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Kitchen Demo + Progress

Excited to share a little update of what is happening with the kitchen in our house, I apologize for the lack of sharing, it has just been a slow moving train and turns out electrical isn’t all that exciting to show progress of! When we first saw this house, I knew it was the house for us, but was completely intimidated by the kitchen. Like, couldn’t even visualize what we could do with it and had no idea where to start. After we found out the severity of the electrical work and learned that every ceiling & wall would need opened up, I decided to just wait until that was done to make any plans.

Once the woodwork was removed and we could see the ceiling without all of the distracting angles, we plotted out where all of the new recessed lights would go & decided to take out the door to the bathroom that was plop in the middle of the working kitchen. It is obvious that the refrigerator was an afterthought in this layout, as is common with old houses. As we work through plans for the new kitchen, we decided that we will move the fridge further into the kitchen, where the existing bathroom door was & will center the stove on the same wall it was already on. The sink will stay where it is (I have always wanted a sink that looks out a window!!), but will be a little better centered. We will do a farm sink again, smaller than our last one, and this antique brass faucet!

The new cabinets will be white, although I did love the greige from our last house, I think white is better suited for this style of home. I would loooove to see what this kitchen looked like back in the 30’s before this 90’s update! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I want to mimic the style of the original built ins upstairs, with an inset shaker style & maybe some crystal or antique brass knobs. And last, we will add a large wood island in the center for extra storage. I can’t wait to share the updated pictures with the refinished floors & the lights installed later this week!! It will still be a while before we do the actual kitchen remodel, so it will stay like this for a while as we work out the details & design.

So what’s the verdict, can you envision the finished kitchen or are you still thinking we might be crazy?! ๐Ÿ™‚

We are so excited to finally be moved in & make so many memories in this home, and of course have you all along for the ride! XO


Life & House Update

Where to even begin?! We have taken a longer break from the blog than expected, which I guess comes with the territory of moving out of state, with three kids, and finding out the day before arrival that our house was in no condition to move into. Whichย meant living in a hotelย  (with a stomach bug + only enough clothes for an overnight stay while the rest of our stuff was on the moving truck) for six days with three kids. There are no words.

We’ll start with a few pictures of the house when we bought it, I am dying to share what things look like now but thought it would be most fun to start at the beginning and then we can slowly go room by room!!


Tons of charm throughout!!!

Let’s back track to when we closed on the house. During inspections, we found out that the home had all old knob & tube electrical, if you know old houses, you know this can be a huge problem & it was something we needed to have addressed. The sellers agreed to pay to upgrade the electrical, but not until closing. It turned out to be much more of a project than we thought, almost every single wall & ceiling in the house needed to be opened in order to replace the wiring, followed by extensive repairs. Our electrician & contractor got started immediately after we got the keys, and we had them go ahead and take down the upper cabinets & soffits to give us a clean slate for planning for an eventual kitchen renovation. The owners updated this kitchen at some point in the 80s or 90s, so our goal is to bring it back to the feel of what the original kitchen would have looked like but with all of the modern upgrades.ย  I am loving all of the symmetry that I can see in this room that was definitely hard to envision before!!

The kitchen walls & ceiling are now fully repaired, new recessed lighting is installed & all of the electrical has been finished. We also moved the bathroom door that was right next to the sink (weird) to around the corner to help expand the length of the kitchen working area & also make the bathroom more functional. You can definitely tell that a fridge was an afterthought in this kitchen as were lots of older homes, as the fridge sits almost all the way down into the eating area. I will share more of the kitchen plans & drawings soon!

The hardwoods are in great shape, they are taped over in the below pictures because these were taken during painting, but we had our crew run the hardwoods into the mudroom & office instead of the tile & carpet, while the rest of the demo was taking place.

We are sooooo excited to finally be moving in & sharing lots more pictures & updates soon. It has been a wild ride, but this feels more like home than any other house we have lived in!!!!

Thanks for bearing with us for the last two weeks, hope you all had an amazing Easter with your family & friends!!!


Sharing Some Big News!

I am SO excited to finally share some big news, we are moving!!!


Although we have only been in our house a little under two years, we are taking a giant leap of faith and heading back to the Midwest!!

We are moving to Kansas City!!!!!

Let’s back up a little bit. We always kinda thought we would end up back in the midwest, closer to where all of our family lives, but we love it here so much that we never really put it on a timeline. After my grandma passed away last summer & then we went back for a wedding in the Fall, we really started to feel the tug to go back. In November, we went to Kansas City for the first time, and within two hours, we both immediately knew we wanted to move there. It’s hard to describe how & why, maybe it was the yellow leaves that covered every single square inch of city, or all of the cozy, midwest houses and nice people, but it just felt like HOME.

… a little sneak peek of our house, which I cannot wait to share more pictures of very soon!


More of the story… my parents moved here to be closer to us after we had Eloise, but at the time, my girls were their only grandkids. Now they have seven. They brought up the idea of moving closer earlier in the summer, so once we flew home from KC, we went straight to the drawing board with them to figure out if we could actually make this happen (they both work remote so they can really live anywhere). We decided to wait until after the holidays to actually move forward with anything, but it was sort of bittersweet knowing that we were already spending the last Christmas in our current house. As soon as January rolled around, we hit the ground running making plans. We finished up the renovations that we had in progress, got serious about house hunting & prepared to get our house on the market.

We had a little bit of an idea of what part of KC we wanted to live in, but again, we had only been once, so it involved a lot of research & prayer. I came across a house one afternoon and knew right away that it was the right house. I showed Brandon, he totally agreed, and we immediately called our realtor to see if they could go give us a FaceTime tour. We loved it even more on video, which I know is totally crazy, but we made an offer. Once we were under contract, we flew out for the inspection and confirmed once again, this was definitely IT for us! Back in GA, our house went on the market, we were scrambling to finish our renovations, show the house, keep our businesses afloat (hence the major radio silence here on the blog) and do all the things!! We went under contract right away which is just such a huge blessing after what we went through with our last house, and then we started packing!! We droveย  to Kansas for our house closing a few weeks ago (and listened to the serial podcast the whole way there!!!) and flew back, and now are just tying up loose ends before we head there for good next week!!!

We are SO EXCITED!!!!

Thank you all so much for being patient with us while we took a break from the blog, we will share lots more details & pictures soon!! And if you are from KC or know any fun things to do, share them all here, we cannot wait to explore our new city!