Iced Coffee at Home

Where are my cold coffee drinkers at?! I love a good cup of hot coffee when I first wake up, especially in the winter months, but after that, it is all iced coffee for me!! I’ve been making iced coffee at home for years, and guys I’ve tried all the methods, and I wanted to share with you my two favorite ways.

The first, and easiest, is just a classic cold brew with cream. This is my everyday coffee! I buy Stok Unsweetened Cold Brew, pour over ice & add a splash of heavy whipping cream. You don’t need much, but it is soooo creamy and delicious. If I’m feeling extra, I will even whip it quick in my small single cup blender and add a splash of vanilla extract. This was our afternoon delight during quarantine last spring and will probably always remind me of afternoon boat rides when school got cancelled for the year.

The second is an iced americano. If you have an espresso machine, this is the one we have, use a super fine ground dark espresso roast and make 3-4 shots of espresso over ice. Then add cold water to fill the rest of your cup & splash of half and half. I also love it with a drizzle of sweetened condensed milk!! This is a much stronger, more bitter drink but it is so good!!! And it’s always what I order if I go to a coffee shop.

Ok tell me all of your favorite ways to drink iced coffee, cold brew or iced americanos at home (yes I know they’re all different, but essentially they’re all iced coffee to me), would love to hear all of your best tips, tricks & toppings!!

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  1. I love iced coffee, but until like this past week, have been afraid to make my own for whatever reason. BUT, I have been making mine as follows:
    -whipped milk OR vanilla creamer
    -pump or 2 of sugar free caramel syrup
    -pour over ice and then poor cold (or for me, its left over coffee in my pot from morning…so basically Ron temp. Haha.
    -I also add my unflavored collagen peptides to this and it helps me remember to have them!! I whip them in with the milk

  2. I’ve been making a shaken espresso at home & love it! Couple shots, with a bit of maple syrup, in a cocktail shaker with ice, and pour the whole thing in your cup (with more ice) to get all the froth from the shaking! Drizzle of cream on top. So so good.

  3. Love hot coffee in the morning and iced the rest of the day too! I have the Ninja machine where I brew my Starbucks coffee over ice, add a splash of heavy cream, little bit of cinnamon spice and stevia. So good!

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