Sharing Some Big News!

I am SO excited to finally share some big news, we are moving!!!


Although we have only been in our house a little under two years, we are taking a giant leap of faith and heading back to the Midwest!!

We are moving to Kansas City!!!!!

Let’s back up a little bit. We always kinda thought we would end up back in the midwest, closer to where all of our family lives, but we love it here so much that we never really put it on a timeline. After my grandma passed away last summer & then we went back for a wedding in the Fall, we really started to feel the tug to go back. In November, we went to Kansas City for the first time, and within two hours, we both immediately knew we wanted to move there. It’s hard to describe how & why, maybe it was the yellow leaves that covered every single square inch of city, or all of the cozy, midwest houses and nice people, but it just felt like HOME.

… a little sneak peek of our house, which I cannot wait to share more pictures of very soon!


More of the story… my parents moved here to be closer to us after we had Eloise, but at the time, my girls were their only grandkids. Now they have seven. They brought up the idea of moving closer earlier in the summer, so once we flew home from KC, we went straight to the drawing board with them to figure out if we could actually make this happen (they both work remote so they can really live anywhere). We decided to wait until after the holidays to actually move forward with anything, but it was sort of bittersweet knowing that we were already spending the last Christmas in our current house. As soon as January rolled around, we hit the ground running making plans. We finished up the renovations that we had in progress, got serious about house hunting & prepared to get our house on the market.

We had a little bit of an idea of what part of KC we wanted to live in, but again, we had only been once, so it involved a lot of research & prayer. I came across a house one afternoon and knew right away that it was the right house. I showed Brandon, he totally agreed, and we immediately called our realtor to see if they could go give us a FaceTime tour. We loved it even more on video, which I know is totally crazy, but we made an offer. Once we were under contract, we flew out for the inspection and confirmed once again, this was definitely IT for us! Back in GA, our house went on the market, we were scrambling to finish our renovations, show the house, keep our businesses afloat (hence the major radio silence here on the blog) and do all the things!! We went under contract right away which is just such a huge blessing after what we went through with our last house, and then we started packing!! We drove  to Kansas for our house closing a few weeks ago (and listened to the serial podcast the whole way there!!!) and flew back, and now are just tying up loose ends before we head there for good next week!!!

We are SO EXCITED!!!!

Thank you all so much for being patient with us while we took a break from the blog, we will share lots more details & pictures soon!! And if you are from KC or know any fun things to do, share them all here, we cannot wait to explore our new city!



  1. NO WAY?!!!!!! Oh my gosh, so exciting! I love seeing your family on the blog…now you’ll be so close. I live in Olathe, KS!!! I CANNOT wait to see more of your new home and hear more details of the move and all these exciting changes. Congratulations. Best of luck on all the moving. So happy for you to be near your family.

  2. I co-worker of mine decided to be a traveling nurse and after being sent to Kansas City over a year ago she never left! She loved it there. She grew up in Chicago and lived there her whole life so Kansas City obviously offered a lot of the same things- Midwest feeling and great food!

    But I have to say that I’m really going to miss your InstaStories of your backyard horses in the morning ? Best of luck in your next adventure.

  3. We lived in Kansas City for almost 4 years, and even though Birmingham is home and we did move back we miss KC lots!! There are so many fun things and family-friendly activities!! And the FOOD is just amazing! Ponak’s Mexican on Southwest Blvd is the best ever!! Have so much fun!! Praying for a smooth transition for all!!

  4. Welcome to KC! It’s a great place to raise a family, so much to do all year round. Science City at Union Station is probably my favorite pick – it’s got activities for kids of all ages and it’s fun as a parent too!

  5. Ekkk! One of my fav bloggers moving to my city!?! Dream come true! We live just across State Line on the KS side with our 2 little girls. So much good shopping (the Plaza), eating (hello, Joe’s KC BBQ), sporting events (its almost Royals Baseball season), and stuff for kiddos (Legoland, theatres, parks, classes) and more! Would be happy to give you more recs as you get settled!

