Spring Style: Neon, Baby!

While part of me is wishing it were Fall again already, I am loving the warmer spring weather & all of the bright colored outfits that come along with it. There is nothing cuter than a little waddling-toddler in a sundress!

I am on such a neon kick lately, I am just loving that neon azalea & coral! I also love the bright neon yellow/lime paired with grey. Who am I kidding, I love everything paired with grey.
If you still feel like it’s way too cold in your neck of the woods to get in on this neon action, you might just be in love with this everyday jacket – I totally just scooped it up in multiple sizes for Harper! I have wanted it forever, gotta love a good sale price! 🙂
We finally had some sunshine this weekend so we had to get outside to soak it up. I totally forgot how much fun swings are. I must officially push “build mama Harper a swingset” to the tippity-top of husband’s spring to-do list.

Turns out, neither the swing or slide were really her cup of tea. She would rather dig through my diaper bag for some lip gloss & then sit in the grass. Either way, the fresh air was good for all of us!

Dress, Leggings, Jacket (Gap Outlet but similar here & here), Pumas
We are hoping that this sunny weather continues because Harper’s one year pictures are this weekend & we are so excited!!! I’m debating whether or not to whip up another smash cake… or maybe just buy one this time. I swear I black out in the grocery store & end up with Publix cake coming home with me either way. Who’s idea was it to sell cake by the slice anyway?

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