Girl’s Shared Room with Crate and Kids

We are so excited to be partnering with one of our long time favorites, Crate and Kids, to share some fun mix and match bedding looks in the girls shared bedroom! We have been shopping with Crate and Kids since our girls were born, starting with Jenny Lind cribs, all the way up to their matching beds. You guys know I love non traditional baby & kid room decor, I love fun, mix match items paired with vintage furniture and have so much fun refreshing the girls rooms as often as possible! It’s been forever since we’ve shared an updated girls shared room, and we are loving this fun refresh for the end of summer!

We paired layers of black & white floral with some fun stripes and cozy velvet quilts. This color green gives me all the vintage chalkboard vibes!

I’m answering a handful of questions from the Crate and Kids team on how we style kids rooms & tips for giving them a quick refresh! 

  1. What are your kid bedroom must-haves? Start with timeless furniture, we love the Jenny Lind beds in white and some vintage dressers. Baskets are essential to hide clutter and make it super easy for kids to pick up their room. We also can’t live without white noise machines and extra layers of blankets for the coziest night’s sleep!
  1. Walk us through your process of picking bedding that you can mix and match and for a shared room? I love neutrals, like blacks and whites, and of course in our house, pink is a neutral as well! When you start with a neutral base, it’s easy to swap out quilts and throw pillows with the seasons, while not having to do a full overhaul of the space.
  1. How do you reflect your kid’s personality in their bedroom? Our girls all could not be more different! My oldest is an old soul, so I love vintage style quilts and layering patterns for her. My middle loves things neat and tidy and thrives on routine, she’s the one kid who makes her bed every day. So throwing a few basics on her bed with a layering option and always baskets by her bed to get rid of clutter. And my youngest, she’s the wild child. Fun throw pillows and blankets and of course as many stuffed animals as one could possibly have, again, with the baskets to make for easy storage and cleanup. 
  1. When styling a kids bed, how do you layer the pieces together, especially if they are different patterns? Floral and stripe go together like peanut butter and jelly! Also totally underrated, is just mixing textures. You can do white on white on white, mixing a soft cotton sheet, a linen quilt and a cozy throw blanket and still have a dramatic layering effect! I like to stick with a simple color palette of 3-4 colors, mostly made up of neutrals, so you can throw a reindeer pillow and a candy cane stripe blanket on it without thinking twice!
  1. Any advice for parents looking to give their kid’s bedroom a refresh? Where should they start? Start with a purge! Get rid of everything that is not working. I would rather have a blank slate, empty walls, all the things, than try to work around things that I hate. Rearrange the room if you can, it will help you get a new perspective. Bedding, artwork and baskets are the most affordable option that will make a room feel really refreshed. If you can swing some fun new furniture, round up in age, always get something that can grow with them for a few years so you’re not rotating furniture so often. Wall hooks are another super fun, easy item that you can use to display bags, blankets or favorite dresses! It allows you to swap out decor with less holes in the wall!

Sources: Velvet Cream Quilt // English Garden Organic Floral Sheets // Organic Black Stripe Pillowcases // Organic Teal Stripe Waffle Weave Quilt // Organic Teal Stripe Waffle Weave Pillowcases // Face Pillow // Woven Cat Basket // Jenny Lind Beds

This post is sponsored by Crate and Kids, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support our blog!


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