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We are excited to start planning some of our Easter festivities this year, I have been slowly working on Easter baskets & the girls are super excited. I wanted to share a few fun Easter activities to do with kids, if you’re avoiding the mess that comes along with dyeing eggs, this is for you!

1. Bunny toast! My girls loved this last year, toast your bread lightly, add jelly cheeks, and some banana ears. Give your kids some fruit or chocolate chips to add on the rest. Such a simple breakfast or treat, no baking, mixing or flipping required!

2. Make PEEPS play doh, it’s edible even, so totally safe if your kids like to chew on it more than play with it!

3. Indoor egg hunts! The Easter bunny isn’t the only one who can hide eggs & I am certain that kids never get sick of playing with them! Hide puzzle pieces, stickers or even snacks in them and send your kids on a hunt while you enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet.

4. Make Easter goodies & deliver them to friends. We have lots of new neighbors that we can’t wait to bring treats to, we grabbed these cookie cutters from Amazon and plan to bake & decorate them next week. It’s my girls favorite thing to do & it always puts a smile on their face when they get to knock on someones door with a basket of baked goods!

5. Find local events or activities at your church to participate in. There are so many fun things happening in our community, the girls have tons of stuff going on at school & church next week, along with a neighborhood egg hunt & egg decorating at a local art shop.

What are your Easter plans?! Would love to hear any of your fun ideas & suggestions as well. XO



  1. Love the toast, haha!! My girls would definitely enjoy that. We have a neighborhood Easter party this Saturday (complete with an egg hunt and petting zoo) and a cul de sac Easter party next Saturday! So, we’ll probably keep it super simple here at home and do a hunt on Easter morning and make cookies one day next week because, why not?! Haha!

    Hope you enjoy your week!!

    -Sarah http://www.thefrugalmillionaireblog.com

  2. We have a pre-easter (saturday) girls brunch with my daughter (2.5), mom, grandma, and I. Its an excuse to do something girly and extra one on one time with my oldest, which is hard to come by these days. I love the toast idea so cute. Happy Easter!

  3. Love the toast idea, i may try to remember to do that! ha ha.
    We are in Nova Scotia, where we are FINALLY getting rid of some snow thanks to LOTS of rain and high winds.(and fog). living on the coast will do that!
    For Easter, we have 2 Family Easter Dinners to go to, we have to visit my Nann at the Nursing Home!! Our daughter is 4 and will be helping the old folks(lol) bake on Friday morning at the Nursing Home! Then we are going to a large park and found eggs and then we are going to go to the local museum and do egg dyeing, face painting, spoon races, etc. BUSY BUSY!! Oh- and then egg hunt at my parents house and lots of family time xox

  4. We make the bunny pancakes every year where the coconut flakes are the bunny tail.
    Super cute & easy to make. Very similar to your toast, you’ve probably made them before!

    I also love Berenstain Bears & the Easter Story (comes with stickers too!), I mentioned them on my Friday Favorites post (you are my main inspiration for the simple & clean style of my blog). Would love to link to your content someday when mine gets a little bigger! The name of my blog is MamaSaulness- thanks for all the inspiration Jessica!

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