My Baby Shower & “New Mom Survival Kit”

While we were in Iowa, I had my baby shower hosted by family at my favorite bed & breakfast. I had the most amazing time & loved seeing all of my friends and family. Accomplishment of the century… I wore a dress AND heels for two full hours. 
I also ate four jelly donuts.
 Dress from Asos, Sweater & Belt from J.Crew

 It was on New Year’s Eve in the morning so we had a brunch theme with lots of glitter & champagne. Obviously I was a bit jealous of all who got to drink it… But I did learn that Perrier sparkling water tastes extra yummy with frozen strawberries in it! 🙂


 One of my favorite gifts from my shower came from my best friend, Whitney, who just had a little boy in June. She put together a “Survival Kit” – all of the things that she doesn’t leave home without! LOVE!!! I always wondered how I would ever get started packing a diaper bag..and this was beyond perfect!! She filled a giant gift bag with all of the items & attached notecards to each explaining how/why to use it! So, for all of you expectant mothers out there… enjoy her humor & list of all contents!!

Disposable Diaper Sacks: For all of those greenish-yellow runny blow-out diapers you wont want to put straight in anyone’s trash!
Pacifier Wipes: For those fussy times where she will throw her paci on the floor.
Dreft Stain Remover: For those runny blow-outs that happen in those “she will only wear this to a nice place” expensive outfits!
Brica Baby Backseat Mirror: So you don’t freak out while driving becuase you can’t her her making noise – then you don’t have to pull over every five minutes.
Baby Nail Files: For those nails you will have to clip super fast while she sleeps – trust me, you won’t get a smooth trim!
Portable Changing Station; For those inconsiderate places with no changing table OR for those long drives where she blows out & you have to use your car as a restroom.
Boogie Wipes: For all of those crusted boogers that you don’t want to pick with your bare hands.
Nipple Cream: For your crusted, cracked, sore, raw, red nipples… you will be gobbing this crap on inside your bra! Also good as chapstick 🙂
Hand & Face Wipes: For all of the messy stuff she will get into & try to put in her mouth. Also good to sanitize dropped toys & cart handles!
Soothing Nipple Wipes: For those sore, raw, soon-to-be leather nipples she will suction onto several times daily.
Milk Feeding Bibs: For those super messy bottle feedings …so the milk doesn’t curdle in her neck rolls.
Swaddle Wraps: For the times when your baby won’t stop screaming or go to sleep unless she is wrapped up like a friggin’ burrito…the tighter the better!

A few other things that we got for little G from the baby shower include lots of fun outfits (a few shown below!), Peg-Perego Primo Viaggio Car Seat, pack ‘n play, My Brest Friend Pillow, boppy pillow, baby bottles, My Little Snugabunny Swing, baby monitor, baby tights (my serious obsession) & countless other adorable outfits and goodies!
Worlds biggest thank you to all who could attend & for all of the amazing, thoughtful gifts! I have never felt so blessed & thankful in my entire life… I can’t wait for little G to get lots of use out of all these goodies!
Also, in the last few posts there have been questions about where things are from. The grey owl in the crib is from Pier 1 (and they still have them!) but unfortunately I am not sure what the name of the gray fabric is called that the blanket is made of… I literally just stumbled upon it. The outfits pictured above are Carters, Swimsuit from The Gap & pajamas by Koala Baby Organics. Again, WHY don’t they make these things in my size?! 🙂

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