March Madness.

And not the basketball kind.

It was class picture day for the girls at school this morning, so the girls requested some curls, chapstick, and two very sparkly headbands. I left Claire in the kitchen for a whopping three minutes to accomplish this, and came back to find that she had soaked her waffle in her cereal milk and then launched it at the wall, leaving soggy waffle shrapnel all over the kitchen. Mopping the kitchen floor at 7:15 this morning was high on the list of things I didn’t want to be doing. Happy first day of March!

It’s getting to be about that time of year where we need fresh air and lots of it! While we have had a few pretty glimpses of Spring, we are ready for it to stick around. A few things we are looking forward to this month.

Weekend getaways! We have the Spring travel bug and have a few super fun weekend trips planned! First up is Savannah, we have never been but have heard so many amazing things about this adorable city! We are also heading to Nashville again in a few weeks & also taking the kids to Rosemary Beach for the first time! We hear it is super family friendly so we are really excited to visit!

Warmer weather & wearing dresses, because I am confident I have lived in my husbands tshirt & Christmas pajama pants for approximately 89 days too many.

Taking Harper to see Beauty & the Beast. Tell me I’m not the only one who cried watching the trailer?

Our new print shop launch! It has been forever since I’ve been able to sit down and make prints & I miss it SO much. Lettering especially has always been such a creative outlet for me and I can’t wait to put more focus on it this year! I hinted in our plans for the new year to be able to offer tangible prints (printed & shipped right to you instead of just digital!) and to explore more than just chalk, and we are doing all of those things!! I can’t wait!


It’s going to be such a fun month! What are you looking forward to this Spring?! XO




  1. I work in Rosemary…it’s a great place! You should visit all the different areas on 30a….the Hub, Seaside, and Watercolor. 30a is like a dream. It’s so beautiful and family friendly.

  2. While I am truly sorry you were forced to clean so early in the morning, the term “soggy waffle shrapnel” was, by far, the highlight of my day!
    One of those moments where you have to cling to “it can only go up from here” 🙂 haha!

  3. Sounds like a GREAT month!! I’ve also heard wonderful things about Savannah! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear your recap!

    For me, March is the first month I’m officially self-employed to work on le blog! 🙂 Woot! And, of course, I’ll be dedicating tons more time to my three little girls. So excited! We are also hoping to do a Spring Break trip in April – thinking Hilton Head Island!

    Hope you have a great day!!

    -Sarah http://www.thefrugalmillionaireblog,com

  4. Excited for all your fun this Spring!! The girls are all at such fun ages to start making some traveling memories! We seriously had the best time taking the kids to Disney and now I just want to take them everywhere :)haha. But I would wait a couple of years to tackle Disney with THREE !! hehe. Tell me when ya’ll come to Rosemary??? It’s my favorite vacay on the planet. Its so much fun with the kids. We did it last summer for a week and had the best time.

  5. Savannah is SUCH a fun town to visit! I’ve visited a few times to visit family. Check out the gardens and the fountains. There are so many different places for kids to run around. Such a cute little town.

  6. You are going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Rosemary Beach!! You’ll never go anywhere else! We stay just down the way in Seagrove but it’s so family friendly, not overcrowded and touristy like Destin and the beaches are gorgeous!! Renting bikes with the kids carts is a must, Eden Gardens Park is beautiful and you have take the girls to Pickles in Seaside…such a cute beach-side diner. Can’t wait to see your post after that trip!

  7. I love Spring! We go to Rosemary Beach every year, you will love it! I can’t wait to follow along on all of your adventures!

  8. We took our kids to Rosemary Beach (stayed in Seagrove) last May and loved it! If it weren’t for our new baby due in early April we would be going again. We’ve even considered it. We drove from Ohio and thought the drive was worth it for the beautiful beaches 🙂

  9. We LOVE 30a and especially Rosemary Beach! We drive from Iowa every year with our kids and it is hands down our favorite place to vacation! Every beach village is so unique and beautiful! Make sure you get some donuts from the Donut Hole and check out a kid friendly play at the shell theater in Seaside. Just thinking about it makes me smile and long to be back! Enjoy!

  10. Make sure you go to The Pirates House in Savannah for chicken & waffles and have a Goo Goo Cluster (or 7) for me when you head to Nashville!

  11. I live in Rosemary Beach area. If you haven’t already booked somewhere – look into The Pearl restaurant. Anything along 30A is amazing but seaside is a definite must hit up spot. You’ll love the kids store, Duckies. It’s right up your alley. They have live music, the food trucks are so fun. The grilled cheese food truck will blow your mind. Frost bites food truck is fun shaved ice place for the kids. Alys Beach is near by and super beautiful – a must see. All white everything. Out of a magazine beautiful. Bud & Alleys is the BEST brunch spot. Roof top ocean view. The Hub is AWESOME – outdoor dining, giant screen tvs, big bean bags and fun seating like that – all outside! Live music, all kinds of different food to choose from. Kids go nuts for that place. It’s a teensy bit of a drive but The Donut Hole is a must eat at place for breakfast. We eat there more times a week than I care to admit. There will be two close to you (Inlet Beach and Santa Rosa Beach) best breakfast food EVER, and dirt cheap. We moved here from Missouri 3 years ago. I have 3 girls ages 2,4 and 6. So I’ll keep trying to think of other place so yiu need to hit up while you’re here.

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