Hello, November.

Happy November! It’s the most WONDERFUL time of the year!! Ok, well almost. We are soaking up all the yellow leaves + comfort food for the next few weeks and I am looking forward to every bit of it.

I am craving a slow November. Ever since school started, I feel like it has just been a whirlwind. I guess that’s what kindergarten does to you. School drop off and pick up, and dance and gymnastics, and “don’t forget it’s pajama day on Wednesday!” and field trips and doctors visits and work and what in the world is even happening?!

I have gotten a few emails and messages lately about where we have been and why I haven’t been blogging as much lately. And the truth is, as much as I love this community and this space, my family needs my full attention and I cannot drop the ball. I’m not the most organized person so without my alarm going off on my phone forty times a day to remind me what exactly I need to be doing, I am a lost cause. I have had this conversation with so many of my mom friends lately, about keeping up with reading logs and class parties, how we are all hot messes ninety percent of the time and just trying not to forget what day we are supposed to be mystery reader. And for those of you mamas feeling the same way, you are not alone, I am cheering you all on as we try to juggle and do our best and navigate constantly uncharted waters as our kids grow up way too fast.

I’m not sure when the timing will be right for me to be posting consistently, and as the blogging & social media platforms change (with expectations & demands that I’m not sure I can ever meet) I am constantly evaluating what exactly I have the energy for. And currently every last ounce of mine goes to keeping three kids dressed, fed & happy every day. And squeezing in as much fun as humanly possible.

That was an unexpected ramble.

But it feels like the right time. Now for some Friendsgiving menu planning. What are you guys making this year?! Tell me all the pie & casserole recipes.

PS. Thank you guys, as always, for your readership & support. You’re the all time best. xo



  1. I just love you and your family. You have shown such realness and grace over the many years you have been blogging, and unlike so many I follow, you haven’t turned your blog into a giant ad or just given up all together. My daughter was born the same week as Harper and I am so grateful to get to follow along. I always leave smiling and that is a lot to be said about anywhere on the internet these days.

  2. You take breaks whenever you need Jessica, we understand and appreciate you. (Just don’t ever flat out leave us) we love you and that little crew of yours too much. Xo

  3. Yes, yes, yes to all you wrote in this post. These times are crazy, insane, and precious all in the same breath. I don’t know how you mommy bloggers do it all. Never apologize for prioritizing your family first. These years are just too fleeting not to.
    Do you get the Magnolia magazine? I love the recipes in the first edition from last fall. The sweet potato casserole and green bean casserole are soooo yummy!

  4. Enjoy the fall with your family! I’m a longtime follower and it’s honestly nice to hear you say you feel it’s hard to post so often! Don’t feel it’s “MIA” you should put real life before instalife! Sometimes I wonder when these moms post like seven times a day, how are you getting anything done?! ?

  5. You go Mama – making your family your priority is always number one and your social media fam will always be here cheering you on! Xoxo

  6. How beautiful that you unabashedly have your priorities straight. You’re an inspiration once again! And this online world is not the real world, as consuming as it may be sometimes. Those little children, those memories you’re making in all that fun and busyness together: that’s the real beautiful wild loving world and I applaud you for your approach to it.

  7. Hi Jessica – I have NEVER commented on your blog (just my own nervousness is all!) but have followed since you were pregnant with Harper. I just wanted to express that of all the blogs and Instagram feeds and Youtube “celebrities” and “influencers” and “social media stars” etc etc you are by far my favourite because you are real. I understand you feeling pressure due to social media and that no matter what we do, we just can’t keep up. As a mum of three I as well, I often feel like I’m furiously paddling just to keep my head above the water. Most of the time I feel as though I’m failing to be honest…I always feel as though I could do more. I so appreciate you being honest because I sometimes feel so alone in my feelings of inadequacy and fear of failure. My youngest boy was diagnosed with autism a few months ago and since then our whole world has changed. Then my husband lost his job. I was always able to “keep up” but this year it has been a matter of survival and we are proud of even just getting through one day. Anyway, just want you to know that your candor and honesty helps a lot. And please remember you are unique and I will follow along on your journey even if you update every now and then or every day. Also, I hope you don’t feel lie you have to be perfect or do the whole “social media thing” perfectly like some people portray. I like that you are relatable so feel free to post even if it’s not “perfect”. Anyway thanks for sharing your journey with us. I have loved it and hope to enjoy it for years to come! Bianca xx

  8. You have no idea how refreshing it is to hear how even some of my most favorite mommy bloggers, you bring at the top, are just like me trying to keep it all together. I often wonder how come I can’t meet my daily tasks some days and then there are bloggers posting every day, social media up the wall, and doing podcasts and looking beautiful. Thanks for being real and thanks for showing us that it’s okay to just be mom sometimes.

