Our Family Room

 We finally finished the rest of our family room just in time to give it a total holiday makeover after Thanksgiving this week! The first thing we picked out in this room was the charcoal sofa & chair from Jonathan Louis furniture, we really wanted to go with the dark colors but knew we would have to keep everything else light and airy to balance it out. It’s so comfy and has been so durable with the kids! We layered two rugs from RugsUSA, added in a thrifted mirror and console table, and finally settled on a coffee table to finish off the space. We gave our fireplace a little makeover by painting the brick white, I almost loved it as it was before, but the salmon tones were just too… salmon. The final piece of the puzzle was adding our gallery wall!! We worked with the amazing folks at Framebridge and I can’t wait to share more about the process & some tips/tricks for putting one together yourself! We still need to hang curtains & change out the ceiling fan, and we have some built ins in the back corner that still need refinished. But for now, all I can think about is where to put the Christmas tree!

Gallery Wall

Sources: Frames c/o Framebridge use coupon code GARVINANDCO15 to save 15% on your first Framebridge purchase!! (order by 12/4 for mail in items & 12/18 for digital prints to get by Christmas!) // Clarice Sofa & Chair in Sensu Charcoal by Jonathan Louis Furniture // Frames c/o Framebridge // Floral Print // Horse Print // Peaches Print // No Place Like Home Print // 5 Print // Jute Rug // Sheepskin Rug // Coffee Table // Wire Basket (similar here) // Mirror thrifted (similar here and here) // Grey Pom Pillow // Gold Planter





  1. Did you paint the fireplace yourself? Any tips? I’ve been debating doing it but I actually love it as is but would love it White more! I’m afraid I may regret it if I do!

    • We did! It’s such a hard call because once you do it, you can’t really un-paint it. If you love it, maybe consider if you can paint walls or the mantle? But we really do love it white, the first coat was a bear, but the rest went on really well! 🙂

    • I did! 😉 But now I am leaning more towards garlands on the stairs and the tree in the family room where we can watch our Christmas movies with the glow of the lights! It will be a toss up until we get the tree in here!

      • Would you have one in each? Maybe designating one for the girls with plush ornaments?! I’ve always wants to try that for my little one…

  2. This is all beautiful! You have such a youthful style, and especially love the Ronald Dahl quote, where might this piece be from? Lovely room!

  3. Everything turned out lovely! So exciting to have everything come together! I couldn’t help but notice the pretty glass vases on the fireplace brick and the awesome candles near the tv…how do you keep 3 littles from breaking them or from hitting their heads on the coffee table? ! (Or is it just my babes that do these things? !) 😉

    • Normally we keep a cover on our fireplace for safety, I took it off for the photos and if we have guests over after the kids are in bed we take it off and slide it under the couch 🙂 They don’t mess with the vases or candles, although Claire totally unloaded an entire package of baby wipes and dropped them one by one into the vase the other day.

      • I love your blog and have been reading forever, and I usually read the comments too. This seriously just made me laugh out loud, my 14 mo old does the same with all of our tissue boxes! ?

  4. First – your new site is gorgeous!!! Second – this room… so cozy and I can perfectly imagine a Christmas tree twinkling in the corner. Can’t wait to see more! xo

  5. This looks amazing! I am now on the hunt for that sign by Poncho and Goldstein. We just bought a house and I am re-reading a bunch of your posts for design ideas. You have an incredible eye for design! Enjoy your holiday!

  6. update: contacted Nordstrom customer service and they cannot find it anywhere. I can find similar prints on Etsy but I love the medium this is on. Hopefully it will come back!

  7. Jessica! I adore everything you do! You’re style, you’re set family, you’re blog, you’re love of all things chalkboard! I love seeing new posts! Lots of love from the Twin Cities! ? xoxo

  8. Everything looks great.!! I’m curious of your TV size? My husband wants to get a new huge TV and I’m afraid it will be all TV in the room. Yours looks good and I love the stand its on!!

  9. Jessica, I absolutely Love your blog and instagram posts. Question about your coffee table. Did you stain the top wood a different color? On West Elm’s site it looks much lighter, but I love the color of yours. Just curious if the photo on West Elms sign is misleading to the actual color 🙂 Thanks!

    • I was wondering the same thing! I have that coffee table from West Elm and the wood is much lighter on mine, but I love the dark color.

  10. Hi. I was wondering the same thing about the coffee table…would like the darker verses the light color in the link. Any information is helpful! Thanks!

  11. Hi!!! Where did you get that long pillow on the couch and the Tv dressior? Love the way it all turned out. Can’t wait to see the rest of house!!!

  12. Such a gorgeous space! I’m just realizing that your living space is almost identical to ours! I wish I had your eye for style…it looks so effortlessly put together! Happy Thanksgiving, Jessica!

  13. How the heck does your house look so amazing with three kids?! I have one toddler tornado and my house is a disaster 30 seconds after waking up!!!! Also, there is milk like, everywhere! However – I love this!! I keep showing my husband photos of your house as examples of what I want!! hehe! I especially love your family photo behind the couch!!!!

  14. Hi Jessica! I tried to look up your cinnamon butter recipe on your blog and it kept bringing me back to your latest blog. Would you mind sharing your recipe again or letting me know where I could find it? Thank you!!!!

  15. Love it!!! Random question is it weird having couch not face TV? We are putting a fireplace in and we were going to hang tv above fireplace but this seems cozier

  16. I was curious where the industrial strand of lights is from? I love them! Especially how you wrapped them around the logs in the fire place <3

  17. I love it so much! Totally reminds me of Home Alone how you can see this room from the upstairs staircase! I love the mix of older architecture in your home and the newer more modern feel of your furnishings! Perfect mix!??:)

  18. Hi!
    I have a question regarding the thrifts tv stand… do you not have a cable box/DVD player/etc? I love this look of using a thrifts dresser but I don’t know where I would put our media electronics… HELP! Xoxo

    • We do, they are all inside the door on the left. We have a power strip inside, all of the boxes are plugged into it, and then we drilled a hole out the back for the power strip (which is white) to come down and plug in. You can barely see it, but it’s there 🙂 The cable boxes all work without the door being opened, but the DVD player does not, so if we watch movies we have to leave it open for the remote to work. Hope that is helpful!!

  19. Question- what are the measurements of the pictures on your gallery wall? I am trying to do something similar but need guidance! Thanks!

  20. Hi!! What color white are your walls painted ? Just moving and it’s so hard to find a good bright white like this one – so many freaking options!

  21. Hi! Love your beautiful gallery wall! Using it as inspiration for my own… Do you mind sharing the size of your prints? Thank you!

  22. Use up leftover wall paint on the frame of an old chair or refresh curtains and pillows by sewing fancy trim along the edge. Avoid future boredom with calm colors using texture and pattern. In a dreamy beach house, muted prints in the same palette keep a neutral room from looking bland.

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