Valentine’s Day Recap

 I still can’t believe that Valentine’s Day was already a week ago!
Valentine’s Day felt more like Christmas morning, as we woke up to all of our family arriving from their overnight roadtrip from Iowa. We were rocking our red & ready to make a festive breakfast for our guests. Harper looks still half asleep here, but the fluffy bed head makes my day. She may also still have been confused about the Happy Birthday Eve song that I came bursting into her room singing just prior to taking this picture.

I know my heart shaped pancake actually looks like a shoe-print, but that’s just me being entirely too lazy to use a mold or cookie cutter & free-hand-pouring it from a measuring cup. But I assure you, some of them actually looked like hearts. And they all tasted like funnel cakes because I cook pancakes in oil. And they’re the shit.
We shopped for some birthday goodies, did a little party decorating & ate more heart shaped food.
 Typewriter Onesie, Hair Clip, Baby Fringe Moccasins, Fringe Boots
UPDATE: I’m embarrassed to even note this, but my shirt is Crewcuts from J.Crew. I went to buy it for Harper but all they had left was the largest kids size 14…. so I got it for myself. You can find it here.

 Heart shaped grilled cheese bites were a big hit! 🙂 This is so easy because you can use cookie cutters of any shape to make festive lunches for any holiday! I even caught my husband fishing me out a red peanut m&m (even though I typically go for the blue!) because he knew I would want the festive one for Valentine’s Day. 
I know, grow up Peter Pan. I seriously can’t help it.

More pics to come tomorrow of her actual birthday & the donut cake that she polished off in a hot second. Hashtag, sweet tooth like mama! 🙂

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