  6. Jessica! I have followed you from the beginning, but this is the first time I’ve ever commented! I’m a lot older than you, But I am a Kansas City girl! I grew up on the “Missouri side,” lived on the east coast for about 20 years and now I live on the “Kansas side.” I can’t wait to follow this part of your journey and try to figure out which area you live in…but I think I already have a guess. 😉 Hope I can help with any questions you might post. Deanna Rose Farmstead in Overland Park will be a definite “to do” with your girls. Especially in the Spring with all of the baby animals. Good Luck with everything!

  7. So exciting! I am a KC girl born and raised and we are raising our daughter (soon to be two girls!) here and absolutely love it! I hope your family gets settled in and I can’t wait to follow your adventures locally! ?

  8. So happy for you all and wow, what a leap of faith! Thanks for sharing with us. Can’t wait to see what else is in store for your beautiful family!

  9. Wow! That’s so awesome! Growing up in the Midwest I always wanted to move south for awhile but I think my heart would never be able to permanently stay there. So instead we moved from Iowa to Minnesota ? anyways, good luck with all the final moving prep!!

  10. Kansas City is the best! I grew up there and now raising my own little family in Lawrence, KS. Which is a cute little college town. If you ever need any advice on places in KC, or surrounding areas please feel free to reach out. You will love Kansas City, its a great place to raise a family.

  11. Congratulations! ?We live about 2 hours from KC but are always there because we love it so much! The girls would love the Deanna Rose Children’s Farm, the zoo, KC Royals baseball games, Union Station…really you can’t go wrong. Our boys live when we go to KC! There are just so many great things about KC. Best wishes as you make the move and get settled in! Can’t wait to follow your new journey.

  12. So excited for you and your family Jessica!!! What a blessing to get your house sold so quick and finding a new one, that’s definitely a sign from God that it’s the right move! Looking forward to hearing about all your new adventures and the new house!! Let me know if you guys ever make a trip to Denver now that you’ll be closer <3

  13. WOW!! I can’t believe you’re moving after all of that elbow grease you put into your current house, but I totally understand. I live across the country from my family and it’s been really tough. We love Atlanta, but who knows, maybe someday we’ll find ourselves back in the Pacific NW. I hope the move goes really well! xo

  14. Aww so exciting! I live north of KC and love it here. Definitely check out Crown Center- especially around the holidays. Your girls will love Fritz’ there, KC zoo, Omaha and St. Louis are fun short trips,. So excited to see what you guys think!!

  15. I had a feeling you guys weren’t going to be in this house very long. How exciting!! Congrats!
    We are currently house hunting in the upper Midwest and it has been crazy.

  16. Oh my goodness! KC! I live in St Louis now because this where my husband lives but I grew up in Kansas City. You guys should check out the Crossroads district, and go to first Fridays in the West Bottoms. They took a lot of abandoned warehouses and made them into such cool stores. Right up your alley! I’m so jealous. I want to move back there so badly!

  17. Do not miss an opportunity to tailgate at Arrowhead!!! We now live in South Carolina, but make it back frequently, you are moving to a great city!!!

  18. KC is truly the best! Iowa transplant (and Hawkeye) here who has been in KC for 11 years! Met my husband, got married, and now raising three boys (around the same ages as yours) here! So many things for both kids and adults! Best of luck with your big move and can’t wait to follow along on your KC adventures!

  19. KC native here! So happy to have you join! Kansas City really is magical. I debated moving away since this is where I was born and raised, but knew I would miss family and friends too much, and the cost of living really can’t be beat. So instead I started an “Embrace KC” initiative and started exploring new to me restaurants, spending more time in the city, and really doing tourist things that I had never done before and it totally worked.

  20. Welcome to Kansas City!! I have been a follower since the very beginning (our big girls are the same age). KC is so underrated and so fabulous. If you ever need any cakes or cookies, hit me up ???? @camiscakeco

  21. So exciting! We are in STL but have done a few visits to KC and love it there! I can’t speak to all the things there but if you head to STL for a visit, let me know! You have my email through our YL group!

