Favorite Fall & Halloween Books

Tis the season!!!!! It’s Fall at the Garvin house which means all the girls Halloween books are back on the shelves! Festive books are one of our favorite ways to celebrate every season. The girls are always so giddy to put new books on their bookshelves & decorate their rooms, they get it from their mama!! Technically we have been reading the Grinch since Valentine’s day but we are putting it aside for our favorite ghosts & goblins and I wanted to share a few of our current favorites with you.

Gilbert the Ghost // No Such Thing // Ghosts in the House // Vampirina Ballerina // Ghosts // Little Owl Lost

Harper picked out Vampirina Ballerina & No Such Thing just before Halloween last year, such fun stories with beautiful illustrations! We have already been watching Hocus Pocus & Room on the Broom, forever our favorites, and hope to introduce the girls to It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown this year!!

What are you guys reading & watching right now?! And who’s excited for Stranger Things return next month!? XO



  1. Yayyy I am so glad you posted this. I have been a follower of yours for the last 4-5 years and am now having one of my own so I have been trying to gather a list of books for my registry to start a library! You always have the cutest books with the best illustrations!

  2. Totally excited for Stranger Things! I saw on IG that you are watching Ozark. We finally just finished Orange, and plan to watch that next.

    Do you store all your festive books with your halloween decorations and only bring them out during the holidays, or keep them on a bookshelf year round? So excited for FALLLLLLL!

  3. Hi sweet friend!!! We just ordered…..

    Zip! Zoom! On a Broom by Teri Sloat – Your girls will love all the little witches!!

    The Pumpkin Smasher by Anita Benarde – title doesn’t sound very cute but it’s an old classic that has been reissued + the reviews said it is darling! Had to give it a try!

    Winnie the Witch & Winnie’s Midnight Dragon by Valerie Thomas – ADORABLE!!

    Happy Fall, mama!!!
    XO Lara

  4. Your book picks are always fun to read; we love to decorate with books too 🙂 I wanted to recommend “How to Make Friends With a Ghost” by Rebecca Green, it has beautiful illustrations and a really clever story!

  5. I just started watching a new Netflix original series for kids called “The Worst Witch” one episode in with my daughter Ella (5) and it’s really cute!

  6. How fun! Juliet just picked out the Vampirina book last week and Little Owl Lost is one we read all year! 🙂 Another book that Harper might like is, I Need My Monster. It’s by Amanda Noll and I read it to my Kindergarteners around this time every year. They love it!

  7. Ghosts in the House & Vampirina Ballerina are two of our faves! We recently revived Double Double Toil in Trouble an its been such a fun blast from the past.

  8. My daughter really likes the Pug meets Pig and there is a Halloween edition!! We will be checking that out along with your suggestions!!

  9. We watch the Squigley the Square Pumpkin (I think that’s the title) the girls love it. We also love Hocus Pocus and the Mickey Mouse Halloween special (have to look up the title for that one too). How do you store your holiday books. we have all of our books out on our shelves always but think it would be more exciting if we brought them at the holiday. We have Where’s Babys Pumpkin, Llama Llama Halloween and now that my kindergarten girl is a reading whiz we are going to pick up a few more books at her level.

  10. I love all of these book ideas! Your pictures are always so beautiful! My daughter just turned one and we got her some babylit halloween books and the little blue truck halloween themed book. She really loves the little blue truck one because she can lift the flaps to see what is underneath!
    We can’t wait for Stranger Things!

  11. Tooootally excited for Stranger Things to come back.

    My nephew just turned one on Friday and we bought him a couple books that are Halloween themed – they’re SO cute. Maybe you’d like to add them to your collection too?

    Bonapart Falls Apart by Margery Cuyler (I love this one so much I just die thinking about reading it every day to him)
    Creepy Pair of Underwear by Aaron Reynolds
    There’s Monster in Your Book by Tom Fletcher

  12. Those look like some awesome Halloween books! Halloween is my favorite holiday/season, always has been, probably because my birthday is the week after. I definitely own more Halloween decorations than I do Christmas. Our favorite Halloween book is Bone Soup, it’s the Halloween version of Stone Soup if you remember that little fable story. My son Liam has loved it since he was 2 (he’s 6 now) and we often end up reading it all year long. Long time follower. Love your posts 🙂

  13. I, too, am a lover of seasonal children’s books. Thanks for sharing your favs — I’m excited to check out a few that are new to me! I’ll also be checking out some of the rec’s from other reader comments. Here are a few more that check the beautiful + fun boxes. 🙂
    Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn by Kenard Pak
    The Monster’s Monster by Patrick McDonnell
    Over in the Hollow by Rebecca Dickinson
    Happy reading!

  14. My daughter loves your girls! She always is peering over my shoulder to see them on intsagram or your blog! She asked to check those books out of the library because they are big girl Halloween books and not for babies! Thanks so much for posting!

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