Nursery Update & Answered Questions

Happy Hump Day!
Again, thank you to everyone for all of the sweet comments.. I love all of your feedback & advice so much! I had a few comments about how crappy the dresser from Ikea was that I had my eye on (thank you for your honesty!!) so I kept searching on craigslist. So happy I did!! I found a dirt cheap armoire that we scooped up to refinish instead! 
The picture of the listing was small & blurry but I had a good feeling about it. So we drove clear out to BFE to pick it up (where it was totally dark & we couldn’t see), paid & put it in the car. Once we brought it in the house & turned the lights on…..
Buzz.. your girlfriend… WOOF!!! I was not impressed. 
It was dirty, rickety, off-balance, white-washed (not painted white) & the main door had some sort of ugly, discolored beadboard texture. After pouting about it over night & telling my husband I wanted to drive all the way back there and throw it back in their yard… we took it up into the nursery & started giving it a makeover. After lots of cleaning, sanding, painting, SAWING 1/2 INCH OFF EACH OF THE BACK TWO LEGS & some new glass hardware… I’m pretty darn happy with the finished product 🙂
 Of course, I could only find 8 of the knobs that I needed, go figure. I’m sure I’ll be hunting down that last knob until the day I’m due.
 Annnnnd moving on………. some questions answered! 🙂
In terms of exercising, pre-pregnancy, I was obsessed with Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred & Ripped Up Abs DVDs. I was doing them every other day, plus cardio. Now, I totally suck. I shoot for 30 minutes of cardio 3-4 times a week, whether it be jogging or brisk walking around the neighborhood. I also have a small circuit of lunges, squats & half-assed push ups that I do a few days a week. I literally don’t the energy to do much more.
 I also wanted to address the comments (did not publish them) insinuating that I’m irresponsible because I reference alcohol a lot. Before I was pregnant, yes, I enjoyed lots of tasty cocktails & beers on the weekends. I didn’t mean to offend, I am only being honest in my posts. Since becoming pregnant, I have cut alcohol COMPLETELY & do not plan on drinking again until after the baby is born (and breastfed). I understand it is controversial & probably goes without saying, but I am well aware the effects that alcohol can have on an unborn baby.
And for the record, I also do not plan on eating raw hot dogs, smoking cigarettes or jumping on a trampoline any time soon. No hard feelings though.. I appreciate the concern for the human inside of me  🙂
And for anyone who has asked – my maternity leggings are all from the Gap (and they are soooo comfortable & worth the money).
And last but not least – we still do not have a baby name! I’m not 100% sure that we will share it with the world once we do decide… we have thought about saving it until little G makes her appearance into the world. Unfortunately that might not work out since I want to order/make lots of personalized name decor for her room. However, we are DEFINITELY taking suggestions!

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