  22. Congratulations!! That’s so exciting! My husband got a job offer in KC last summer and we seriously looked for a bit and did tons of research on schools and everything else. He ended up staying with his current job so we didn’t make the cross-country move but I had a feeling we could definitely be happy there! Lots of luck with the move!! (We moved from California to the East Coast 2 years ago and moving with kids is no joke!)

  23. Congratulations on your upcoming move! So exciting! Does your husband work from home or were you guys that lucky for him to find a job in KC that quick?

  24. So exciting!! Born and raised and now exploring adulthood all in KC and it is the best! Such a magical combination of big city and small town feels! I hope you all love it! So many great places for you to take your girls!!

  25. You’ll have to go to a T-Bones baseball game! and World of Fun amusement park, maybe when the girls get a little older 🙂

  26. Ahhh my hometown!!! So great!
    Not sure what side of KC you will live on but overland Park/leawood has a ton of things for kids! My kids love Scheels, the prairie fire museum and Deanna rose petting zoo. Crown center is also SO MUCH FUN (kaleidoscope, science city, Fritz’s).

  27. Ahhh! Yay!! We ALMOST moved to KC for my husbands work but we ended up getting sent to N.C. instead. I adored KC, I believe the neighborhood we looked at was called Brookside? Or something? I remember thinking what s perfect Halloween town it was because it’s so gorgeous in the fall, y’all will fit right in!! Can’t wait to see how you decorate the new house! Congrats from a long time follower.

      • Just had to chime in on the Halloween thing! We live in Brookside in KC. Every year we get 700+ trick-or-treaters before we run out of candy. Our neighbors put out fire pits and BBQs and create haunted houses for the kids. We just moved to a new house about 1/2 a mile away, so excited to see how it is on the new street. It’s THE BEST here at Halloween!

  28. You are going to LOVE Christmastime at the Plaza!!! So excited one of my fave bloggers is coming to the midwest! Brunch at Harvey’s in Union Station. A fun (adult) Saturday on the Gangster Tour with your friends. Eeek! So excited for you.

  29. Love Kansas City! I have had a business conference there every year for the last 21 years. I look forward to the visit so much. Good luck in your new home.

  30. Congratulations! I’ve followed you since your pregnancy with Harper & noticed we had so much in common with where we lived. I also grew up in Iowa (Pella) & now live in St. Petersburg, FL. Before moving to Florida we lived in Kansas City! We lived there for 4 years while my husband was in med school & we LOVED IT! It’s a small town feel in a big city, amazing local spots, great sports & friendly environment. We always thought we would move back to KC after residency but have fallen in love with the Florida life & have been here for 5 years. But we visit often (just there last month) because we have family & friends who live there, it is our favorite vacation! I would love to know what area you purchased! I’ve got friends all over the city.

  31. WOW! Congrats & I live in KC – so this is extra exciting to me 🙂

    DeAnna Rose Farmstead for the girls
    Weston Red Barn farm in the fall for apples and pumpkins
    The Zoo
    Gotta try BBQ at – Q39, Charbar, Jack Stack
    West Bottoms the first weekend of every month
    Boulevard Brew Hall – for the adults 🙂
    Science City at Union Station
    Union Station at Christmas
    Park at union station (so much to explore there and at crown center) – take the streetcar to the river market for some delicious food – its free to ride!
    So many good coffee houses around the metro as well – KC is really spread out – so be prepared for that, but I am so excited to hear about KC through your eyes and experiences!

  32. Welcome to KC! We live in one of the southern suburbs but love the city so much! There’s so much good food (obviously BBQ – Q39, joes kc, Arthur Bryant’s) but also great coffee (the roasterie is a fun place to start and tour) and you’ll probably love the Boulevard brewery tour! Best of luck with your move!

  33. Yay!! That is so exciting. You will love KC so many things to do. Lots of local restaurants and shops that are so great!! We just moved north of KC from Prairie Village so if you need any suggestions on places to eat or any advice hit me up!

  34. Yay! I’ve been following you since you were pregnant with Harper. I live in the KC area as well and know you won’t be disappointed. It is also nice to be closer to family. Welcome back to the Midwest!

