Ten Fun Things to do Before November is Over

Where has this month gone?! November has been flying by and I’m convinced Christmas is going to be here before we know it. I wanted to share with you guys a few things we are planning before the month is over & thought they might be fun things you could add to your calendar as well!!

  1. Plan Friendsgiving. I love Friendsgiving because it is so much more casual and less pressure than the official Thanksgiving dinner. Invite over your besties or your neighbors and eat all your favorite food together, doesn’t even have to be turkey!! It’s also so fun to have a kids table and a menu just for them, let them indulge and plan the menu themselves!! Picture the scene where buddy the elf is eating his syrup drenched spaghetti.
  2. Make a holiday playlist. Then jam out to it allllll season long. May I suggest a little Kenny G. Our holiday playlist is coming soon!
  3. Start your holiday shopping. It’s never too early to grab some gifts and start stashing them away for Christmas morning. Or do as I do, and add all your favorite things to your cart now and check out on Black Friday when they have the best deals of the season!! I’ll be sure to share lots of gift guides & all of my favorite sales right here!
  4. Have a wine + cheese night and watch all your favorite Thanksgiving TV episodes. Fun to do alone, with your spouse or with your girlfriends!!
  5. Go on a long walk with a podcast & a coffee. Enjoy all of that fresh Fall air before it freezes, this is my favorite time of year to be outside!!
  6. Declutter & donate. It feels so good to do before the holidays & we love being able to donate to local shelters and community centers for those in need. And if you have the capacity, adopt a family this Christmas!!
  7. Cozy up your home for cold weather. It’s time for all the cozy blankets, twinkle lights & diffusers!! I also love putting flannel sheets on all the girls beds!!
  8. Try a new soup or chili recipe. We try to do this every Fall but this year it has truly just flown by too fast. We do make this white chicken chili every year and it is always a fave. Probably because we serve it with Fritos.
  9. Plan an intentional coffee date or afternoon with a grandparent. Grandparents are such treasures & seem to only be in our lives for a short amount of time. If you still have a grandparent living, be intentional about planning time with them, you will be so thankful you did.
  10. Host a “turkey & touchdowns” day after thanksgiving football watch party. Black Friday is one of the most fun days of the year, football on TV, leftover cold turkey sandwiches & online shopping in your pajamas from your couch! Why not make it an excuse to invite friends over to enjoy the fun.

My enneagram 7 is in overdrive during the holidays, can you tell? Ok you guys, I hope you are truly having the best November ever with your friends & family, tell me what fun things you are doing this month!!!



  1. My daughter’s Daisy Troop hosted a Friendsgiving and it was SO MUCH fun! We all brought our favorite Thanksgiving dish and they girls made ornaments for their upcoming visit to a senior citizens home!

  2. Yes to flannel sheets everywhere! I always like to remind people that November has the best sunrises and sunsets so be sure to notice those too!

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