A Valentine’s Surprise

Let me preface this by saying I have never, in the history of ever, planned ahead as well as I did right now for this very specific project. I’m a last minute kinda gal, always and forever. But as we rolled into 2021 and I realized how much the holiday magic kept everyones spirits up from about September through December, I knew we were going to need a little bit of fun to look forward to this year and started planning early. As first time homeschoolers, I realized the girls will be missing out on their Valentine’s Day class party, something they always look forward to (and rightfully so!) so I told Brandon we should do something extra special at home. And it was not going to involve DIY crafting Valentine’s day boxes out of cardboard and paper mache and all the things, because those are actually the projects I hate most.

Instead, we decided we needed to invite the girls on a very fancy DATE NIGHT! I wanted it to feel really special for them so I went on the hunt for a fancy dress for each of them. That lead me down the basket-of-fun rabbit hole and we ended up with these festive baskets of all the sequins & heart shaped things. I LOVE VALENTINE’S DAY. Harper’s birthday is on the 15th, so it has always felt like such a special holiday since she was born.

So we will surprise them with these on the Friday before, with an invitation to our date night, complete with a candlelight dinner (at home), fancy dishes, jazz music and their darling outfits with some flowers from dad! I hope it is something they remember forever, and also a new tradition in our house of course!!

If you are feeling inspired to do something similar, I wanted to give you a peek at their baskets and what is inside, complete with links for everything and a few more fun ideas if you need them!

Red Velvet Ruffle Dress // Red Sequin Dress // Silver Sequin Dress // Gold Ballet Flats
Wire Baskets // Heart Shaped Sunglasses // Sensory Dough // Similar Heart Straw Cup

Some more fun options & ideas in case these items sell out:
Tulle Heart Dress (Claire would have also loved this one!)
Pink Sequin Tulle Dress
A more casual option, festive pajamas for a cozy night in!
My favorite sparkly hair clips (lots of festive Valentine options!)
Super cute long tulle skirt!

Would love to hear your fun Valentine’s plans for this year, sending you all lots of LOVE!! XO



  1. what a cute idea! my daughter would LOVE fancy clothes for a valentines date. Maybe not so much my four boys! Maybe fancy Minecraft shirts…. hahaha

  2. This is a fantastic idea! The baskets are adorable and I love how they are all similar but not exactly the same. Valentine’s perfection! Thank you for sharing!!!

  3. Love this! My son was just asking what we will do being homeschooled this year for Valentine’s Day! Starting February 1st every year I tape a different color cutout heart on their door with something I love about them written on it. That’s the only tradition we have so far but this year we will have to add something special like this as well! Thanks for the ideas!!

  4. ? miss seeing your content on Instagram. I got rid of mine since the privacy policy changed. Are you on mewe or gab? I’m sure you have allllllllll the time to update every social media platform ? for now, Ill just enjoy your blog posts…since that’s where
    it was at in the “good old days” ? it’s such a cute idea. I browsed targets clearance yesterday and scored a couple of fancy dresses. ?

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