  35. I admit that I’m completely biased, but KC is the best.

    Things to do with kids:
    1. Kalaeidoscope: completely free artsy/sensory experience with kids operated by Halmark. You will love it.
    2. Deanna Rose Farmstead
    3. The Coterie Theater: one of the best children’s theaters. Check appropriate ages for each performance. It’s delightful.
    4. Legoland, Crayola Cafe, and the Sea Life Aquarium
    5. Wonderscope Children’s Museum: it’s one of my childhood favorites — a little run down at the moment, but they are breaking ground on a new building next year which should be dope.
    6. Union Station and Science City
    7. The KC Ballet’s Nutcracker performance each year is MAGICAL. I think Harper is probably old enough to really enjoy it.

    For Adults:
    1. First Fridays in the Crossroads Art Distrct: First Friday of every month in KC starting at 5 PM. Food trucks, street music, aerial performances, sidewalk vendors, buskers, live theater, traditional and avant-garde art exhibits, and more
    2. First Saturdays in the West Bottoms: Amazing flea markets, antiques, etc. If you are looking for mid-century furniture, this is THE time and place.
    3. Chez Elle: All the crepes
    4. La Bodega: Spanish tapas and some great sangria
    5. Boulevard Brewing Company: take the tasting tour
    6. There are about a million independent breweries downtown.
    7. Extra Virgin
    8. Ça Va: I went there for the first time with my sister a few weekends ago and loved the entire experience.
    9. Third Thursdays at The Nelson Atkins
    10. Julep Cocktail Club
    11. Waldo’s Pizza (if you like Imo’s, their STL style pizza is sooo good.)
    12. If you go to Lee’s Summit, Third Street Social
    13. Restaurant Week already ended, but if you like to eat… listen…
    14. See something at the Kauffman Performing Arts Center. The KC Ballet is presenting Peter Pan soon, I think.

  36. OMG, how much fun. Also side note, are your parents moving with you, near you or all the way home?? I’m from the very north of New England and have recently started to feel the tug of going home, however after the last winter they had/are having I am not sure we are going too just yet 🙂

  37. I have been following your blogs for years and I live in KC! How exciting!! KS or MO side? Welcome and good luck with the move!!

  38. Congratulations on the move! I’ve lived in Kansas City my whole life and love it. My husband and I live North of the river, but everything is the city is so accessible, it’s never more than a 20 min drive. For kids-DEFINITELY the zoo. It’s so amazing. They are opening a new stingray/shark touch tank this spring, which is going to be really awesome. We also have Sea Life, Science City, and so, so many splash pads. Tiffany Springs water park is good for little kids. You and Brandon definitely need to go on a tour at the Boulevard Brewery. It’s free and you get to test all the beer. Westport for live music AND Sunday brunch. The River Market is super fun for a family outing (on Saturday mornings especially). Cooper’s Hawk for wine. We also have the Pirtle Winery in Weston. You have to do the pumpkin patch and apple orchard in Weston during the fall. Great for kids and adults. The Rieger is a historic bar/restaurant/hotel-such neat atmosphere with a huge bar/wine list. Chicken and Pickle for kids or just a date night, The Point and 303 have endless bloody marys and mimosas on Saturday and Sunday mornings, Ca Va is a neat champagne bar, Bar Louie, The Brewtop, Louie’s Wine Dive, Cinder Block Brewery. Sorry this is all over the place- there are so, so many things to do. I could go on and on but hopefully that gives you some ideas! Go Royals!!!

      • Completely agree, this is a great list! Congrats on your upcoming move! We live in the Brookside area and are just a couple blocks from Louie’s! We love this area and all of the fun things to do in KC!

  39. Happy moving! My step brother lives in Kansas City and absolutely loves it and he moved from Vermont… He claims its a similar vibe as his hometown of Burlington. He fell in love with the place and has no plans to move back or anywhere else… So Congrats!

