Sister Snapshot

It has been a while since we have done a sister snapshot, time is flying by so fast & I never want to miss a single thing. This season has been the busiest by far, three kids in school can feel even crazier than having three kids at home. As one of my sweet friends put it, kindergarten is like boot camp for moms. It’s been a long time since I have had to keep up with so much scheduling and remembering and going places! One of these days I will get organized. And show up to their school wearing something other than what I slept in. The girls love every second of it though & I feel so thankful that I get to be their mom.

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Harper 5 (and a half!) years // Looooving kindergarten, making tons of sweet new friends & growing up way too fast. Brave is her middle name. Loves art more than ever & gets to participate in jewelry making on Fridays at school, which is her favorite day of the week. Loves to learn about the weather & geography (she does not get that from me) and is spelling things by sounding them out, which is one of the most fun and hilarious things about having a kindergartner. Harper loves to pick out her own clothes, accessories and hairstyle, and almost always, it is something I would totally wear! 😉 She is always excited for whatever we are going to do next and is constantly counting down to the next holiday or vacation (my child!). She feels everyones feelings, never lets anyone feel left out and makes the best peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. She is my sweetest little sidekick.

Eloise 3 (and almost a half!) years // Three and a half has been SO much fun. Ells is the sweetest big sister to Claire & still trying to keep up with all the big kid things that Harper is doing. She is baby obsessed & a little bit boy crazy (help us!) and loves going to school. She loves to draw, cut & glue, we got her some glitter gel pens last week and she was the happiest kid on the planet. She is so athletic, she blows our mind at all of the things she can do (literally planking while watching a movie) and she loves gymnastics class. She refuses to wear anything other than pajamas or a leotard with a tutu. She loves Daniel Tiger and Little Rascals, but other than that doesn’t sit still to watch anything. The minute I wake her up in the morning, she sits straight up in bed with a huge smile on her face (opposite of her two sisters. and me.) and is always happiest with a snack in her hands. No matter how old she gets, every time I look at her face, I still see the same newborn baby girl that she once was.

Claire 2 // Her little gap tooth grin gets her out of all the trouble. She loves to snuggle and be held and could pretty much sit on my lap all day if I would let her. She finally goes to school with no tears (praise!) and always runs to me when I come to her class saying “I didn’t cry all day!” She likes to eat at least two rounds of breakfast and is still obsessed with gum. Calls meatloaf “eat-moaf” and ponytails “toe nails”. She loves to make us all laugh and will do just about anything to entertain her sisters. Their favorite game is “magic carpet” where Claire lays on a blanket and the girls pull her around the house. We are about to start potty training in the next few weeks but until then, she will continue to wear a pair underwear over her diaper because she wants to be like her sissies. She loves coffee, and I love her even more.



  1. Hahaha awwww this is the sweetest post ever!!! Your girls are so precious; what a gift and a joy to be their mom!!!

    My three girls are about the same ages! My oldest just started kindergarten and is also LOVING it! She seems like a grown-up to me now haha, it’s crazy! My middle one just turned four and she is also obsessed with baby dolls and has the biggest heart. And my “baby” will be one next month. Seriously where does the time go?!?! We’re 99% certain our family is complete, but part of me cannot believe in one month I will no longer have a baby!!!

    Thanks for sharing this sweet post!! Makes me want to go wake up my girls and snuggle them (well, not really, LOL!)


  2. It could just be the pregnancy hormones, but this post totally made me tear up! I’ve been reading since you were pregnant with Harper, and I can’t believe how big your girls are now! You’re doing great, Mama, you’re an inspiration to so many of us!

  3. Ive been following your blog since the beginning!! I love your updates!! Can’t wait for all of your seasonal/holiday posts and would really love more posts about you and Hubs…like how you manage date nights, time for each other, etc! We have a full house too so it’s hard sometimes!

  4. My baby girl is now 1.5, she is learning new words every day, gets very riled up (so fun!), and says hi to anyone and everyone (very social). I love hearing her say “mommy” because she wants to show me something. She is busy and happy and brilliant, I am in awe she’s mine

  5. I love these updates as well as everyone else. Been reading for a long time and I’m sorry to pick a favorite but man, that Eloise just gets to me. She’s so adorable and the perfect middle child. They are all so different looking and sounds like each bring something new and fun to your family. Thank you for sharing.
    School is no joke. I live for the mornings I have no lunches to make, humans to get ready (self included), homework to check, water bottle to pack, etc. That’s all before I leave the house…

  6. Oh I love this, your two older girls remind me of my two oldest, perhaps its the order or the age gap. Though for sure my middle is by far my most spirited of my three and my third (a boy) is SO different from my girls. Could care less what he wears if anything at all and is on the move constantly however he also LOVES to be held. I love these updates how fun to have to look back on. Wish we lived closer so our kids could play they are all about the same ages!

  7. Beautiful! Reminds me of me and my two little sisters. I definitely have to remember to start printing pictures of our own little ones. I have a zillion on the ipad/computer etc. but not enough printed out!

  8. This might have been my most favorite post in awhile! I smiled ear to ear. I love seeing and getting their updates. Thank you for sharing them with us! Now Im off to go smooch on my littles.

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