Hello, September

September is here!! The official start of Fall is just around the corner and the Garvin family is excited about it!! It has already started cooling off around here, so having the screen door open in the evenings has been a favorite part of our day.

Here are a few things we are looking forward to in September.

  1. Starting school! I should probably be dreading this knowing how much work is about to be put on my plate as I navigate the uncharted waters of homeschool. But, instead, we are excited! I’ve fully embraced them being home and taking on this adventure together. Bonus: we plan to sleep in and will wake up every morning grateful to not have to pack lunches.
  2. Fall at the lake! Since we bought our lake house in December of last year, we are excited to watch the leaves change on the water & cozy boat rides with blankets and red wine!
  3. Soup Sundays. Every year starting in September we make soup every Sunday (chili, homemade chicken noodle, butternut squash, all the good stuff) and eat it throughout the week. It has been a favorite tradition paired with the sound of football on in the background. Can we all just pray that football season can still happen?!

Of course putting up Fall decor & planning Halloween costumes are also high on the list, we are just getting started and I can’t wait to share more of it with you! Hope you guys are feeling a breath of fresh air this morning as we roll into September, we are definitely grateful for our most favorite season and all of the fun that comes with it.

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  1. Fall is my fav, it’s started to get cooler in the mornings here in St. Louis which I love when it’s time for windows open and coffee on the porch! Love the new site!! XO

  2. I started Soup Sundays last year thanks to your recommendation! I love that it creates leftovers for our lunches throughout the week. Best fall tradition!

  3. Love the new site design! I have followed you for years now and its sweet to see your girls grow up and to see you as a fellow mamma thrive and grow your business 🙂

  4. Love the new layout! do you have a stats update for the girls? My daughter was born the same year as Harper. I always look forward to seeing how they match up.

  5. I’m loving your new blog! So pretty!! I’ve been a reader since you were doing chalkboards for Harper in your belly. You inspire me in so many ways. Totally jumping on the soup Sunday wagon with you! ❤️

  6. I love the soup sundays tradition! I live in Minneapolis and it’s supposed to be in the mid 60s next week and I already have two soup recipes picked out for the week! I love your new blog design too! It turned out great!

  7. So excited for football season! We are also looking forward to all the comfort foods that go along with it. I hope you share some of your recipes! Your husbands chilli recipe is still one of our favorites ❤

  8. So excited for the blog revamp!! It’s been so much fun watching your family grow over the years. From just a bump and a chalkboard I found on Pinterest to adding Christmas vacation drinking game to our day after thanksgiving festivities each year. Thanks for sharing your ideas and magic with all of us!!

  9. Good luck with home school! We are really loving the flexibility so far. Love getting to stop and take a trampoline break when we need it.

  10. I love the idea of soup Sunday’s! We just might have to adopt that into our family this fall! And I’m obsessed with how cute these pajamas are! I just bought them for my girls!

  11. How are they so grown up looking?!? I remember the days I would check Little Baby Garvin daily for any pregnancy updates from you, the new blog looks amazing!

  12. Fall is my favorite and I honestly wait for your holiday content ALL YEAR! I’m so excited to see what creative, festive magic you’ll bring! Happy September!

  13. Good luck with homeschooling! I’m on week 1 of virtual school with my Harper and it’s…interesting! Love the ideas of soup Sunday’s- we may need to steal that!

  14. I’m initiating Soup Sundays again too! Only it’s going to be 109* this Sunday in the Sacramento area sooo I need to find a good chilled soup recipe!

  15. Love the new blog!! I’ve been following you since my first baby (8 years old now ?) and just love love love your content/style! So excited to see what you do this fall and holiday season!

  16. Wahoo, been waiting! I love all the small, special things about the holidays/season changes & you give so much good inspo! I have been a follower since your chalkbord pregnancy pin on pinterest! I love going back to your older posts as well, so glad it’s up & running, so cute too! Excited to read more?

  17. Yay! Looks so good Jess!! Feeling all the fall vibes over here too, and started homeschool last week. May the force be with you friend ?

  18. I’ve been a long time reader since that first baby Harper chalkboard and have loved following along as your family has grown. Thank you for sharing the magic that is your lives!

  19. Love the new blog! Loved the old blog! Love everything that is Garvin! LoL followed since the beginning. Keep up the good work mama! ?❤️??

  20. Love your positive attitude, Jess! I am sure you will rock homeschooling #likeaboss Can’t wait to see all your fall decorating! I need to get (or make) a Hey Boo rug!

  21. I have been following your blog for almost 8 years! You give all the most festive ideas and so much cheer! Thanks for sharing it all!

  22. We just started homeschooling for the first time 2 weeks ago and it’s been amazing!!! I’m enjoying it more than I expected!

  23. I love your perspective of homeschooling. It’s taken me years to realize it’s not worth being uptight over. Your #1 on here is ?????? Refreshing.

  24. I love the idea of making a soup each week! Will you be sharing some of your family favorites? Something even so small as a weekly meal might be what we need to make it through this winter!

  25. The new blog is beautiful!!! I’ve followed your content since Little Baby Garvin & the chalkboard. It just keeps getting better! ❤️

  26. Wishing you the best of luck with homeschool! You inspired me to do preschool at home with my youngest and it’s been a blast. Even with big brother doing distance learning we are embracing being together more and really having such a more relaxed schedule. Yay to no more lunch packing or the rushing out the door madnes!! Love the soup idea too! New blog looks great!!

  27. Love the new blog!!!! We are embracing all things cozy in our house too! Soaking in every moment of the cooling air and fun festivities ahead ???☕️??

  28. I’m loving the new blog Layout.. I seriously checked everyday to see if it was finally back up and couldn’t wait to read all the fall things on here. Happy September let the fun begin! ??

  29. Love love love that you are still keeping up with the blog! I enjoy Instagram stories for a quick update but love really getting into blogs!

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