreading this Friday because I have to take my 4 month old for her immunizations. Her 2 month shots were enough to make me never want to go back! haha

    Renee | Life After Lux

  17. Yes!!! I was just in this same situation in August with my 4 boys. It's a legit circus act every single time we leave the house. I tend to come home and drown my sorrows in coffee since 10:00 is much too early for wine…or so they say! Damn, "they" 😉

  18. I want to thank you. I read this about 30 minutes before I headed to the doctor yesterday with my 3 yo and 11 mo old. They both needed 2 shots. The nurse looked at me like I was crazy for letting the baby go first. But thankfully she didn't cry and there was no way her brother could freak out if his little sister didn't. So they both got their little band-aids and acted fine and we left. I don't think I can ever do dual appointments again, I may have been in an alternate universe.

  19. OK. Just throwing this out and hoping you will feel inclined to post about it. How about a post about your eyebrows. I apologize if they are 100% all you, I don't mean to be rude or mean. But they look so good and so perfect!! I would love your tips on how you make yours look so amazing. Next, you drink a ton of coffee. How do you keep your teeth so white? What are your tricks, tips or technique? ** I am an OG! (what does that stand for? Old Girl or Original Gangster or Official Groupie?)

  20. I can imagine what it must felt like tagging along 3 kids and screaming at that. Good on you for keeping your eyes on the prize of that reset button you look forward to.

  21. I am really glad you wrote about your epic doctor visit. Today I had to take my 1 month old and 2 yr old sons to their appt. We had screaming and crying and papers to sign the same as you. You are def brave handling 3. We live in Florida and for the next 3 days, I will be taking care of my 2 yr old nephew as well… a 1 month old, and two 2 yr olds. Ill be running on as much caffeine as I can find for sure. Glad to have a reset button everyday too. I very much love reading your blog posts.

  22. I couldn't have read this at a better (or worse) time! I'm taking my 5 & 3.5 year old daughters & 1 month old tomorrow! Better because we just have to laugh & it's lovely to know others are running the same circus we are and worse because…..oh sh*t! Wish me luck!

  23. You are a rockstar! I have a 3 year old, a 2 year old and a 6 month old and I am scared to take more than two of them to any place outside of the park alone. Motherhood is like no other gig – hard but oh so amazing!

  24. HAHAHA!!! You're an amazing writer and story teller! I can visualize it all and can't help but LOL (at least NOW…if I were in your shoes at that point, I could imagine!). Great choice on skipping the errands, would have done the same thing!!

  25. YES! We had one of these days yesterday also! I swear, the minute I picked mine up from school the rest of the evening went completely to hell in a hand basket. It was horrible and bedtime could not come quick enough! Better days are coming, chin up!

  26. Major props for skipping errands and taking time for yourself instead (coffee and pedicure is my go-to mommy time too!) It's so important that we take time for ourselves and I know it's something I have to remind myself to do. Also, I have a feeling pancake flavored toothpaste would win in my house too, I get asked to make pancakes for breakfast lunch and dinner!

  27. Let's talk about our super fun Friday! I lost my son in Target, he is a runner and so I wasn't overly concerned (but still you think those horrible thoughts!) I asked for the assistance of one of the sales ladies and she looked down the isle, laughed and asked "It that your son?" He was hiding behind the clothes racks that were just his height and he was putting his little hands on the back of the racks and SHOVING the clothes onto the floor. By the time I reached him, he had cleared 5 racks. It was a disaster. Took forever to clean up.

  28. Oh my! I'm the nurse that has to poke them, only I poke them when they are really sick and if it makes you feel any better no good nurse judges you! Sometimes I cry on the way home, but someday they will understand that it's a gesture of love and they will never hold it against you! Also Harper yelling don't do it may be the cutest thing ever!

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