30a Beach Video


We are BEYOND excited to share with you a little video of our family travels to Rosemary Beach/30a! We are obsessed with it & hope you enjoy it too!!

After we booked our trip, we decided to call up our good friends Kyle & Lindsey over at GoScope to see if they wanted to join us for a day and shoot a video. We are so used to documenting things with our own camera, but with three kids & a lot of water, we needed all hands on deck. It was SO much fun! Video captures so much more than photos ever could, we will treasure this forever!!

We can’t wait to share more photos & all of the details from our trip, but first, laundry. 



  1. Well, that’s AMAZING. What a keepsake. You have thee cutest family! Would love to hear more about process… were they there shooting at all? did they just edit?

    As always, thanks for opening up your life to us. 🙂

  2. Amazing!!! Love the video, the cuteness, the beauty in the destination, your happiness, etc. Also loved all your swimsuits (adults and kids), deets please?!

  3. This is the coolest!! What a memory to treasure forever! Thanks for sharing, your family is adorable as ever! <3

  4. That is so cool! Love that unique way to remember your sweet family vacay!!! I wonder if this type of documentation will become a “thing”, you know? Definitely piques my interest!

  5. Love the video idea!! What a great keepsake! I was wondering where I could find the white top you were wearing on the beach?? Can you post details?

  6. Is it pathetic that I got teary eyed watching the video (coming down off my breastfeeding hormone high, clearly). What a treasure!

  7. This is going to be such an amazing family video the girls will treasure when their older! I love how it captures each of their personalities and how much love is seen between you & Brandon. Super adorable video and that looks lik

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