  40. What an exciting time!! My little family is in the process of moving back to the Midwest also. We move in 3 weeks. We started our search in KC but we ended up landing in Columbia. I am originally from the Columbia area and we wanted to be closer to family again. You guys are going to LOVE KC! We are there several times a year and there is so much to do-it really does have the BEST Midwest homey feel. Can’t wait to see new house pics! Best of luck on the big move-sending a virtual CHEERS! 🙂

  41. Great news! I’m from KC but moved to CA for school, met my husband and now live here. I always feel the pull back to KC but I think we’re here for life. You will absolutely love KC, it’s the best small town big city there is. Good luck with everything, can’t wait to live vicariously through you!!!

  42. This is great! My husband and I are moving to KC (my hometown) next month from Washington, D.C. and I’m so excited to get back there after nine years away. You’re going to love it! We are still in the process of getting our house ready to list here, but also have some neighborhoods in mind too. Can’t wait to start house hunting. Looks like you found a great one.

  43. Wow!!! So so so excited for you! KC is an amazing city, I would totally live there someday! We live in Southwest Iowa, around the Omaha area, and we visit KC frequently. We love the Plaza, the City Market, and the Legends outdoor shopping area! And bonus, now you will only be 2 hours away from the best zoo in the U.S., Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha! 😉

    Congrats on your new adventure! I can’t wait to see your new home, it looks like it’s just your style!

  44. I grew up in KC; it’s a really nice place to raise a family and love (and miss) the four seasons, now being here in TX. I still have a lot of extended family there so we visit frequently with our young girls and there are actually a ton of activities and things to do now, that wasn’t there when I was young. Good luck with the move!!

  45. We live in St. Louis, but my sister lives in KC and we visit a few times a year and love it. If my family wasn’t here I would live there. Congratulations! We are actually visiting this weekend and love it every time.

  46. The midwest is the best! I live in Lincoln, NE and can’t imagine living anywhere else! Congrats and can’t wait to follow along with your new journey!

  47. CONGRATS!! Wishing you all the best on your new move & new journey! I can’t wait to see pictures of your new home- I’m sure it’s gorgeous!


  48. So exciting! I’m from KC! There’s a to do there! Very family friendly! We love the city market, the aquarium, kaleidoscope and going to sporting kc or royals games. First Fridays in the crossroads district when the weather is nice is a lot of fun too!

  49. I live in KC! Welcome! Will you be on the Missouri side or the Kansas side? The weather here is, well kind of ADD. It changes about every 10 hours! Haha We are famous for it.

  50. Congratulations!! This is SUCH exciting news!! I know this must have a been a crazy, hectic time in your lives, but it’s so exciting to take a leap of faith! I wish you, your husband, and your beautiful little girls the best of luck!

  51. Hi! Lots to do with or without kids in KC! Science City, Zoo, Deanna Rose Farmstead, Wonderscope, Loose Park, Roanoke Park, Sea Life, Lego Land are a few. The restaurant scene has gotten reeeeally good over the last several years too! From the look of the doorknobs, looks like Prairie Village or Brookside. 😉 Let me know if you have any other questions! I am a mom to three under 8, so very familiar with kid stuff here!! (Fall is especially wonderful for activities and general loveliness too).

  52. So exciting!! The Plaza, Sporting KC and the Farmers Market are a few of my favorite parts about the city!! Your girls would love Deanna Rose Farm!
    I’ve followed you for years and excited for you and your family!!!

  53. We love Kansas City! We are from Florida but spend Thanksgiving there every year. The lighting of the Christmas Tree on Thanksgiving night at The Plaza, Union Station and all their activities… my kids go crazy for the trains etc. mailing letters to Santa there. Such, amazing family traditions! Which side will ya’ll be in? Missouri or Kansas? My sister in law is an amazingly rated pediatrician on the Missouri side. Let me know if you want info! =) you’re gonna be so happy there!

  54. I had my bachelorette just outside KC. In Lawrence there is an adorable ranch called circle k so rustic and charming! Great for a romantic staycation or a fun family time!

  55. Congratulations on the move and welcome to KC! Not sure quite where you landed, but I’m a mom of three as well and we love to hit up the KC Zoo, Kaleidoscope, KidScape and all the great local parks in south KC. Hope you had a smooth transition and I’m excited to see what you find to love about the Kansas City area!

