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I’ve been working on our baby & toddler gift guide that I put together every year, and definitely have found that this year was the hardest. With three kids at three different ages, and lots of different interests, I struggle a little bit on what to get them, as I know they already have plenty of toys, and kids really get bored with most things pretty quickly. So I’m sharing a few ideas in different categories (wear, read, want, need), lots of what is on their Christmas lists & some things they already have & love!

The big gift we have wanted to get them is a dollhouse. I have done a ton of searching, and while I totally love the look of the wooden PBK ones, the dolls & accessories seem not as fun. My girls love the little maileg mice that they’ve collected over the years, so we decided on the Calico Critters Townhouse with a few of the little critter families to go with!! We saw it at Target a few weeks ago and both Harper & Eloise went nuts for it. I think they’ll really love it & it is so fun because there are tons of extra add ons (hot dog truck or the schoolhouse) for later on. Eventually we are going to make them a standing dollhouse, and hopefully be able to use all the critters & furniture inside of it!

WEAR Bear Sweater // Mary Janes // Heart Tights // Purple Peach Skirt // Coral Winter Night Set (in tons of colors!) // Deer Knit Hat //

READ Fluffy Little Squishy // The 50 States (Harper has a major obsession with states & maps, she is going to love this book!)// The Night Before Christmas // Midsummer Night’s Dream // Wendell the Narwhal // Home

WANT Wooden Play Food // String Along Bead Set // Mouse in a Box // Watercolor Paint Set

NEED Hunter Boots // Pajamas // Poppy Swaddle Quilt // Fleece Bathrobes (in attempt to prevent all of the running around naked that happens after bath time) // Love U Nightlight

I am really excited about the bead set for Harper, I think her age is so perfect for something like this & I know she will love playing with it for hours and hours. It’s always tricky when you have big kids and babies in the house at the same time, since those little pieces can be tricky, but I know this is something she will really enjoy! The big girls really love painting, so they will get a few art supplies & lots of paper to keep them busy. And all three of them love the play kitchen, so it’s always fun to add more play food to their collection! 🙂

Looking back, a few of the other gifts my girls have loved the most is their kid kraft play kitchen (on sale for under $100 and free shipping!), the radio flyer walker wagon (so great for new walkers or 1-2 year olds!) & their play table from Ikea.

Hope this list is helpful, would love for you to share some of your must-haves and best finds for toddler & baby gifts this year!! Thank you for reading! XO








  1. Ugh, I wish Santa was bringing a dollhouse or even a new bike, but no, Ashlynn is asking (begging) for Torch my Blazin’ Dragon. As in, an animatronic stuffed animal that will be played with twice. Thank goodness I was able to score it with sale prices, cartwheel discounts and a black friday promo price adjustment. Kenley loves the Calico Critter toys when we go to Learning Express, but I haven’t bought any for fear it’d also be ignored after it came home. Like you, our girls mainly do arts & crafts, play dress up, and barely touch any of the plastic crap they beg to have.

  2. Love the wear, read, want, NEED idea! We actually got thrones table and hairs set last year for Christmas! We painted it light grey and dipped the legs gold! We plan on getting her the ikea doll bed this year and painting it to match the table set, with doll bedding from pottery barn kids because the one from land of nod is sold out!

  3. We just bought the Land of Nod play good and it’s so stinking cute!! We are building our son a play kitchen as his “want” present this year. It’s made from an old entertainment center so hopefully it will withstand many years of playing 🙂

  4. My daughter is getting a dollhouse too this year! I ended up getting the Melissa and Doug one back in July (on Amazon Prime Day) for a good deal. I’ve been not-so-patiently waiting all these months to give it to her!

  5. Check out the Scrambled States of America book for Harper! My 5 yo has been obsessed with the states/countries for the past year,we got him that book for his birthday and likes to read it daily! The book that you have picked out is super fun too!!

    PS I’m happy to see that I’m not the only one with a preschooler obsessed with the States!

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