Finger Food & Mean Mugs

Mostly mean mugs as a result of finger food.  Harper is officially eight months old! She is crawling all over the place, trying to pull herself up onto furniture already AND baby babbling more than ever. I swear she said “hot dog” the other day. Most proud mama ever.
With that 8 month milestone, we are also entering a new territory in terms of meal time. Our ped told us that once she starts crawling & picking things up with her pointer finger and thumb (rather than the whole-hand-grab)… that we could start feeding her more finger foods.
We have started giving her bits & pieces of the things we eat (peaches, avocado, broccoli, green beans, etc.)… But I find it hard because we eat so much spicy food. She isn’t so sure what to think of it yet.. but we are making progress! She loves the little cereal puffs & yogurt melts. They are much easier to pick up since they aren’t slippery like a lot of other fruits/veggies we give her. PS. the organic sweet potato & mango ones taste just like Honey Smacks cereal (totally that mom who eats her baby’s food). 
As much fun as this has been, it is also a whole new type of mess making. Like two-hour-old-banana-smashed-behind-the-ear messy. Be prepared for a few extra dirty bibs, face wipes & swiffer pads.
 I think she also totally appreciates our encouraging clapping & cheering after she successfully eats all the goodies on her tray.
 So, let me hear it! At 8 months, what were you feeding your little munchkins?!

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