Our Homeschool Room

Well, friends, we have completed week one of homeschool!! I don’t want to get ahead of myself here, but we really, really loved it!! Like, really loved it!!!! I love our curriculum, I love the extra time we get to spend with the girls and surprisingly, I love the challenge! I’m also learning sign language and roman numerals right along side my children, so there’s that. I’ll do a q&a post in a few weeks once I actually feel like I have some substance to share, but in the mean time, here is our finished homeschool room!! This room was an addition on the back of our house that we’ve never known exactly what to do with. It has it’s own bathroom & a fireplace, but also has super low ceilings and is not very well heated or cooled. Brandon built us a table (handsome and handy!), we moved a cabinet from the living room to fill with all of our books and bins, and then hung our string lights. I even love to sneak back here and work after the girls are done with school for the day!

Come in and look around!!

Sources: String Lights // Chairs // Galvanized Caddy // Purple Storage Crates // Map Wall Hanging // Chalkboard & Table: DIYs by Brandon // Wall Color: Simply White by Benjamin Moore

What will I ever do if we run out of home decor projects?! Hope you’ve enjoyed the tour, happy happy weekend!!! XO



  1. Wow, beautiful space! We’ve used the Good and the Beautiful the past few years, and love it as well as their library books. They do an amazing job. Cheers to a new school year!

  2. Are you using anything special to learn Roman Numerals and sign language?
    Look for more ideas to add to our online learning this year.

  3. Your homeschool room is magic! I can tell you put a lot of thought into every detail. Thank you for sharing the links! Love your new website!

  4. Is there something that you are following to learn Sign Language and Roman Numerals? I am interested in finding supplemental learning activities for our online learning this year.

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