Weekend Recap

 Friday night, Brandon came home early from traveling for work, which is totally backflip-worthy, so we kicked off our weekend by heading into the backyard with the cooler. I know, we are totally predictable. Some good jams, our hammocks & these two babes made for a pretty perfect evening.

 Saturday morning, we celebrated a belated Mother’s Day by going out for breakfast at my favorite spot, the Original Pancake House. I couldn’t help but take pictures of Harper’s HOT MESS HAIR. We were dying at how crazy her bedhead was, I tried to tame it with a bow but failed miserably.
In case you’re wondering, her wild hair totally matched her personality that morning. 
 Saturday night we celebrated a friend’s birthday out at our house, which consisted of cupcakes, burgers & beer pong. Always classy.

  Green Tassel Top, Giraffe Necklace, Maxi (Soprano from Von Maur last year)
We woke up again to thunderstorms on Sunday morning, but finally got some sunshine in the afternoon to get outside for a walk, bubbles & sidewalk chalk. Harper also got to eat a piece of bacon two days in a row. This is a sure fire way to make your kids picky eaters, nobody is going to be impressed with Cheerios after that.

Do you see that big curl in the back of her hair?! I can’t stop touching it.
It was all fun & games until Harper took a bite of the blue chalk. Remember when I told you that she hates the word “no”?
I don’t think she’ll be too pleased to hear that as a child, I once scraped an entire piece of yellow sidewalk chalk along the rim of a water pitcher to turn it into lemonade & then drank the whole damn thing.

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