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Bathroom Reno + Wallpaper Forever

Ahhhh!! Our powder room is the very first room in the house to be completely finished & we are basically in LOVE with how it turned out!!!! We decided to stick with the original plan of using our wallpaper in this room & I am so happy with it! Although I love it so much & might consider wallpapering my entire HOUSE at this point. Eeeek!! It feels just like my grandma’s house & that’s everything I wanted! Now to just keep my kids from coloring on it….

Sources: Wallpaper // Antique Brass Sconce // Round Mirror // Faucet // Pedestal Sink // Toilet Paper Holder // Door Knob

Ok so let’s rewind a bit, here are some before pictures of the room, when we bought the house & before they had to tear open all the walls for the electrical work. I fell instantly in love with this sink under the window like this, but unfortunately since we had to move the door out of the kitchen, the only way to make everything fit was to get a smaller sink & put it where the doorway was, and move the toilet under the window. There was also a super charming little ironing board closet, but it actually got taken out by mistake when they demo’ed this room. The miscommunication struggle is so real with contractors. I was so sad at first (I would have used it as a medicine cabinet and would have taken out the ironing board, so if you happen to stumble across a home with this, keep that idea in mind!), but we are over it and just so so so happy with this little space!!!! The original bathroom was seriously so cute and inspired the style for what we did.

^ Can you believe this was the view from standing right in the middle of the kitchen? 😉 No thanks.

Our kitchen renovation kicked off today and we are SO excited about it!!!! It’s going to be a long month, but we hope to have everything wrapped up in time for the Fourth of July! Stay tuned to Instagram stories for updates all month long!! xo


Mother’s Day Plans with Allswell Home

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, we are so excited to share with you our new partnership with Allswell Home! I think most mamas can agree that one of our favorite places to be is our own bed. Maybe without all the late night and early morning wake up calls, but just relaxing, sipping coffee & maybe even flipping through a good book!

We were introduced to Allswell a few months ago & were so excited for the opportunity to work with them on our new bedroom. Not only did we upgrade to a king size, but we basically upgraded in every single aspect of luxury with this bed! The mattress is incredibly comfortable, especially with the plush mattress pad on top! The sheets are literally the fabric of my dreams, paired with the coziest pillows & duvet, literally every night it feels like we are sleeping on a cloud!! You know I can never say to pink, so naturally I chose the Modern Glam Woven pillows to accent the rest of the bright white bedding.

We are homebodies. So my ideal Mother’s Day is always going be breakfast in bed with my family. #banthebrunch A lazy Sunday & no where to go other than downstairs to refill coffee is always going to have my heart! We are so looking forward to this Mother’s Day weekend, what does yours look like?!

This post is sponsored by Allswell and ShopStyle, all opinions are my own! Shop the post below.

Mattress // Duvet Insert // Duvet Cover // Mattress Cover // Euro Pillow // Euro Sham // Supreme Queen Pillows // Modern Glam Woven Pillows // Coverlet // Woven Throw


Kitchen Demo + Progress

Excited to share a little update of what is happening with the kitchen in our house, I apologize for the lack of sharing, it has just been a slow moving train and turns out electrical isn’t all that exciting to show progress of! When we first saw this house, I knew it was the house for us, but was completely intimidated by the kitchen. Like, couldn’t even visualize what we could do with it and had no idea where to start. After we found out the severity of the electrical work and learned that every ceiling & wall would need opened up, I decided to just wait until that was done to make any plans.

Once the woodwork was removed and we could see the ceiling without all of the distracting angles, we plotted out where all of the new recessed lights would go & decided to take out the door to the bathroom that was plop in the middle of the working kitchen. It is obvious that the refrigerator was an afterthought in this layout, as is common with old houses. As we work through plans for the new kitchen, we decided that we will move the fridge further into the kitchen, where the existing bathroom door was & will center the stove on the same wall it was already on. The sink will stay where it is (I have always wanted a sink that looks out a window!!), but will be a little better centered. We will do a farm sink again, smaller than our last one, and this antique brass faucet!

The new cabinets will be white, although I did love the greige from our last house, I think white is better suited for this style of home. I would loooove to see what this kitchen looked like back in the 30’s before this 90’s update! 😉 I want to mimic the style of the original built ins upstairs, with an inset shaker style & maybe some crystal or antique brass knobs. And last, we will add a large wood island in the center for extra storage. I can’t wait to share the updated pictures with the refinished floors & the lights installed later this week!! It will still be a while before we do the actual kitchen remodel, so it will stay like this for a while as we work out the details & design.

So what’s the verdict, can you envision the finished kitchen or are you still thinking we might be crazy?! 🙂

We are so excited to finally be moved in & make so many memories in this home, and of course have you all along for the ride! XO