Happy One Week Birthday Harper!

Today is Little Baby Garvin’s due date. And now we have a little one week old baby girl.

People aren’t kidding when they say that time flies. I woke up today and said that I wish I could do it all over again! Harper’s birth day was the best day of my life.. and while it gets better every day.. it’s sad to think that the day we anticipated for so long is gone. Man, I am SUCH A SAP! 

We have spent the last few days just staring at our little girl. All of her funny facial expressions & noises make us laugh. Since she was breech, she always has her legs in funny positions, hubby calls it the “strong leg” when we are trying to dress her and she puts her leg straight in the air and locks her knee. Exactly what would make me flinch when I was pregnant.
She loves to be swaddled up tight, likes a pacifier for just a few minutes to get her to sleep, loves to hold our fingers when she isn’t wearing baby mittens & gives us a wicked mean mug when she wakes up from naps or gets her clothes changed.

It has been so much fun having my husband home from work for an entire week, I am so sad he has to go back tomorrow. When you have a baby, not only do you feel this overwhelming love for this new human being, but love for your husband like no other. 
We have spent lots of time snuggling our little family of three & soaking up this amazing time together.

Thank you again for all of your great advice & sweet comments. I feel truly blessed to have so many followers & readers ready to offer so many kind words. And Harper’s grey flower hat is from etsy, of course. It is the softest hat ever, I love it so much & have them in a few colors 🙂 Here is the link to Zuzii.

One last thing, while I know that most of you have found my blog via PINTEREST, I am asking that everyone please refrain from posting any pictures of Harper to your pinboards. I know it is mostly for inspiration for picture ideas or things of that nature which is completely harmless, I’d like to do what I can to keep her pictures from randomly floating around the internet. I’d love to continue to post her pictures on my blog. Thank you all for your understanding! 🙂

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