How far along? 38 Weeks

Total weight gain: up 23 lbs. (lost a few pounds by my 38 week appointment.. so strange)
Maternity clothes? oh yea
Stretch marks? none yet!
Sleep: not terrible this week, I have been more tired than ever, so I’m sure that is why
Best moment this week: just soaking up every last bit of being pregnant ..laying around feeling her move & throwing back all the snacks I can get my hands on.

Miss Anything? so many things…but I know I will miss my baby belly more than all of them at this point!
Movement: oh yes she is active as ever! she’s been doing this little movement with her foot ALL the time.. like tapping it on my left hip bone (similar to when a cat or dog scratches behind their ear with their back leg)… I am looking forward to seeing what exactly she is doing when she is on the outside 🙂
Food cravings: sweets (surprise!) this week’s main menu consisted of brownies, oatmeal raisin cookies, lemon bars & apple slices dipped in cream cheese frosting.
Anything making you queasy or sick: meat
Gender: Girl

Labor Signs: Nope. A few braxton hicks lately..but otherwise I get the vibe that she is pretty cozy in there. The other morning while we were laying in bed…she was wiggling around SO much.. hubby suggests that she is packing her things and getting ready for her big debut. LET’S HOPE!
Symptoms: lots of pain in my stomach from where her head moves around plus wicked heartburn/acid reflux.
Belly Button in or out? out
Wedding rings on or off? on.. although not in this picture apparently.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy & EXCITED to say the least!
Looking forward to: D-Day! SO ready for her arrival!!!! 🙂


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