Cozy Corner + August Plans

I’m so excited to be teaming up with our friends at Sixpenny today to show you a peek at our master bedroom & the coziest corner of our home! The girls are headed back to school this week which means my schedule just opened up for lots of down time & I plan to spend it right here!!

This is the Sixpenny Neva Chair, wide enough to fit all three girls comfortably & soft enough to make you never want to get up. We chose the cotton linen slipcover in pacific pearl & it is so dreamy! A literal cloud. I vowed to spend the first week of the girls being back in school sitting in this chair, flipping through old Fall magazines for inspiration & drinking coffee with Hocus Pocus on in the background.

Ten more things I am doing this month once the girls are officially all back in school:

1. I owe you a blog post on our master as soon as we finish painting the trim & hanging pictures.

2. Finish painting master bedroom trim & hang pictures.

3. Write our Fall bucket list!

4. Putting together a meal plan for the next few weeks dinners as well as making a few freeze ahead dishes. Dinner time legit kills me on busy weeknights, anyone else?

5. Closet overhaul! I am one of those people who hangs onto a million random things thinking “one day I’m going to need this for…” and/or assuming all things will be needed for a Halloween costume at some point. Our house has very little storage so the closet situation needs to be under control approximately yesterday.

6. Daily walks with my fave podcasts & a cup of coffee. I consider it a workout.

7. Sorting through the girls artwork! We have a drawer in our kitchen workstation area that the girls put artwork, crafts they make, notes they write, etc. and it is overflowing. We try to go through it every few months, but it is long overdue. Trying not to be a hoarder, but kids artwork is my weakness.

8. Finish adding plants to the backyard and shoot before & afters of our patio!

9. Stalk every store & online shop possible for early Halloween decor drops.

10. Bring more content here!! It’s been a minute since I have felt super inspired and creative with the blog, but it’s coming back to me and I’m here for it. And I hope you are too!!

Until then, if you need me, you know where I’ll be! 😉

This post is sponsored by Sixpenny, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support our blog!



  1. You are the one person I can ALWAYS look to for creative inspiration. I can’t wait to see all of the new content you come up with. All things fall, for the WIN!

  2. So excited for you to start blogging again! Where are your dark gray pillows from? and that amazing bird print above the chair?!?!?!


  3. I’m really considering Artkive for all of my daughter’s artwork and special notes. Have you heard of it or do you know anything about it?

  4. 1. I’m here for the blog content. HERE. FOR. IT.
    2. I’m noticing storage in old homes is tricky. We are moving into an 1860s farmhouse this month, and I just keep thinking “WHERE am I going to store my holiday decor?!”
    3. I think I need that chair..

  5. OMG YES!!! please bring back more blog posts!!!!! I know so many people thing insta is the only place people are interested in but that’s so not true!!! It’s not as personal as blogs. Plus, your content is always my favorite!!

  6. So excited for you blogposts!! I need more Jessica Garvin in my life ???. Give me all the holiday, coffee, decor, meals, real mom talk posts.

  7. I love seeing your house and it always inspires me. Sometimes I feel like our house is slightly sterile and not homey enough. Yours is perfectly homey and lovely!

  8. YES! Definitely here for all the home and holiday posts…. back to school always leaves me wanting to organize and revamp some things. And here in SC we don’t have fall so I have to create it with decor, upping the cozy feel of our home – and if you have any links to warm weather geared fall clothing help us out! Fall dressing is always a challenge. Last, I’m curious about the oils.. what scents smell as good as my fall candles?

  9. Haha so glad I’m not the only one who saves all the random things for some unknown future costume. We used to have *A* costume bin but over the years has bloomed into 3 enormous overflowing “costume totes” I don’t know what to do with… ? looking forward to your fall posts ?☺️

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