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Prepping for the upcoming school year at home is well under way, almost all of our curriculum has arrived, we have a few school supplies & we are working on getting our “classroom” set up. If you want to read my post on why we decided to homeschool & what curriculum we are using, you can find it here! We are taking a less is more approach, except for the completely unnecessary vintage library cards that I bought, but naturally I had to throw together a few things that I’m considering must-haves for our journey into homeschool!

A few organizational essentials & a coffee mug that doubles as a wine mug were at the top of the list. A diffuser with all of our favorite oils for concentration & a calm environment are also essential, I’ll share some diffuser blends that I put together too!

Last year, each of the girls had some sort of point system in their classrooms and in the lunchroom that involved tickets or coins and some sort of reward system (like a trip to the treasure box in Claire’s case), so I wanted to replicate this for us. I bought a roll of raffle tickets and plan to give them to the girls throughout the week as rewards, and create a way for them to cash them in for things like a lunch date or other fun treasures.

one // two // three // four // five // six

A friend also recommended these plus plus blocks, which I have never seen but they look so fun and I know especially the younger two will love them for busy work! I ordered these mini blank notebooks for daily doodling & gratitude journaling, I love that they’re small enough to carry around for a scavenger hut or other outdoor projects as well.

Also, every classroom need a good chalkboard!! The ones we have were both DIY projects, but this one would be a great, affordable option if you don’t want to build your own!

And as promised, a free Homeschool Rules printable for you! Just download the image, save it & upload it to your favorite online printing site or print it yourself at home! If you print this and use it somewhere, be sure to share & tag me on Instagram @jlgarvin so I can see!! XO



  1. Thank you for sharing this! I’ve never been more enthusiastic to homeschool and this will be my 5th year! But I can always get excited about fancy supplies! That’s where the magic starts!

  2. Any chance you’re doing an Instagram or Facebook post on Grapefruit & Gold on the oils and things you’re buying, recipes, etc. for concentration and a calm environment? Would be super helpful! 🙂

  3. I love this! You know what would have made it even better…a customized pajama set and coffee mug that said “worlds best homeschool mom” lol. Good luck to you and your family! You’re going to do great!!

  4. Sorry, this isn’t related…but did I miss the update on your tree? I saw where you spoke about the damage and that you were calling out a tree guy to check it out.

    Listen to her podcast and read out loud to your kids. All. The. Time. Chapter books, with Brandon, at night, cozied up. It will be the most magical experience you’ll have with your girls. Start with Mercy Watson and all the Deckawoo Drive books. Then Charlotte’s Web. Then Chronicles of Narnia. Then the Vanderbeekers! Then the Penderwicks! Ugh. So much growth and empathy and compassion and mom-crying.

    Best wishes to you. I was a reluctant homeschooler and now would do no other way.

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