  56. Ahhhhh!!! I live in KC!! You’ll love it here and I find that a lot of people underestimate the greatness of this area. Eeeekk!!

  57. Not gonna lie my jaw dropped a bit reading this! I have no idea how you have the energy for all of this, with working, and 3 kids and everything else! Wow! So great that your house sold so quickly, looking forward to continuing following you on social media and your blog as you start this new journey! Are your parents moving to Kansas City?

  58. Not in KC (actually, 2 hours away in Columbia, MO), but we have family there and I visited a lot growing up. Personally, KC is too big for my taste, but I love to visit for short amounts of time! I don’t really have any advice, but WELCOME to the area!

  59. How exciting!!! KC has SO much to offer!!! I’ve read your blog since Harper was about a year old! We live about an hour southwest of KC but feel like we’re always up there! You’ll love all the individuality of each part of the city and everything they have to offer!!! The plaza at Christmas, Westport for brunch, westbottoms shopping on first Fridays, legends and zonorosas for outlet outdoor shopping and of course tailgating for a chiefs or royals game! I also can’t wait to see what you discover so I can enjoy your great taste!!! A big Midwest welcome to ya! We are lucky to have you!!

  60. Love hearing that you are coming to KC! It is a great city for sure with tons to do. Our family favorites are Blackhoof Park (Lenexa), Prairie Fire Museum (Overland Park), storytimes at the libraries, events at Mahaffie Stagecoach, Prairie Oak Nature Center (Leawood), Ernie Miller for summer nature camps (Olathe)… congratulations on your new adventure!

  61. How exciting!! We live in St. Louis, MO, but my husband is originally from Kansas City and still has a lot of family there. We go there often for visits. It’s a great city!

  62. I go there several times a year for different events. I absolutely love the power and light district. Also, there is an Arcade Bar not far from there that is a lot of fun as well. And in the fall you will have to check out the American Royal. It is a livestock show and expedition and is a lot of fun for the whole family. Sending prayers for the big move!

  63. Midwest girl here, we live in Webb City about 2 hours directly south of KC, right by Joplin. My sister currently lives in KC with her family. We love it too. They used to live on the Plaza when they just had one child, but live in Overland Park now. The Plaza is great for outdoor shopping. Crown Center is always fun, there is great theatre and of course the Chiefs and Royals. You’ll love it and it’s so great to be centrally located to pretty much everything in the US. Just watch out this Spring with the severe weather, but I’m sure you’re used to that!!

  64. Love KC! We are located in STL, so only s few hours away. The plaza and downtown KC has tons to do, and is gorgeous around Christmas time. Congratulations on your move!

  65. So so excited for you guys!! It sounds like such a perfect situation, and I can’t wait to see pics of the new place and hear all about life as you settle in! Hope the final move goes super smoothly! Enjoy this next chapter! ❤️❤️

  66. YAY! I’m a follower and love your blog! We are from the KC area and have been here our whole lives! You’ll love it! There is so much to do here and always something going on.

  67. AHHHH!! This is so exciting! I moved to KC 3 years ago from NY and have totally fallen in love! You are going to love it here there is so much fun stuff for you to do with the girls! I’m a designer and work for California Closets so get in touch with me if you need anything to help you make the move easier….my fiance is also a chef so let me know if you need a food recommendations, haha 🙂 I don’t even know you but I am so excited for you because Kansas City has changed my life and I just know you will love it here!!!

  68. So exciting! I’ve only been to KC once – my sister used to live there – but I really loved it too! There is an adorable little town called Weston about 30 min away, which is a must-visit. The Plaza is obviously beautiful too, and they have a great (free!) art museum!

  69. I have been following since your chalkboards with Harper! KC gal, here! So many fun things to do for adults and littles! Our fave areas are Waldo, Brookside, and around Midtown! Love your blog and loved joining your YL team recently! Happy moving!