  9. I see you J Garv! I’m in the exact same season of life. Last night at 2am my husband found me on the couch, eating our kids Halloween candy, laughing uncontrollably as I watched the movie bad moms. Super cheesy movie but it was hitting home for me. Soak in those little girls, and know that I’ll always be a reader, whether it’s every week or a couple times a year.

  10. Awww thank you for your transparency. I am struggling with keeping up with all of the craziness and making sure that I don’t cherish each moment along the way. I have been following your blog since the beginning and I look forward to your posts but totally understand where you are coming from! Keep up the good work mama and we will be right here with you, cheering you along the way.

  11. Oh Hun, I feel you, you have to do what is right for you and those beautiful girls, I’m always happy to see your Holiday blogs and the excitement you all have for Holiday Eve’s !!

    Hang in there, you’re doing a great job on all fronts x

  12. I’m in the exact stage as you (three girls; oldest in kindergarten, middle is 4, youngest is 1) and couldn’t agree more!!!! At this stage of life, something has to take a back seat!!! I’ve been able to blog for about two hours a day max, and I’m happy with that. I don’t post much, but focus on my email list and products and all that fun stuff 🙂 And I know you have your oil business too which seems to be doing really well!! That’s so fun!!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂
    -Sarah http://www.thefrugalmillionaireblog.com

  13. Hey! I just wanted to encourage you today. I think you are doing an amazing job in all of your adventures. I have been following along with you before little miss Harper was born and always enjoy you! Thanks for being a breath of fresh air and being honest!

  14. Don’t stop! But I feel ya and I only have pre-k ers. It’s never ending and so much to keep up with. ??‍♀️ did you take these photos and remind me what camera you use! You’re doing great! ? xoxoxoxoxo

  15. You’re even more of an inspiration because you DONT give in to the demands of the social media/blogging world. As much as I’d love to read a post from you every day, I totally admire that your family is truly first! Thanks for always giving us a glimpse of your creativity!

  16. I think you’re doing a great job, both as a mama and a blogger! The fact that your blog posts aren’t on a consistent schedule gets me excited to read when it is posted. I also look forward to seeing your beautiful pictures on IG daily!

  17. My oldest also just started kindergarten (been with you since we were both expecting!) And I feel like I’m drowning 90 percent of the time! Thank you for saying that because I truly felt like I’m the only one so overwhelmed. And I appreciate sporadic genuine posts versus all the other sponsored filtered crap that some blogs are becoming, so keep it up (when you can!). Happy November!

  18. Hey Jessica!
    I have been following you since you were pregnant with Claire and I just have always been amazed at how you make time to manage this blog, keep up on social media, and raise those three beautiful girls. You have inspired me to start thinking about writing my own blog (especially after your recent ‘how to blog’ post) as I am humbled by many mamas that ask me for mama advice. But…I have not started for the sole purpose of time! I want all the time I can get with my littles when they are actually little! This really put extra perspective on creating a blog. I love that you are so authentic and put your family first. The quality and content of your posts is what keeps your readers following, not necessarily the quantity. And these photos are everything! Xoxo from another hot mess, rambler of a mama

  19. I hear you.
    When my oldest went into kindergarten, I started running a home daycare while having my youngest still at home. I did it for two years and finally closed up shop because I felt like I wasn’t giving my family enough attention, even though I was at home all the time! Now I’m just home with my youngest (3 and a half) while my oldest is in 1st grade and I feel like I’m busier than ever.
    Being the “family manager” is a big job, but so important and so worth it! You’re doing a great job.

  20. Hey, you can’t blog if you don’t have your family as a priority because it’s about your life. You’re busy living it and that’s great! Keep doing you and keep popping in when you can! We’ll be here! Also, gosh, i can’t handle how Harper has grown! That picture of just her!!!- you can really see it in her face!!! AND I love how crisp and beautiful your photos are, it’s like you have a professional photographer following you around! Teach us your ways.

  21. I just recently discovered your blog so I have no idea how often you used to post but I love your blog. I love that it’s real and it’s relevant. You do you. Don’t post if it’s going to take away from your family. We will still be here when your season is less stressful!

