Weekends are for Football.

Just another win for the Hawkeyes, an ugly one, but a win! 😉 In case you’re wondering, yes, there will be festive family color-coordinated Iowa gear photos for the next two & a half months. That’s just how we roll. We had family & some friends over Saturday afternoon for the football festivities (again, probably happening every weekend for the next few months), where we cheered and boo-ed and cheered some more. We grilled burgers, got entirely too full, then let Harper splash water balloons on all of our heads. After we put the girls to bed, my parents stayed in with them while we had a little date night action with a few other couples. Live music, cocktails & queso are good for the soul. I’m sure of it.

We made our weekly Target run, which turned into a bit of a droolfest over all of the insanely gorgeous new Fall stuff. A tree stump lamp, gold + cement vases & even bronze flatware! Loving all of it!! Notice Harper in the cart wearing cart cup holders as bracelets. Whatever works. The rest of the weekend was pretty low key, I packed away the rest of Ellie’s 0-3 month stuff & pulled out some old 3-6 month clothes (and lots of Halloween stuff) from Harper’s closet for her to wear in the coming months. Can’t wait for festive matching outfits!!

And despite our trifecta of matching shirts, the Bears lost in overtime on Sunday. There was a storm rolling in though so it cooled off outside long enough to play a little football in the yard while Eloise was napping. Also, Harper is definitely wearing my old Chicago Bears silly bandz. Are those still cool?

Hope you all had a fun weekend! We have a long week ahead, and will be prepping & packing for our trip to Iowa next week. One of my best friends is getting married & we will be visiting family while we are there, looking forward to seeing everyone but dreading the plane rides. Although flying totally beats a fourteen hour roadtrip & all of it’s gas station bathroom glory. So, no complaining.

On that note, Happy Monday!! 😉

*Updated: Harper’s sippy cup is the LollaCup, they are great for older kids who know better than to dump their cup upside down but the straw is open (does not have a stopper) so if it gets tipped, it will spill. We do like them though, easy to clean & store.


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