  70. Congrats! I’ve been a long tie follower, but never a commenter! Our daughters Harper and my Harlow’s are just a few days apart in age. But I have a question. Did you do your house renovations (kitchen, bathrooms etc) knowing that you would likely move? I LOVE your style and am updating our house in a similar vibe. But, I always worry that if the situation where we needed to or wanted to move, the houses in our neighborhood that are updated seem to be in a much more “traditional” way, if that makes sense. Maybe I sound crazy, cause how can you go wrong with neutrals and subway tiles, but just wondered your thoughts on that.
    Aliza (also mom to 3 girls and midwesterner (michigan) living in the south (north carolina).

  71. Royals and Chiefs games are a blast and KC tailgating is a ton of fun! People have mentioned so many great places for kids already. You’ll have to try out the different pumpkin patches, not sure what area you’re in but the Kearney Fun Farm is awesome and the louisburg cider mill is really cool too. All summer and fall there are festivals in all the cities around KC. I think you will really like Brookside and Waldo for restaurants and bars.

  72. You should do another lifestyle photo shoot in your current house before you leave so that you have them for memories! It’s such a beautiful home. But I am excited for you to move! I live in Iowa so we get to KC occasionally! Congratulations and soak up all the memories from your home.

  73. Omg! This is awesome! I’m in Omaha, just 3 hours from KC. I was just there last weekend! It’s a perfect blend of city and Midwest charm. I was driving through neighborhoods looking at the GORGEOUS HOUSES. Congrats! Treat yourself to some KC BBQ! 😉

  74. I live in KC and love it. Your house looks precious. Reminds me of houses in an area call Brookside. I would never ask your info but if that’s where you are moving it is a beautiful neighborhood. Lots of great restaurants and shops. KC is full of things to do and restaurants. If you ever want more specific things please feel free to email me! I have lived here my whole life so I know the ins and outs! Congrats!!! I have followed you for years so this is so cool!

  75. Oh my gosh!! I grew up there and we hope to move back someday soon too. The best city ever!! So happy for you guys! What part of KC did you buy your house in? There are so many neat areas. Your house looks amasing! The market is so hot there, you guys got so lucky! Can’t wait to hear more. 🙂

  76. You will LOVE Kansas City and all the wonderful small towns around there. The entire area is wonderful! We moved from Lawrence (about 30 mins away from KC) to STL a couple years ago and we miss it like crazy. We always go home for all the fun holiday festivities. Best of luck with your move, there’s so much to look forward to ❤️?

  77. Well hot damn! Congratulations and welcome to KC! I lived on the plaza in my young and crazy 20’s, in Brookside when we were dating and newly married and am now in Overland Park with the husband and two little girls. You’re going to love it here! And who knew you had so many followers that are in KC, how fun!

  78. Congrats on taking a leap of faith, how exciting for your family! KC is a wonderful place to live and an amazing city to raise a family in. We live in the Brookside area which is near the plaza, not sure if you’re on the KS side or MO side but it’s an easily accessible city regardless of which side of the state line you are on.
    Just a few things we love to do:
    1. The Nelson Atkins Museum- they have art classes for kids all throughout the year, this is a favorite thing to do during the Winter when it’s too cold to go outside.
    2. Kaleidoscope- Owned by Hallmark Cards; fun and FREE place to take the kids for creative fun.
    3. Crown Center- There’s a cute little hamburger place in there called Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant, the food is delivered by little trains, kids go crazy. There’s also a ton of things to do at Crown Center the girls would enjoy.
    4. Toy Museum- a little hidden gem in town.
    5. Tons of amazing parks and the zoo is really good as well.
    6. Union Station and Science City.
    For adults, KC is fast becoming a foodie town and we’ve had so many fun coffee shops recently open around town, mostly downtown area.
    And, I feel like Fall and Halloween are completely your vibe so you will love Fall around here!
    Again, congrats on the move and welcome to KC!!!

  79. I’m from Lawrence, but am always up in KC! There’s so much to do! Lawrence is a fun weekend day trip away where you can check out the local downtown, KU events, and food/music festivals. Can’t wait for this new journey for you!

  80. I live in Overland Park, KS!! Deanna Rose is tons of fun – we spend so much time there! There are a lot of fun parks as well!

  81. How exciting! We love KC! We live in Jefferson City, but go to KC frequently — we have friends and family there. I have followed your blog for years and can’t wait to see your KC adventures. Welcome back to the Midwest!

