Fiesta, Fiesta!

Who else loves a good Cinco De Mayo celebration?! Even though I will not get to indulge in a pineapple margarita this year, we are planning a fun low-key fiesta play date with some of our favorite friends. Any excuse to make a Tuesday just a little bit more fun!! But for those of you who are going all out, I thought I would throw out some of the fun Cinco inspiration that I have come across & also share our Margarita bar that we set up last Fall when we had some of Brandon’s family in town, our brother-in-law loves a good marg!
If you are entertaining for Cinco De Mayo, a fun tequila bar setup is super easy & allows guests to make their margaritas to their own taste. We set ours up outside because it is generally a sticky mess, it included two different kinds of tequila, some orange liqueur & some freshly squeezed lime juice. Shake it up, add limes & sea salt for a garnish, and something like pineapple juice or jalapeños if you feel like getting crazy! 😉

My girls love avocados, so homemade guac is a must for our Cinco celebration. I love this recipe for the perfect guacamole, although I leave jalapeños out of mine so the girls can eat as much as they want! I like it to be refreshing, less on the spicy side. I also read recently that if you put the avocado pit in the guac after you make it, it will keep it from turning brown!! Such a good trick!

There are so many more festive things to make & Mexican food is my favorite!! This chili lime popcorn sounds so good (especially with a margarita on the side!), our favorite crockpot carnitas & Chipotle style cilantro lime rice. For dessert, I would love to make these super fun fruit tacos with chocolate tortillas, yum!! What is on your Cinco de Mayo menu?

Target has some of the cutest sombrero beads & cactus headbands, I think the girls will definitely need a little something special to wear for our play date! And last but not least, I love a good Mexican embroidered dress but I am currently living in my All About That Guac tee, perfect for Cinco De Mayo & every taco Tuesday after that!! 😉 And you can use Fiesta15 to get one for 15% off through the end of the week!
(Insert salsa dancer emoji here.)

Happy Hump Day, friends! XO


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  1. Great ideas! I am excited to try some of these recipes 🙂 Something off topic…What is your workout go to after having your C-sections? I just recently had my 2nd C-section and before my 2 kids, used to be petite, now I am struggling to get rid of that excess bump! Any suggestions?!

  2. I will never forget our Cinco De Mayo when I came to visit for the first time since your move away from me. I walked into the apartment to Beergaritas and we turned that place into Howl at the Moon. Those Beergaritas were the best!! Now I'm craving one! xoxo

  3. Can't wait to see pics of your Cinco de Mayo fun 🙂 We are throwing my son a Fiesta-themed party for his 1st birthday in June – so I will have to keep that avocado pit advice in mind!

  4. Almost forgot Cinco de Mayo is coming up, thanks for the reminder!

    The margarita bar is a great idea. I think I'd add some watermelon chunks (or puree?) to mine. And maybe some watermelon and lime/mint agua fresca for the kidlets! (Just puree watermelon with mint if using, put through a fine sieve, water down a bit to taste, then stir in lime juice and/or zest!)

    Love the tshirt as well! I wonder if you can still buy the "I Know Guac is Extra" one that was floating around the internet a couple years ago. Always made me laugh out loud.

  5. Loooove the margarita bar! We have a homemade recipe for margs that is divine, so I'm sure we'll be whipping some of those up on Cinco de Mayo, and I may just have to try your guac recipe! Our babies both love avocados so I'm sure they'll eat it up!

  6. I am totally ordering that shirt! Thanks for the code. Also, if you put lemon or lime juice in the guac it will keep it from turning brown. I haven't tried the pit trick yet though.

  7. your link to the chipotle lime rice goes to the guac. i'm curious about the rice, i've tried a recipe and it wasn't great. have you tried this one yet?

  8. doing my weekly blog reading catch up and just saw this!! you are my most festive friend. it makes me want to be more fun!! girl, you will be drinkin' margs in no time and give me allll the guac! xoxoxo

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