Halloween 2020

The year of the Sanderson sisters.

Can we motion to move Halloween to a Saturday every year?! It was so enjoyable to be home and not be rushing around before Trick or Treating! Our weather was beautiful, we lounged all day, Brandon cooked chili & we carved pumpkins in the afternoon. I wasn’t going to do a blog post about it since we didn’t take a ton of pictures but I knew this one had to live on the blog somewhere! I’ve been waiting every year since Claire was born to have the girls dress up as the Sanderson sisters, but wanted to wait until they were into it!! They loved this costume and had so much fun dressing up!!

A few more things we never want to forget about this year’s Halloween fun:

Bobbing for donuts at their witch party Friday afternoon (you may have seen it on our Instagram stories but I didn’t get any pictures!). It was so so cute and we will totally do it again next year.

Watching Hocus Pocus & eating pizza around the coffee table in the living room on Friday night (new tradition!).

The squirrels eating Eloise’s jack-o-lantern in the backyard before we could light them up for Halloween night. So many tears.

And ending the night with a candy swap, watching Wizard of Oz & playing cards with my parents.

Until next year! XO


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