  82. Welcome to KC! You will love it here. It’s so family friendly. We lived in Waldo/Brookside until our family grew and now we live in Lees Summit. There are so many great places in Waldo/Brookside to explore as well as the Plaza. Lees Summit has a charming downtown and the best pizza at Main Slice. Waldo Pizza is so good too! The zoo, science city, Union Station, Loose Park, and Kaleidoscope are fun outings with the kids. Many of the burbs have great spray grounds and parks. We also love Deanna Rose, Prairiefire, and there is too much more to name! I’m excited to follow your adventures in KC!

  83. Yay so glad you will be back in the Midwest! We are from Nebraska but love Kansas City. So many fun things to do for families! My girls loved Kaleidoscope at Crown Center and I’m sure your girls will too! It’s a big art studio for kids and it’s free which is a bonus!! Welcome back to the Midwest 🙂

  84. I have been following your blog forever!!! I never comment but I HAD to this time. I live in KC- born and raised lived here my entire life (minus 4 years at Mizzou : ) I am so happy you and your family fell in love with this beautiful city! Glancing through the comments it looks like you have quite a few ladies who follow your blog from KC! So many fun places to explore and amazing food! Hope to see you around ; )

  85. Congratulations! So exciting! Welcome back to the Midwest! Now you’ll be within driving distance of Hawkeye tailgates 😉

  86. AHHHHHH!!! I have been following your blog since before Harper was born, and I opened my email this morning to see this and I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU! I live in KC and it is THE BEST city on earth. I think you’ll love it so much. Congratulations!

  87. This fall you need to check out the sunflowers at Gritner Farms. It’s in Lawrence so it’s a little bit of a drive but so worth it. Follow them on Facebook for when they bloom, it’s only about two weeks, and head over (maybe with a photographer?) for a true Kansas experience. When we moved from MN I knew we needed to get pictures of my newly Kansas girls there since we were now living in the Sunflower State 😉

  88. I’m so excited for you! Can’t wait to see what you do with the place, as always! Where are your parents landing?

  89. I live in KC!! There is so much to do here and it’s nice to have every season. I stay home with 3 kids and we are always out and about. Some of our favorite places
    1. Wonderscope children’s museum
    2. Kidscape at Johnson County Museum
    3. The zoo is huge
    4. Science City

    And be sure to have what we are famous for, BBQ!!

  90. I grew up in KC. I’m in Virginia now, but dream about going back. Such a wonderful place to raise a family. Be sure to check out Kalidescope, a (free!) kids creative art space at Crown Center. Your girls will love it. Also Waldo Pizza. The best in the city. Or just about anywhere for that matter.

  91. I have lived in KC my whole life. I have two littles (5 and 14 months) and it’s a wonderful city for kids.

    Kid To-Do—
    Crown Center
    Science City/Union Station
    The Zoo
    Lego Land
    Deanna Rose Farmstead
    Take a Tour/ Attend a KC Royals Game! (they have a whole kid section and it’s not TOO crazy over priced if you do it right).
    Nelsen Atkins Art Museum (they have TONS of kid friendly classes etc.)
    The Airline Museum
    Trolley Tour of KC

    The Historic West bottoms during First Fridays & Saturdays of every month (live music, drinks, food trucks, and enough Antique shops to make you drool)
    The Plaza
    Union Station
    The Boulevard Brewery Tour
    The Donut Lounge
    The Power & Light District
    Any show at the Midland
    The Liberty Memorial

    I could go on and on……Welcome to KC! Excited to read about your adventures here!!

  92. Hi! My son is a photographer in KC and he really likes living there. If you ever need photos taken you can check his IG page at @tayloratkinsonphotography. Welcome back to the Midwest. We live in Iowa and love the Midwest.

  93. Congrats!!! One of my friends live in Kansas City for a job for a couple years and absolutely loved it! She was sad when they relocated her to a different state. Midwest living is the best!

  94. Late to the party, but welcome to KC! I’m a long-time native, and if you ever want some ideas just let me know.

    It’s a fantastic place to raise a family.

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