Spring Cleaning

The sun is shining and the windows are finally open, that means spring cleaning is just around the corner!! I actually love spring cleaning, I love digging through closets to ditch the clutter, simplifying drawers & cupboards, and of course, using newly cleaned surfaces to redecorate. Isn’t that the most fun part?

I wanted to share FIVE ways to make spring cleaning more fun, it doesn’t have to feel like a chore and really can be enjoyable!

1. Start with decluttering. There is something so therapeutic about getting rid of the excess. I love to start with closets & cabinets, filling always a trash bag and a donate bag or box. If you haven’t worn it in at least a year and it doesn’t hold sentimental value, it’s gotta go!! Other places to declutter include kids rooms, bathrooms & linen closets!

2. Give your cleaning products an overhaul. Ditch the harsh chemicals & toxic cleaning products, they are not only harmful to your body when they get on your skin or into your lungs, but they are no good for your mood. Of course it’s no fun to clean with them! By switching to all natural, plant based cleaners, your home will not only be sparkling clean, but it will also smell like the holidays! We love the Thieves line by Young Living, you’ve heard me talk about it hundreds of times over the years, it truly is the best of the best. One bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner concentrate makes up to 30 spray bottles of cleaner, that’s one for your kitchen, one in each bathroom, in your laundry room and plenty leftover!! It is also the best for making DIYs like soft scrub, carpet or furniture cleaner and glass cleaner, it does it all!!

3. Make a checklist for each room & task. Every project is better when you can check things off a list! This will help you prioritize and split up all of the work so that it feels manageable and not too daunting.

4. Refresh bedding. Sounds so simple, but swapping out bedding in each room for spring will instantly make your home feel so refreshed! I light, bright bedding for spring and summer, then layer it with some darker linens and quilts in the fall, and then of course #holidaysheets and flannels for winter!! Another tip, when you wash those fresh clean sheets, ditch your dryer sheets and opt for wool dryer balls!! They’re so much better for your skin, again, those pesky synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals will get ya. Add a few drops of essential oils to your dryer balls, like Lavender & Lemongrass to have your sheets smelling fresh & will bring on all that dreamy sleep.

5. Rearrange furniture & shop your house. Ok here comes the fun part! Once you’ve decluttered, cleaned and feel re-inspired about your home, move things around!! Swap some pillows or accessories, rearrange furniture, even move art from one room to another! Spring is also a great time to shop local thrift stores or facebook marketplace, because other people are also likely decluttering as well! And don’t forget to add some fresh flowers as a treat to yourself when you’re all done!!

If you haven’t already switched your home to Thieves (household cleaner, hand soap, dish soap, essential oil, all the goods!!) you can order my custom Spring Cleaning Bundle here, you’ll choose the Basic Kit for $35 which is your membership (just like costco so you can now shop with a 24% discount) and it gets you a FREE Stress Away oil (YL signature stress melting blend that smells like Vanilla). Then you will choose YES to Essential Rewards to customize your order and you can shop all of my Spring Cleaning essentials! Grab them all or buy a few individually! You will fall in LOVE with all that it has to offer and you can start working through your house, room by room, to ditch toxins for a happier + healthier home! Order my Spring Cleaning bundle this month and you’ll get a set of custom Thieves Cleaner glass spray bottles + a set of wool dryer balls FREE from me!

Happy cleaning!! XO



  1. so does the essential oil stay on the dryer balls or does the smell go away. Just curious, do you keep a bunch of dryer balls so you can use different scents or the same dryer balls you reuse with different scents? I have not tired essential oils on my dryer balls yet b/c I was worried about mixing the scents. Thanks!

  2. Love these tips! I just finished decluttering my kitchen and living room, and I am getting a carpet cleaningthis weekend. Then I need to declutter and cleaning the rest of the house. I can’t wait until everything is done so I can rearrange the furniture and decorate for spring! Quick question about the Thieves cleaning bundle- are their products pet-friendly? I’ve been looking for non-toxic, pet-friendly cleaning supplies, and Thieves sounds like a potentially good option. Any thoughts?

  3. Hey! This is probably my least favorite part of spring, but thanks to you, it makes it so much easier! This year I decided to do my own cleaning for your items and it helped me. I think cleaning just became more fun and not as tedious as it used to be! Well done, you wrote that. I also went to the store and bought myself new products for cleaning floors and kitchens and even wanted to clean more. So thanks for the inspiration!

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