  22. with three young girls, the oldest of which just started kinder this year, i was so grateful to wake up and read this post this morning because: SAME. i have felt generally under water these past couple of months, and it’s nice to know i am not alone in this season of motherhood! 😉

  23. Girl, I’m over here thinking you still post a lot and keep up with social media/blogging and wonder how you do it! You are so right though, sometimes you gotta take a step back and worry about what is really important, our precious babies. This chapter of life is so exhausting but all of us mamas are so lucky to all have each other to remind one another that we are not alone, even though it may feel like it most days! Thanks for sharing and making me feel totally normal again ?

  24. I️ totally get it! Our kiddos and families come first. I️ have recently decided to close up my business so I️ can spend more time with my kids and new baby due in February. I️ knew I️ wouldn’t be able to keep my business going successfully and be able to give my kids all the attention they need. Something had to give, and it won’t ever be family. You do what’s best for you and your family. We get it and much support!

  25. Bless your heart! Been reading since the chalkboard days when you were pregnant with Harper. My oldest will start kindergarten next year, and I hear it’s a totally different ballgame. I don’t remember having homework back when we were that young! I completely understand if you don’t post a lot, and that’s okay! Family first always. 🙂

  26. Girl, you do you! We’ll be here.

    Ive got 2, one in kinder and a 2 year old. They go to 3 different schools… i know the math is off on that and most days im lucky to get them to the right one on time.

    Next week they both have thanksgiving parties at the same time, in different schools, and ofcourse i have a dr apt at the exact same time. Currently trying to figure out how to get hot food to both places while being in a third….

  27. You take your sweet time — we’ll all still be here when you get the chance to check in on occasion (and always appreciate when you do!)! Love these pictures!!

  28. Your blog is one of my all-time favorites. I look forward to every post. Your blog inspires me to keep pressing forward with mine. Sometimes we all have to take a step back and make sure our focus is on our families first and foremost. You got this!

  29. I feel you! i had post it notes, a planner, reminders, and i still seem to forget x,y, or z. yours is my favorite of all blogs!!!! i appreciate your hard work and all the pretty pictures. so just know, i’m cheering you on from NC!

  30. As much as I miss your more frequently blog posts you’re doing the right thing! Babies don’t keep that is for sure! Family is most important 🙂 Also, you’re right, what is up with all the social media demands? I’m glad you’ve always stayed true to you and I cannot wait for the little snippets of holiday cheer to show up on instagram!

  31. Harper is that topknot looks soooo grown up! Keep doing what you’re doing! We’ll always be here to catch up and just take us along for the ride that you can handle. Still love you, your girls and your pages!

  32. *Slam dunks my reheated coffee* YAS to all of this! Girl, I get you and all of the one Mom, multiple kids deal. This year, Kindergarten feels like one big class trip, pizza day, and dress day all mixed up into one. Between half brushed hair, mismatched socks, and Carpool karaoke a la Moana, I decided to cash in my, got my sh*t together chips, and just do my best. Trading weekly posts for my beloved Mom bun and sweats has been life changing. Gone are the days of stressing over coordinating three hour naps in-between after school pickup and a Favourite Fall Fashion shoot for the blog. It is seriously, bra burning, liberating. So I raise my cake batter donut to you my sweet friend, ya we now have time to do things like bake now!

  33. I have 4 baby girls – a 3rd grader, twins in pre-k and a 4 month old…kindergarten with the oldest was the hardest for me bc I was thrown into the school thing with no past experience but I will say it does get easier! You will figure out your footing! Hang in there mama!

  34. Keep those priorities straight mama! You are doing awesome. I remember feeling the same way with my oldest in kindergarten. You have entered a new world. Remember how crazy you felt with a brand new baby…but then you mastered it and you are rocking motherhood. Just give this new schedule time and you will be rocking it too.

  35. Amen!! And I just can’t believe what a little lady Harper is. Wasn’t she just born yesterday? It feels like it!! I’m totally with you on the kindergarten thing…ahhh!!!

  36. You’re the best. Thanks for saying exactly what I needed to hear exactly when I needed to hear it! You do you mama-we’re all behind you!

  37. I couldn’t even imagine how busy you are with all three! I struggle with ONE in one sport these days, I’m in so much trouble when two get there! I love your blog and would way rather you post when YOU are ready to not just because you’re trying to throw something together! Enjoy the time with the kiddos!

  38. Thank you for sharing this! I’ve been following you since the beginning and I love reading about your family. It is so refreshing to hear that honest perspective and reminder of what’s really important in this parenthood gig: happy, healthy families. Happy November!

