Making the Most of Fall

October seems to be the month that is always gone in the blink of an eye. Between running our businesses & running the kids all over, while also trying to keep up with life, it’s a whirlwind! And truth be told, I want this month to last forever!!

So pull out your cozy blankets & make yourself a maple iced coffee, we are sharing all the ways we make the very most of our favorite season.

Walk everywhere we can. Crunchy leaves on the ground? Yes, please!! We love to walk to the coffee shop or farmer’s market on the weekends (pulling three kids in the wagon is no joke) and everyone looks forward to it so much on Saturday mornings! I love to take the little two on walks in the stroller while Harper is in school, the girls love to collect leaves to bring home & it makes every walk more fun. This weather will not last long so we are soaking in every second of it!!

Open the windows. Breathe in the crisp air & listen to the leaves blowing around. It is a recipe for an instant good mood!

Pumpkins in every room. I like to make every room in the house festive, even if it is just one pumpkin here or there. Even our laundry room has pumpkins right now & it makes me so happy!! The girls have Halloween pillows & there are flying bats all over the house. Check your local grocery stores for the most affordable pumpkins so you have lots to go around!

Friday movie nights. We stopped doing movies at night to wind down since have to keep up with the girls reading for school, so Friday nights have become our movie nights! We plan to make festive treats like popcorn bark or pumpkin cookies, and watch favorites like Hocus Pocus or It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Make all the comfort food. Pull out all the recipe books or dig deep into your pinterest boards for the recipes you swore you would make one day. Think soups, homemade mac n cheese or something that reminds you of your childhood. Bonus points for eating dinner on the patio!

Make time for the good stuff first. It always seems like there is a ton going on in the Fall, and it’s tempting to say yes to every obligation and invitation. But it can be overwhelming to be pulled in a million different directions for school functions or birthday parties & takes away from the time we get to have as a family. We try to plan our family things first, put them all on the calendar & make them a priority over all the small things that will fill up our schedules otherwise.

Hope you all have been enjoying the first week of October so far & this has given you a few ideas for ways to slow down and enjoy every minute! XO



  1. Great ideas- I wish we had a local coffee shop or farmers market in walking distance- that sounds so fun! I have to try that maple iced coffee- it’s right up my alley!

  2. Your fave cold brew coffee maker no longer comes up in your maple iced coffee recipe. It just goes to the C&an homepage. Can you share which is your favorite? Thanks!

  3. Ooooo so jealous you can walk to a coffee shop!!! I LOVE fall, and totally agree that it goes by way too fast!! We do movie nights on Saturday and have been enjoying them. Our kids go to bed so early now because of school. My oldest is in kindergarten and has to be at the bus stop by 6:30 am!! Yikes!!

    We also love to find fun pumpkin patches in addition to the actual pumpkin patch. Example: Our Walmart actually has a huge outdoor area full of pumpkins and mums and all things fall! We love walking around Home Depot and looking at the Halloween decor, and same with Pier 1 and Kirklands!!

    Hope you have a great day!! Does your husband also have his own business?!?! Or does he help out with yours?! So fun!!


  4. Oh quanto adoro l’autunno!
    Adoro anche io ogni colore, profumo e rumore che questa meravigliosa stagione regala!! Finalmente anche qui in Italia da un paio di anni si festeggia halloween! Così stiamo già pensando a confezionare i costumi!
    In casa nostra è tutto addobbato con lanterne di zucche! E la zucca è diventata l’ingrediente principale dei nostri piatti…. come una deliziosa crema di zucca e porri con semi di zucca tostati e yogurt greco! ?

  5. Grocery stores have the most affordable pumpkins, don’t they?! Although I swear, their mums die faster. Haha. We like to create a bucket list for each season and I get so happy seeing all of the things crossed off (and all of the things we still have to look forward to). 🙂 Happy Weekend!

  6. October is like the Friday of months! I just love it. October – January are my favorite months on your blog because you bring out the festiveness in me!

    I would love if you added an archive section of the website where I could easily go back to your seasonal posts from past years. I know you have your categories and search option, but I used to peruse LBG by month and that worked beautifully for me! 🙂

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