Cozy Fall Home Favorites

You guys know this is one of my faaaaaaaavorite posts of the entire year, FALL HOME FAVORITES!!!!! I get so excited when I start to see Fall things begin to sprinkle in! I love all of the dark & moody, extra cozy finds this year and I hope you love them all too!!!


My absolute FAVORITE find of the season is the cozy bedding!!!! The dots, the fringe, all of it, it is perfection!!!!! I grabbed them in all colors because I know they will be versatile pieces that we will use for seasons to come! Also completely in looooovve with the Fall dish towels, they scream “grandmas house” and I am here. for. that. I will also never get sick of those galvanized pumpkins, they are favorites that I pull out year after year! Also, grab that large size one, drill a hole in the back and stick your diffuser in it for a perfectly festive Halloween scene!!

Now just patiently waiting for temperatures to drop & pumpkins to magically appear in giant boxes outside of all our local grocery stores. Who’s with me?!



  1. Yes! Love all things cozy & fall. Now…if I put out all the mums and white pumpkins, can we all just skip to the part of the year where we can go back to school in a normal way? 🙂

  2. Yay, excited for this! I love using Garvin and Co for decor and holiday and recipe reference. The new site is beautiful, love the aesthetic 🙂

  3. I love your new website! Seems like yesterday it was “little baby garvin” 🙂
    I love those galvanized pumpkins!! I must get some!

  4. Fall is my favorite and I’m so ready to break out the pumpkins and fall decor even though we are having a brutal heatwave this weekend! We just moved into a new house that has a tree outside that is going to actually drop leaves. I can’t freakin wait!

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