  39. Honestly, your blog is the only one I read anymore. My 3 kids have been growing right along with your girls and life is crazy and fun and busy and amazing! I love reading your blog and following you, because you are so real and honest. Your family is beautiful and deserves your attention! We’ll all still be here checking for updates whether you post once a week or once a month. 🙂

  40. You are the ONLY blog I follow and I have been following you since you were pregnant with Harper. I love you as a REAL mom and a REAL blogger and I love that you are always wanting to have fun with your kids! That is something I have taken away from your blog…finding fun in everything! Your girls are GORGEOUS and I can’t believe how big they are getting. Keep blogging / instagram when you can and please don’t change.

    • PS Thanksgiving is being hosted at my house and I have no idea what we’re doing. Wish I could send some pie & casserole dishes. I know FOR SURE my SIL is making her AMAZING sweet potatoes.

  41. Your blog is my favorite, no matter how often or how little you post. A little bit of something sometimes, is always better than nothing ever!!! 🙂 You are doing TERRIFIC!! xoxo

  42. I have so enjoyed reading your blog for the last five years! I also have three kiddos four and under and my oldest started Pre-K this year and I have said the same thing so many times, that I’m just constantly juggling a million things. I feel busy all day and at the end of the day, I’m trying to figure out what I even did all day! You are doing great, and you definitely have the most important things as priority! Enjoy this time with those sweet girls! We all know how quickly the time passes with little ones! ?

  43. OMG! Harper looks like such the big girl in that picture!

    Your blog is awesome. Your posts are a treat and regular posts are overrated. Quality over quantity always.

    As for Friendsgiving we change up the menu every year and this time it’s Asian themed. My husband found an incredible Chop Suey recipe he tested last week. Some Mongolian Beef and Sweet/Sour chicken with all the expected extras. Dessert is a total mystery.

  44. In case you have not been adequately informed, please consider this official notification that you are awesome. We all enjoy reading your blog and seeing your pictures–but you have to be mama first! You’re doing great! 🙂

  45. LOVE YOU and I will take any amount of you that you’re able to give. ❤️ Thank you for always being real and admitting that WE CAN’T ALWAYS DO ALL THE THINGS. Your priorities are right where they should be. Keep loving those sweet girls, because we all know that babies don’t keep. XOXO

  46. Tell me about it. My oldest daughter is only in preschool and I feel like I need a personal assistant just to manage her school activities as well as dance and any other thing she chooses to be involved in.

  47. WOW! This post was SO refreshing! Appreciate your honesty! Love your blog… keep up the great work (when time and energy levels permit, of course!!!!) ! Happy Fall! 🙂

  48. You are definetly not alone. I woke up 1hr and 15 min late this morning, was 15 min late to volunteer at my daughters school, barely made it to my gym class. I’m basically a hot mess 99% of the time. I’m lucky if I get to take a shower most days BUT it doesn’t matter because my kids don’t care and they are happy, fed, and just happy we are together! Stay strong momma..you got this!

  49. I’ve loved your blog since before Harper was born…. whether you post once a day or once a year I’ll continue to follow and enjoy anything you share! You need to do you and your family! You are so real and that’s what make you and your blog so bad a** 🙂

  50. I hear ya sister!!! Your family is #1 and I think all of us moms get it. As much as I would like to see posts on the daily I am a realist lol And kindergarten is no joke!! After running a household, working full time, kids, pets and everything that goes with that – I wonder how I get half the stuff done that I do. Not to mention keeping other relations ships afloat – extended family, friends and on and on! Saying a little extra prayer tonight for all us mommas!!

  51. I have been following you for YEARS but have never commented. This post. This is the one that I could be written, word for word. Kindergarten has been so much more overwhelming than I had ever expected! I’ve tried at least 3 different “systems” to get us organized… yet nothing has clicked. I even forgot picture day! I’m just trying to give myself some grace and remind myself that my kids know they are loved, even if we wore purple on “orange day.” Hang in there mama! #justkeepswimming #yourenotalone

  52. This post is so needed. Ive stepped away from most social media because it all seems so overwhelming. Anyways those last two pictures of the leaves and claire watching and then throwing hers are just *all the feels* so perfect!

  53. Can we just talk about what a beautiful little lady Harper is turning into?! All of your girls are stunningly gorgeous.

    I’m definitely feeling like the Hot Mess Express now days! It’s nice to be reminded that I’m not the only one feeling overwhelmed.

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